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Gundren Rockseeker (and his brothers) have been searching the Isle of Ruins/Singing Skull Island for ruins of some kind. Likely an old dwarf mine.

Gundren has been in Dragonfall arranging supplies through the Deeplanterns. Todd knows him - others may have met him there.

Gundren needed to hurry back to his brothers in the wilderness on Singing Skull Island. He left under the care of Sildar Hallwinter (a local respected ex-soldier and current member of the Lords' Alliance).

You need to get the wagon load of supplies to Phandalin. A ship will get you to the island. Once there, you will need to attain animals to take the cart inland to Phandalin. (Oakhurst seems most likely spot to attain labour beasts). You have been given the massive sum of 50gp for expenses, with the promise of 10gp each when you drop the supplies off at Barthen's Provisions in Phandalin.

Setting Sail for Isle of Ruins (Singing Skull Island)

Fireday, 12th of Tamara'lor (Midsummer), 1374 DA

  • Set sail from Dragonfall for Singing Skull Island on The Artful Zegrosh (named after the legendary Zegrosh of the Nerathan Sea and whose likeness is carved into prow), a Lords Alliance cog captained by Morvorax (male dragonborn, or possible dragonspawn). Bosun of ship, Javi (female eladrin).
  • Katar took over the galley of The Arful Zegrosh after finding it in a filthy condition and run by the depraved cook, Viktorin (male human).

13th-16th Tamara'lor

  • Uneventful trip, apart from sighting coral drakes and the fact the 14th was the Summer Solstice.
Capt%20Moravax.jpg Bosun%20Javi.jpg Cook%20Viktorin.png Zegrosh.jpg Coral%20Drakes.jpg

Arrival in Oakhurst


Waterday, 17th of Tamara'lor

  • The Artful Zegrosh arrived in the port of Oakhurst on Singing Skull Island a little before midday. Captain Morvarax recommended the Old Boar Inn.
  • Bought three "hardhead" drakes to pull the wagon from Hackett (male human livery and pet merchant with missing finger, a mustache and a penchant for using the wrong words).
  • Visited the general store run by Matriarch Kerowyn of Merchant House Hucrele. While talking to the matriarch, found out that two members of her family, Talgen (her son, a fighter) and Sharwyn (her daughter, a wizard), have gone missing in the Sunless Citadel, located in The Rift. The pair left in the presence of a local ranger (Karakas, male human) and a paladin of Pelor (Sir Bradford, not a local and carried the magical sword Shatterspike).
  • Kerowyn offered a 25gp reward for each of her childrens' signet rings and 10 x that for news of what happened to her children, or their safe return.
  • Kerowyn also told the party that this year the goblins' Golden Apple, known for its healing properties, had been purchased by a collective at the local tavern.
  • Left Oakhurst for Phandalin. Travelled along the Old Road, a remnant from dragonborn-ruled days. The road was made in several layers, but was now uneven and overgrown, seeing little use as most transport travels by ship. Made it to where the road junction with the hard-packed dirt of the Triboar Trail, just before nightfall.

Attack of the Plants

  • Darus was ambushed by many twig blights as he collected fire wood and was soon overwhelmed. Party fought them off, including two larger blights: one that flung volleys of needles and another with ropey limbs it used to entangle targets.

Trouble on the Triboar Trail

Thunderday, 18th of Tamara'lor

  • After only an hour down the Triboar Trail on road to Phandalin, at a small bridge over a creek, came across remains of two travel mounts shot with black-fletched arrows, along with other signs of a struggle.
  • Whilst inspecting the dead mounts, the party was attacked by 'goblins' (green dragonspawn sneaks) that were hiding in the surrounding copse of trees. Defeated them.
  • Among the saddlebags was a tinderbox marked with the Hallwinter insignia and a scroll case that Todd recognised as belonging to Gundren. Tracks were found leading away from the main pathway, heading northwards into a small range of hills.
Dead%20pack%20dinos.jpg Greenspawn%20sneaks%20ambush.jpg

Arrival in Phandalin

  • Decided not to pursue tracks with the wagon and hardheads and continued to Phandalin and delivered the supplies to Barthen's Provisions. Elmar Barthen (male human, lean and balding of 50 years) was very concerned about the disappearance of Gundren and Hallwinter. He also made mention that Gundren had two brothers in the nearby wilderness that were due to come in for supplies any day now. Party decided to quickly head back to the ambush site. They left the wagon and some of their own gear with Gundren. It was taken care of by his two young clerks, Ander (male human) and Thistle (male halfling).

