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Hour 1 Kavae'lee Darus
Hour 2 Kavae'lee Darus
Hour 3 Kavae'lee -
Hour 4 Kavae'lee Todd
Hour 5 Katar Todd
Hour 6 Katar -
Hour 7 Katar Lugh
Hour 8 Katar Lugh

Travel Role/Activity

Character Wilderness travel activity Ship travel activity Road travel/with animals activity Dungeons activity
Darus Navigate Navigate Navigate Navigate
Katar Map Crew duties Map Map
Kavae'lee Forage Notice threats Forage Notice threats
Lugh Care for companions Talk to the crew, keep up morale Talk with wagon drivers/guards (if any) Care for companions
Todd Notice threats (well, actually daydream) Crew duties & snoop around. Handle animals, such as drive wagon. Notice threats

Party Funds at Deeplantern Guild (woodcutter's) in Phandalin).

  • Chest: Ashes of burnt map
  • Sa'tal (Todd's sparrowdrake)
  • diamonds: 2
  • elven silk rope
  • Terror of the Silent Sea book
  • Manuscript of Lost Sorcerery. On giant-soul magic.

Party Funds at Dragon's Lament in Oakhurst

  • quatrterstaff with feathers from Cragmaw Castle.
  • Crystal orbs from Sunless Citadel
  • candles: 5


Get the Orcs to leave Singing Skull Island
Mission Complete: First, discover if it is true that orcs have landed in Coral Cove, and if they have make sure these reavers leave or are destroyed.
Rewards: 15 XP each - 3 XP per level beyond 8th.

Determine Source/Significance of Lugh's Paper Rose
Mission complete: PCs find out what it means.
Rewards: 10 XP each - 2 XP per level beyond 8th.

Find out why all Flames lean towards Mount Rolnith
Mission complete: PCs discover the source of this strange phenomenon.
Rewards: 25 XP each - 5 XP per level beyond 9th.

Determine Source of these New Metallic Draconians
Mission complete: PCs find how and where these draconians are being created in Bael Nerath.
Rewards: 25 XP each - 5 XP per level beyond 12th. (X2 if you put a stop to it).

Find out who Lugh's Family Is
Mission complete: PCs find out who is parents were and what (even supposedly) happened to them.
Rewards: 25 XP each - 5 XP per level beyond 12th.

Find out what happened to Todd's Clan/Parents
Mission complete: PCs find other surviving members. PCs find out if there was more to it than a simple shipwreck or what caused the shipwreck. Rewards only apply if there is something else besides a simple storm.
Rewards: 25 XP each - 5 XP per level beyond 15th.


Find House Hucrele missing children
Mission completed: Returned Sharwyn alive and Talgen's signet ring.

Discover whether Venomfang is real.
Mission Complete: when PCs see the green dragon with their own eyes. - Killed Venomfang after it topple to the ground when its wing clipped the tower.
Rewards: 10 XP if they discover the dragon for themselves. None if it is a chance encounter.

Determine the whereabouts of Iarno of the Lords' Alliance.
Mission Complete: PCs discover what happened to Iarno (who Hallwinter is here to seek out). - Determined he was the wizard in charge of the Red Brands and defeated him along with the rest of them. Lugh now carries the Glasstaff.
Rewards: 25 XP -5 XP per level beyond 4th level.

Return the stolen loot to Lionshield Coster.
Mission complete: when the loot is returned to the coster, or at least the cargo's whereabouts is described to the coster. - Described to the coster where their cargo was.
Reward: 15 XP each; 5 XP if info only.

Save Phandalin from the Redbrands
Mission complete: When Redbrands no longer menace the town of Phandalin. Either defeated or run out of town. Defeated them by raiding their hideout and beating the rest on the hill in front of ruined manor.
Rewards: 20 XP each -5 for each level beyond 3rd.

Determine if nautical device in Pirate's Grotto Tavern in Oakhurst is real (from the Hollandes ghost ship).
Mission complete: if device is identified as a real. (or has any powers). - Seen, but unsure of powers.
Rewards: 5 XP.

Find Gundren
Mission complete: When Gundren is saved, or proof of his passing is discovered.
Rewards: Returned alive to Phandalin 50 XP each -5 XP per level beyond 4th. (Half that if he is dead).

Find Gundren's Brothers (Nundro & Tharden)
Mission complete: When Gundren's younger brothers are saved, or proof of their passing is discovered.
Rewards: Returned alive to Phandalin 30 XP each per brother, -5 XP per level beyond 5th. (Half that if brother is dead).

Find out who The Black Spider Is
Mission complete: Identity behind trouble around Phandalin is discovered.
Rewards: 10 XP each - 2 XP per level beyond 8th. (x2 if you put a stop to the Black Spider).




