Zantuli Wastes

Common Knowledge

These dry badlands are the home of centaur tribes that have conquered the local orc tribes and now employ them as protectors. Dwarves that favour very artistic, geometric designs also make their home here. Precious gemstones are traded to some of the valleys, particularly the kingdom of Mgini.

Overall, the region is desolate and sparsely populated, though that could change if the Shoguns continue their expansion west.

Regional Features

The Vale of Weeping Widows

A hidden oasis with statues of women. (Detailed in //Dungeon Magazine #74, p78).



These boorish, tribal folk do not take kindly to others trespassing on their lands (all the flat regions of the Wastes). They have conquered the nomadic orcs and they now serve as an underclass of scouts, guards and warriors for the centaurs. The centaurs hold to several traditions, including the selection of tribal positions through council meetings. Lineage is very important to the centaur, and like dwarves, they often introduce themselves by mentioning parents' names. The main enemies of the centaurs are the stingers (scorpionfolk) and the dwarves (Utuchekulu).

Dwarves (Utuchekulu)

These black-skinned dwarves live in the mountainous regions of the wastes. Their holds are build below ground like standard dwarves, but the utuchekulu are quite adept at surviving the wastes too. They do not get along with the centaurs and ignore all claims they make about being the rulers of the Wastes. The dwarves mine many precious gem stones from the region, but the centaurs try to prevent them from trading to other regions.


These orcs are nomadic survivors. Recently, most tribes have grudgingly submitted to centaur rule. At least they get to fight dwarves regularly, as the centaurs use the orcs for front-line fodder.


The origins of this race are unknown. It is believed they actually came to the region with the centaurs. There are very few of them left, but most centaur tribes have a few to act as generals for the orc warriors. The orcs seem to relate well to the rhodin.

Dwarves (Duergar)

Only found in the canyons of the southeast, these dwarves are despised and even persecuted by all other folk native to the wastes. It is believed they are sitting in dungeons full of gem stones, and the utuchekulu would love to claim their holds.

Stingers (Scorpionfolk)

Small, isolated tribes of these are found throughout the deserts and badlands of the Zantuli Wastes. They once had a great civilisation here and their ruins can be explored. As for the modern day stingers - they stay well clear of the ancient crypts and ruined sandstone buildings. Whatever brought an end to their civilisation is enough to keep them away from their ancestral homes.

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