To the Goblin Caves

  • Travelled back to the bridge and started to follow the tracks after the attackers and presumably the kidnapped persons.
  • Founds traps along pathway (a spring trap and a pit trap). Several tracks converged and led into a cave out of which was flowing a stream.
  • Todd, Lugh and Kavae'lee sneaked up to find a couple of greenspawn sneaks setting up an ambush blind.
  • Katar & Darus distracted the two dragonspawn by openly walking the path towards the blind, allowing Kavae'lee, Lugh and Todd to dispatch them quietly.
Cragmaw%20Hideout%20Entrance.jpg Cragmaw%20Hideout.jpg
  • Entered cave and in first chamber came across three greenspawn lizards (leapers) chained to a stalactite. While rest were talking about how to proceed, Katar attacked them and found they can spray an toxic gas from their hindquarter glands which inflicted damage. Dispatched lizards. During the fight, a greenspawn sneak appeared at the back of the cave, but escaped up a natural chimney before Katar could get to it. It was clearly alerting others to the party's attack.
  • The chimney seemed to hard a climb, so the party returned to central tunnel with stream. There was a narrow walkway alongside the stream and every now and then there were small stairs carved beside cascades. Around the bend a rope and timber bridge spanned the tunnel around 20ft above the PC's level. Across the stream another tunnel joined the main tunnel but seemed full of rubble.
  • A greenspawn lookout on bridge called to others and a dam was released, sending flood waters down the tunnel. (This occurred twice in total).
  • Lugh and Darus were pushed back to the caves entrance. Katar, Kavae'lee and Todd managed to proceed up the side tunnel and came across a sleeping area.
  • Kavae'lee used an illusion of herself to get greenspawn to waste their acid globe attacks. Kavae'lee activated Katar's shield spell, allowing more globes to be wasted. Dragonspawn in sleeping area were dispatched. Found Sildar Hallwinter tied up in corner and in a bad way. PCs healed and freed him and gave him a knife to protect himself with. He vowed to fight for them.
  • Sildar indicated that Gundren had been taken to Cragmoor Castle by someone referred to as "The Dark Spider". This group of greenspawn were apparently part of the Cragmaw Tribe.
  • Kept exploring cavern system until came to large store area, where greenspawn leader 'Klarg' (zealot), was with the last of the tribe and another leaper.
  • Kavae'lee once again used the illusion to get dragonspawn to waste their acid globe attacks, much to the anguish of their leader.
  • Katar fey-stepped next to the leader and was "lucky" to survive the leader's brutal attacks. Todd was crucial in helping defeat the dragonspawn as he vanquished many of them himself by sneaking around the barrels and crates to backstab.
  • Post fight, found a jade idol of a frog with tiny golden orbs for eyes and much of the trade goods bound for Phandalin within the cavern, as well as a chest of coins. Several chests were marked with a lion head on a shield. Recognised as belonging to the Lionshield Coster - a merchant house, and the party remembered seeing the symbol on a building in Phandalin.
Greenspawn%20-%20leaper.jpg Greenspawn%20-%20sneak.jpg Greenspawn%20-%20zealot.jpg Sildar_Hallwinter.jpg

Return to Phandalin with Sildar Hallwinter

  • Returned to Phandalin and secured chest at Barthren's.
  • The party spoke with Lineen Greywind, of the Lionshields. Negotiated an exchange with them, the location of their goods in the cave for a suit of armor and a crossbow for Sildar.
  • Visited the Stone Hill Inn (a newly built roadhouse of fieldstone and rough-hewn timbers), run by Toblen and Trilena. Heard from locals that a band of ruffians seemed to have recently taken residence in the growing town. According to rumours they had killed a local woodcarver after he confronted them for leering at his wife. Now his wife and son are missing too. Toblen seemed very irate the 'Townmaster' Harbin Wester had done little to curtail the Redbrands' activities.
  • Lugh performed at the inn, gaining him a comfortable room. He, Darus, Katar and Sildar stayed at the Inn. Todd stayed at Barthen's in the hay loft, and Kavae'lee stayed with Radmoor (male human outsider) and Sialle Jallvor (female elf), a pair of hunters she befriended in the inn who had a camp at the edge of town in one of the old ruined residences. Radmoor was referred to as a 'Ruathir' - meaning an 'elf-friend' and wore a cloak and boots of elvenkind, as did Sialle.

