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Gundren Rockseeker (and his brothers) have been searching the Isle of Ruins/Singing Skull Island for ruins of some kind. Likely an old dwarf mine.

Gundren has been in Dragonfall arranging supplies through the Deeplanterns. Todd knows him - others may have met him there.

Gundren needed to hurry back to his brothers in the wilderness on Singing Skull Island. He left under the care of Sildar Hallwinter (a local respected ex-soldier and current member of the Lords' Alliance).

You need to get the wagon load of supplies to Phandalin. A ship will get you to the island. Once there, you will need to attain animals to take the cart inland to Phandalin. (Oakhurst seems most likely spot to attain labour beasts). You have been given the massive sum of 50gp for expenses, with the promise of 10gp each when you drop the supplies off at Barthen's Provisions in Phandalin.

Setting Sail for Isle of Ruins (Singing Skull Island)

Fireday, 12th of Tamara (Midsummer), 1374 DA

  • Set sail from Dragonfall for Singing Skull Island on The Artful Zegrosh (named after the legendary Zegrosh of the Nerathan Sea and whose likeness is carved into prow), a Lords Alliance cog captained by Morvorax (male dragonborn, or possible dragonspawn). Bosun of ship, Javi (female eladrin).
  • Katar took over the galley of The Arful Zegrosh after finding it in a filthy condition and run by the depraved cook, Viktorin (male human).

13th-16th Tamara

  • Uneventful trip, apart from sighting coral drakes and the fact the 14th was the Summer Solstice.
Capt%20Moravax.jpg Bosun%20Javi.jpg Cook%20Viktorin.png Zegrosh.jpg Coral%20Drakes.jpg

Arrival in Oakhurst


Waterday, 17th of Tamara

  • The Artful Zegrosh arrived in the port of Oakhurst on Singing Skull Island a little before midday. Captain Morvarax recommended the Old Boar Inn.
  • Bought three "hardhead" drakes to pull the wagon from Hackett (male human livery and pet merchant with missing finger, a mustache and a penchant for using the wrong words).
  • Visited the general store run by Matriarch Kerowyn of Merchant House Hucrele. While talking to the matriarch, found out that two members of her family, Talgen (her son, a fighter) and Sharwyn (her daughter, a wizard), have gone missing in the Sunless Citadel, located in The Rift. The pair left in the presence of a local ranger (Karakas, male human) and a paladin of Pelor (Sir Bradford, not a local and carried the magical sword Shatterspike).
  • Kerowyn offered a 25gp reward for each of her childrens' signet rings and 10 x that for news of what happened to her children, or their safe return.
  • Kerowyn also told the party that this year the goblins' Golden Apple, known for its healing properties, had been purchased by a collective at the local tavern.
  • Left Oakhurst for Phandalin. Travelled along the Old Road, a remnant from dragonborn-ruled days. The road was made in several layers, but was now uneven and overgrown, seeing little use as most transport travels by ship. Made it to where the road junction with the hard-packed dirt of the Triboar Trail, just before nightfall.

Attack of the Plants

  • Darus was ambushed by many twig blights as he collected fire wood and was soon overwhelmed. Party fought them off, including two larger blights: one that flung volleys of needles and another with ropey limbs it used to entangle targets.

Trouble on the Triboar Trail

Thunderday, 18th of Tamara

  • After only an hour down the Triboar Trail on road to Phandalin, at a small bridge over a creek, came across remains of two travel mounts shot with black-fletched arrows, along with other signs of a struggle.
  • Whilst inspecting the dead mounts, the party was attacked by 'goblins' (green dragonspawn sneaks) that were hiding in the surrounding copse of trees. Defeated them.
  • Among the saddlebags was a tinderbox marked with the Hallwinter insignia and a scroll case that Todd recognised as belonging to Gundren. Tracks were found leading away from the main pathway, heading northwards into a small range of hills.
Dead%20pack%20dinos.jpg Greenspawn%20sneaks%20ambush.jpg

Arrival in Phandalin

  • Decided not to pursue tracks with the wagon and hardheads and continued to Phandalin and delivered the supplies to Barthen's Provisions. Elmar Barthen (male human, lean and balding of 50 years) was very concerned about the disappearance of Gundren and Hallwinter. He also made mention that Gundren had two brothers in the nearby wilderness that were due to come in for supplies any day now. Party decided to quickly head back to the ambush site. They left the wagon and some of their own gear with Gundren. It was taken care of by his two young clerks, Ander (male human) and Thistle (male halfling).