Katar Daeleth of House Daeleth

Eladrin Fighter/Wizard (played by Nicko)
Background: Katar is the twin brother of Kavae’lee Daeleth, eldest son of Mythanthar (a wood shaper) and Aravae (a glass blower).
Katar used to be an apprentice to the wizard Tawrick. However the wizard was a drunk and abusive, treating the young eldarin poorly. Rather than keep taking the unwanted abuse he decided to leave and fled one night while the wizard was asleep using his entire savings to take passage on a ship to a nearby island where he ended up working in a kitchen to support himself and found that he had a natural talent to cooking, especially seafood and quickly became renowned for his seafood chowder.

During a barroom brawl he was noticed by Athron, a member of the Coronial Guard of Cendriane as having a lot of potential especially after Athron saw him use minor magics to help. The two eladrin became friends, and Athron (House Lafrahd) began to teach the younger eladrin how to fight and cast spells while fighting.
Personality: Loyal, Overconfident, likes a good mystery, easily distracted by the promise of information
Gaming Goals: To discover/recover lost Eladrin knowledge and artifacts. Wants to progress through the ranks and become a important/powerful member of the guards. Wants to further the reputation/infuence of the lanterns. Fighter subclass he will aim for is Eldritch Knight. wizard subclass not sure at the moment.
Wish List: Set of full plate mail, magical if possible. Magical longsword flametongue,

(Character Sheet @ Level 9 (4/5) under "Files" at bottom of page. Uploaded January 2020).

HeroForge%20-%20Katar.png Emerald%20pendant.jpg Talon%20longsword.jpeg The%20Leveller%20-%20Daybane.png


Kavae'lee Daeleth of House Daeleth

Eladrin Sorcerer (Wild Magic) (played by Shane)
Background: Kavae’lee is the twin sister of Katar Daeleth, daughter of Mythanthar (a wood shaper) and Aravae (a glass blower). As her brother was the smarter of the two of them her parents chose to send him to apprentice with the wizard as they could only afford to do so with one child at the time. Kavae’lee on the other hand learnt to hunt and provide food and other natural resources for the family.

Being overlooked to study magic, Kavae’lee felt resentment for some time and gave herself over to her tumultuous eladrin nature. It was this that allowed for her natural sorcerer abilities to come to the fore as the fey wild magic found a conduit to flow through.

Recently she has joined the ranks of the Deeplantern Guild at the behest of Matron Renna (head of House Daeleth), who thinks good trade possibilities will arise form the connection. The Deeplanterns have introduced her to Darus, a dragonborn cleric of Bahumut, and sent them to Marckwild to meet some other Deeplantern members.

Personality: Kavae'lee is extremely affected by her eladrin nature and her personality reflects this as it seems to change depending upon her emotional state
Gaming Goals:

  1. Protect the innocent
  2. Help her brother to recover lost Eladrin relics (at the behest of Matron Renna)
  3. Make hunting/archery a noble profession among Eladrin
  4. Help House Daeleth expand their trade ties with worthwhile partners
  5. Help House Daeleth gain a position within the Lords Alliance
  6. Find a member of the Order of the Bow an possibly become a member (depending on what she learns about them)
  7. Further the reputation and influence of House Daeleth.

Wish List: To see a dragon egg, dance on the beach of Whitestag, win an archery contest, touch a dwarves beard, acquire a magical bow .

(Character Sheet @ Level 4.25 under Files at bottom of page).

HeroForge%20-%20Kavaelee.png Arrows%20of%20Winter.jpeg Magical%20fey%20stone.jpg



Dragonborn Cleric (Water domain) (played by Shane) — Currently absent from group, transporting Meepo to Highpoint, Stormhaven.

Background: Grew up in the small town of Riverford, Stormhaven, for the first three years until he reached adolescence. Then as was proper for a member of his caste, he was taken to study as a priest of the Church of Bahamut in Highpoint, Stormhaven. He then spent the next 12 years undergoing such training. During this training he learnt much about the history of Iomandra, and how many of the churches relics were lost during the worlds cataclysmic past. After many hours of talking to his superiors he finally persuaded them that he should go into the world and try and find some of those relics, and joining the Deeplantern Guild would be an excellent way of finding and reporting any found items to the church so they could buy or trade for them, rather then let them fall into private collections.

Personality: Studious, optimistic, driven, honourable, noble, perfectionist, proud, reliable, friendly, good natured.

Gaming Goals:

  1. Find lost relics of the dragons and the Church of Bahamut.
  2. Report the finding of any relics to the church and return them to the Deep Lanterns so the church can seek to acquire them.
  3. Aid his companions as best he can.
  4. Spread the word of Bahamut.

Wish List: magical shield, guns & dragonfire powder

(Darus - Dragonborn Cleric @ Level 4.75 under "Files" at bottom of page). Updated Page & Sheet 11/09/17.