Attack on the Redbrands

Fireday, 19th of Tamara'lor

  • Party regrouped at StoneHill Inn.
  • Met with Pip & Carp. Carp led them to a secret entrance below Tresendar Manor (the base of the Redbrand Brigands).
  • Followed a waste-strew tunnel deep into the bedrock beneath the manor hill. Found barracks with Mosk (greenspawn leader), along with his entourage (two draconians) and defeated them. (Note: these draconians turned to stone as they perished). Rescued the goblin "Drool" who Lord Mosk was tormenting. Drool had little affection for other dragonspawn due to his poor treatment by them.
  • Entered mess hall area and defeated a few human members of the Redbrands and captured a female member.
  • Kavae'lee noticed a strange orange, spongy growth on the back of Todd's neck.
  • Found a few secret doors through which it appears the leader of the Redbrands, a wizard called Glassstaff, had fled. Found what appeared to be his alchemy laboratory and bedroom. Found some documentation that incriminated Glassstaff with Dark Spider, Cragmaw Castle was mentioned.
  • Came to a crypt with a few skeletons which were dispatched and a silvered, magic longsword (Talon) was found. Loaned to Sildar for the duration of Redbrand purge.
  • Skeletons were guarding a prison room, where Merna Dendrar, Ilsa Jendar and her son Lars, were being held prisoner, guarded by a couple of Redbrands (one of whom was Darius, a local from Phandalin).
  • Locked up captured prisoners in the prison cells and had Sildar escort Merna and her children back to town via the secret entrance.
  • Continued exploring and found more Redbrands, defeating them all.
  • Todd was drawn to an underground cistern (that would have once been the water supply for the manor above). Upon diving in he found that is new sponge-like growths allowed him to breath water, and he was a very efficient swimmer.
  • Found two gold dragon eggs among the Redbrands' stolen goods. Darus immediately took possession of them and tagged them to be sent to his church.
  • Climbed up our of manor cellars/dungeon and exited via ruins on top of hill that overlooked town and saw a man with a staff glistening in the sun (Glassstaff) leading the rest of the Redbrands to the manor from the Sleeping Giant Inn. Defeated them all, killing Glassstaff who tried to flee. Found out that he was in fact Iarno from the Lord's Alliance. Lugh took the magical glass staff.
  • Todd talked to Merna Dendra about using the woodcarving building to establish a Deep Lantern Guild here. Gave her family the job of running it for the guild. This would allow her son Lars to keep woodcarving in the building as well. She agreed.
  • Thanked by Townmaster Harbin Wester for defeating the Redbrands. Seemed pretty insincere sort of fellow.
  • Found out from Carp's mom that the druid Reidoth may know where Cragmaw Castle is; he is currently in Thundertree, east of Oakhurst.
  • Darus left dragon eggs in the care of Sildar along with a note to the nearest Temple of Bahumut requesting someone come collect them.
Redbrand%201.jpg Darius%20-%20Local%20%26%20Redbrand.jpg Iarno%20Albrek.jpg

Return to Oakhurst

Starday, 20th of Tamara'lor

Oakhurst%20town%20square.jpg Oakhurst%20-%20lower%20docks.jpg Old%20boar%20Tavern.jpg
  • A strange, blind, street seer told Todd he belonged to 'the deep'. She seemed pretty crazy.
  • Went to the Pirates Grotto tavern, a wretched hive of scum and villainy, found on the docks of Oakhurst.
  • Katar met Oxanna, a local lady of the night who seemed to love elven-kin, and left with her.
  • Todd followed two sailors outside and rest followed him. Todd overheard their conversation about the arrival of Bonita the Red of Scarlet Corsairs. It seemed these guys were considering joining them.
  • Headed to Old Boar Inn, a more rustic establishment on the east side of town by the orchids and herders' pens. Lugh entertained the crowd and impressed with his performance. Todd however, remained at the docks experimenting with some new abilities, swimming in the water (where a strange longing was urging him to go deeper). He did not ans spent the night under one of the docks.