To the Goblin Caves

  • Travelled back to the bridge and started to follow the tracks after the attackers and presumably the kidnapped persons.
  • Founds traps along pathway (a spring trap and a pit trap). Several tracks converged and led into a cave out of which was flowing a stream.
  • Todd, Lugh and Kavae'lee sneaked up to find a couple of greenspawn sneaks setting up an ambush blind.
  • Katar & Darus distracted the two dragonspawn by openly walking the path towards the blind, allowing Kavae'lee, Lugh and Todd to dispatch them quietly.
  • Entered cave and in first chamber came across three greenspawn lizards (leapers) chained to a stalactite. While rest were talking about how to proceed, Katar attacked them and found they can spray an toxic gas from their hindquarter glands which inflicted damage. Dispatched lizards. During the fight, a greenspawn sneak appeared at the back of the cave, but escaped up a natural chimney before Katar could get to it. It was clearly alerting others to the party's attack.
  • The chimney seemed to hard a climb, so the party returned to central tunnel with stream. There was a narrow walkway alongside the stream and every now and then there were small stairs carved beside cascades. Around the bend a rope and timber bridge spanned the tunnel around 20ft above the PC's level. Across the stream another tunnel joined the main tunnel but seemed full of rubble.
  • A greenspawn lookout on bridge called to others and a dam was released, sending flood waters down the tunnel. (This occurred twice in total).
  • Lugh and Darus were pushed back to the caves entrance. Katar, Kavae'lee and Todd managed to proceed up the side tunnel and came across a sleeping area.
  • Kavae'lee used an illusion of herself to get greenspawn to waste their acid globe attacks. Kavae'lee activated Katar's shield spell, allowing more globes to be wasted. Dragonspawn in sleeping area were dispatched. Found Sildar Hallwinter tied up in corner and in a bad way. PCs healed and freed him and gave him a knife to protect himself with. He vowed to fight for them.
  • Sildar indicated that Gundren had been taken to Cragmoor Castle by someone referred to as "The Dark Spider". This group of greenspawn were apparently part of the Cragmaw Tribe.
  • Kept exploring cavern system until came to large store area, where greenspawn leader 'Klarg' (zealot), was with the last of the tribe and another leaper.
  • Kavae'lee once again used the illusion to get dragonspawn to waste their acid globe attacks, much to the anguish of their leader.
  • Katar fey-stepped next to the leader and was "lucky" to survive the leader's brutal attacks. Todd was crucial in helping defeat the dragonspawn as he vanquished many of them himself by sneaking around the barrels and crates to backstab.
  • Post fight, found a jade idol of a frog with tiny golden orbs for eyes and much of the trade goods bound for Phandalin within the cavern, as well as a chest of coins. Several chests were marked with a lion head on a shield. Recognised as belonging to the Lionshield Coster - a merchant house, and the party remembered seeing the symbol on a building in Phandalin.
Greenspawn%20-%20leaper.jpg Greenspawn%20-%20sneak.jpg Greenspawn%20-%20zealot.jpg Sildar_Hallwinter.jpg

Return to Phandalin with Sildar Hallwinter

  • Returned to Phandalin and secured chest at Barthren's.
  • Visited the Stone Hill Inn (a newly built roadhouse of fieldstone and rough-hewn timbers), run by Toblen and Trilena. Heard from locals that a band of ruffians seemed to have recently taken residence in the growing town. According to rumours they had killed a local woodcarver after he confronted them for leering at his wife. Now his wife and son are missing too. Toblen seemed very irate the 'Townmaster' Harbin Wester had done little to curtail the Redbrands' activities.
  • Lugh performed at the inn, gaining him a comfortable room. He, Darus, Katar and Sildar stayed at the Inn. Todd stayed at Barthen's in the hay loft, and Kavae'lee stayed with Radmoor (male human outsider) and Sialle Jallvor (female elf), a pair of hunters she befriended in the inn who had a camp at the edge of town in one of the old ruined residences. Radmoor was referred to as a 'Ruathir' - meaning an 'elf-friend' and wore a cloak and boots of elvenkind, as did Sialle.

- to be continued.

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