Thundertree & Dragon Stew

Sunday, 21st of Tamara'lor

  • Once all together, followed the warm waters of the Evernight River inland to Thundertree. Arrived around midday.
Thundertree%20-%20old%20residence.JPG Thundertree%20-%20old%20wall.JPG Thundertree%20-%20overgrown%20street.jpg
  • Sign posted on track to town: "Danger: Plant Monsters and Spiders. Turn Back".
  • Continued in to Thundertree and attacked by plant monsters (blights) and giant spiders.
  • Peered up at the tower overlooking the ruins of the town and saw the green scaled form of the dragon Venomfang watching the party.
  • Venomfang asked for tribute, Lugh refused on behalf of party.
  • Venomfang was about to breathe his noxious breath over the group when Lugh interrupted and rebuked the dragon. After a short flight away from the group, Venomfang recovered and swooped in at Lugh who was taunting the dragon. In a very clumsy display the dragon hit the tower with its wing and toppled to the ground.
  • The party quickly moved in and attacks rained down on the reclined form of the dragon inflicting grievous wounds and still the characters did not relent and pressed their meagre advantage as to do otherwise would surely result in their demise. Blow after blow struck the dragon as it struggled to regain its feet and then suddenly its head slammed to earth the with one last thud and the dragon known as Venomfang was no more.
Spider%20-%20G%20white%20in%20forest.jpg Venomfang.jpg Blights%20-%20twig%20x5.jpg
  • (Venomfang was defeated by some incredible lucky rolls, especially multiple crits from Katar, and some incredibly back luck with initiative from Connors DM).
  • Searched Venomfang's lair. Katar, Lugh, Kavae'lee and Todd divided loot and harvested head and skin from Venomfang (and anything else of note such as talons etc). The hoard contained several hundred coins (silver and gold), three scrolls, a cup that imbues liquid with magical properties, a rusty but magical dwarven battle axe, a magical suit of ringmail that is quick to put on and take off and a lute with magical properties.
  • Katar cooked a delicious dragon stew that evening. Stayed the night in Venomfang's tower.

Scarlet Corsairs in Oakhurtst

Moonday, 22nd of Tamara'lor

  • Approached by Reidoth who indicated that the blight infestation seemed to be encroaching from the west. Explored ruins and found emerald necklace we were told about by Merna.
  • Reidoth agreed to lead group to Cragmaw Castle once they had finished their business in Oakhurst, provided they meet him back here in Thundertree.
  • On way into Oakhurst, back at the Old Boar tavern, townsfolk inform the characters of three ships of Scarlet Corsairs at the docks.
  • Captain Bonita the Red had led a small strike force northwards to the Cliff Abbey and the monks of the White Raven.
  • Left some gear/loot at the Old Boar Inn and headed north to the Abbey, finding several dead townsfolk on the way.
  • At the Abbey, an old monk indicated that the Scarlet Corsairs have taken Elinya as a guide to the Tomb of Old Cold Marrow where Bonita believed there is the secret to immortality.
  • An adept of the White Raven, Zil Sheharan decided to lead the party to the tome.
  • Arrived at the entrance and found several corsairs standing guard. Dispatched them quickly so we could follow the rest into the tomb.
  • Entered the barrow and found two more dead pirates near the entrance.
  • Proceeded in and found the pirates fighting a feminine dark robed, ethereal figure, wearing a crown. Bonita the kept urging the pirates to keep fighting.
  • Engaged Bonita and the pirates in combat, during which Bonita changed shape into a cat-folk (were-tiger?).
  • More living shadows joined the fight and Darus called on Bahamut to make them flee, and several, including the crowned female shadow, did so.
  • An epic battle took place and when Bonita saw that she was losing, she then sprouted blue flamed fire wings and turned to flee. However before she got to far she was downed by more blows from the party and her life faded and Bonita returned to human form.
  • Gathering what could quickly be taken, including the body of Bonita the Red (for evidence to receive any outstanding bounties on Bonita's head).
  • Headed back to the monastery with Bonita's body, as well as the slain form of the old monk who had led the pirates to the tomb (Alliana?)
  • In thanks for preserving the tomb and returning the body, Darus was given an amulet of two golden hands holding a red gem by the head monk.
  • Returned to Oakhurst.
  • Confronted Peg Leg Peggy as she was heading towards the tomb, and informed her of Bonita's demise. Those present gaining the attention of the Scarlett Corsairs.
  • Returned to the Tavern for a well earned rest.

Earthday, 23rd of Tamara'lor

  • Arranged to send items that had been left at the Old Boar Inn to the Deep Lantern Guild in Dragonfall.

Cragmaw Castle, King Grawl, Vyerlith & Gundren

  • Reidoth left party as they approached the castle, showing them markers that lead them to it.
  • Approached the ruins of the castle and were attacked from within.
  • Todd climbed into a lower arrow slot by himself, rest rushed in through main gate and were attacked by a mass of dragonspawn sneaks ("goblins"). Bloody combat ensued until the dragonspawn were defeated.
  • Climbed over rubble and found dining area, with more collapsed walls. Attacked by greenspawn zealots (human-sized spawn) and a greenspawn sneak from a passage concealed by a hanging tarp and from atop a rubble pile. Defeated foes.
  • Todd found a gem-studded bracelet, the gems matching the head colours of Tiamat. Darus tried to heal him but Bahamut's magic failed to work on him while he wore the Tiamat bracelet.
  • Kept following concealed passage. Lugh climbed wall and fell into adjoining darkened room after hearing chanting. A tentacled horror dragged him from the rubble into the room beyond (a grick). Katar fey-stepped into the room to join the fight. The chanting greenspawn zealot and two sneak underlings emerged from northern part of chamber and attacked.
  • Todd climbed up on the rubble and attacked from there while Darus and Kavae'lee ran back around through the castle to try and join fight through a doorway near castle entrance.
  • Kavae'lee tripped an overhead-collapsing-rubble trap, which jammed in the tight corridor and did not work.
  • In the dimly lit room where the fight took place, Kavae'lee summoned the shadows into a blade and joined the fight.
  • Darus finally joined the fight just as it was finishing.
  • Continued exploring
  • Attacked by three blackspawn raiders in an altar room. One ran away calling out to "King Grawl".
  • Followed the one that ran away and were attacked by a draconian and blackspawn and two drakes (one blue, small and another large and red).
King%20Grawl.jpg Vyerith%20-%20Draconian%20disguise.jpg Blue%20Guard%20Drake.jpg Drake%20-%20rage%2C%20red%20cavern.jpg
  • The draconian turned out to be the human priestess of Shar, Vyerith, who was using an illusion to appear as a draconian in order to gain access to the map to the legendary Wave Echo Caves (which is said to contain The Forge of Spells). The map was in King Grawl's possession.
  • In order to prevent this Darus handed Kavae'Lee the map while he went and helped the others, telling her to make sure Vyerith didn't get it. Kavae'Lee, in turn, burnt the map. (Lugh later gathered the ashes from the burnt map).
  • The drakes and draconians, (one actually the blackspawn King Grawl) were defeated.
  • During fight/stand-off, Vyerith stabbed the bound and beaten Gundren. The dwarf was a captive of King Grawl and bound on the floor.
  • Vyerith fled using a magical shadowy door of some kind.
  • Darus used the magic of Bahumut to restore Gundren to life, though only barely.
  • The sword known as The Leveler or Daybane was recovered from the fallen King Grawl.
  • Searched the rest of the keep. The only items of note being found were a bottle of Bouldershoulder Brandy and Sildar's armour and sword.

Phandalin Again

Waterday, 24th of Tamara'lor

  • Travelled back to Phandalin with Gundren, who was placed in Sildar's care. The major quest of finding Gundren was completed - now they just needed to find his two brothers and make sure they were safe.
  • Found out that one of the hardheads being stabled at Barthan's had died and provided a feast for the town.
  • Ashes of the burnt map were left at the new outpost for the Deep Lanterns Guild.

CONTINUED IN Adventure Log 2

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