HeroForge%20-%20Darus.png Periapt%20of%20Wound%20Closure.jpeg Dawnbringer.jpg Dragonguard%20-%20Magic%20breastplate.jpg


Lugh, the Storyteller

Half-Elf Bard (College of Lore) (played by Blair)

Lugh knows nothing of his life before waking up in the College of Lore bunkhouse in ???. The story tells of him wandering onto the grounds in the middle of the most violent storm in recent memory, wearing nothing but a simple peasant smock and cradling a velvet pouch containing nothing but a folder paper rose.

Having nowhere else to go, Lugh stayed with the bards, learning the art of storytelling, something for which he clearly possessed a natural talent. He was a quick student, picking up the basics of any Bardic craft laid before him, but always to the sweeping sagas and tales of adventure would he return.

With his apprenticeship completed in just five years, Lugh ventured forth into the world to explore and learn all that he could. To gather tales of the land to bring back to the College so that he could one day enter the ranks of the Masters.

Lugh heard of the tales of the Cedriane Coronal Guard Athron several years ago when he hunted down and slew a pack of ambush drakes on Marckwild. As Lugh gathered all the parts of the story, he decided to set about to find Athron and confirm the details. It was through Athron that Lugh met his student, Katar Daeleth. The two became friends and decided to join the Deeplantern Guild together.

Lugh is extremely curious about all things. He loves listening to tales of heroes and adventure. He is something of a perfectionist when it comes to his art, and constantly works on improving his storytelling techniques, of weaving his magic throughout the tale to create mesmerizing sagas that leave his audience enthralled.

Gaming Goals:
Lugh wants to:

  • become a Master of the College of Lore.
  • find out who he is and what happened to his family.
  • related to that, find out the significance of the paper rose he was found with.
  • travel to visit the Doss College, from where his lute originated, in the forests of central Nerath.
  • be sought after to tell an Epic Tale of his own authoring, not just to the local barons, but to kings & queens and other nobles all around Iomandra, and beyond!

Wish List: (Write what items, benefits, treasure, etc you would like here. What does player want?)

(Character Sheet @ Level 10 under "Files" at bottom of page. Uploaded January 2020).

HeroForge%20-%20Lugh.png Doss%20Lute.jpg Glass%20staff%20of%20Defense.jpg


Todd Lazzam

Halfling Rogue (Thief) (played by Angus)
Background: Urchin. Survived the wreck of his clan's ship as a child and washed up on the western shore of Marckwild. Made his way to the city of Dragonfall and lived hand to mouth as a street urchin. Spent some time in and out of an orphanage run by Seraphina, who got him involved in the Deeplantern Guild. At the orphanage, Todd reared an abandoned albino sparrowdrake. When the drake 'spoke' to him, Todd used its first words as his surname. Todd has been a member of the small Deeplantern's Guild for a few years now. He rarely spends more than a few nights in the one place, mainly alternating between Seraphina's, the Deeplantern Guildhouse and The Barmaid's Hideout (inn).
Personality: Compulsive stealer; easy-going; friendly, affable, warm, likable but with a touch of small-man syndrome (sticks up for the downtrodden, abandoned and underdogs); street-smart; has bad habits such as eating like a pig and bad manners to match.
Gaming Goals: Wants to find out what happened to his clan/parents.
Wish List: His own boat.

(Character Sheet @ Level 9 under "Files" at bottom of page. Updated: 21st April, 2019).

HeroForge%20-%20Todd.png Sa%20tah.jpg Jade%20frog%20idol%20with%20gold%20eyes.jpg Cup%20of%20Wonders.jpg Magic%20Ring.jpg Slippers%20of%20Spiderclimb.jpeg

Mathias Darkwater

Human Fighter (Fortune Fighter/Luckblade) (played by Shane)
Background: Soldier. Was found in the bilge of a sailing whore house as a child and grew up working there. As soon as he was big enough he ran off and joined the fighting company, The Broken Few, and has been with them since, managing to work his way up to the rank of Lieutenant, though his role is primarily as a forward scout for the group.
An alliance between The Broken Few and the Deeplantern Guild as seen him sent on a mission to Singing Skull Island in search of a blood red gauntlet known as The Gauntlet of Destiny as a favor to Dangerous Dan.

Recently he stepped in to save a lizard man that a group of locals in Phandalin were about to hang from a nearby tree and found a group from the Deeplanterns who were heading to the same location that he was, as he heard rumors that a warrior buried beneath Mount Rolnith once used a red gauntlet to wield a mighty sword. He has decided to travel with them at least for the time being as they look out of their depths, despite the stories that both they and the locals tell.

Personality: Gruff and straight to the point, cranky

Gaming Goals:

  1. Find the Gauntlet of Destiny
  2. Find some heavy armor that won't make him sink like a stone in the water, or at least be able to function as normal in the water.
  3. Find a nice wench and farmhouse to settle down in (preferably with a tavern or inn nearby)
  4. Find a half decent ale.
  5. Find the pirate who gave him the scar across his right eye and deal with him…….harshly.

Wish List: Retire to a small farm somewhere quiet. Pistol. Lose the attention of that goddamn parrot.

(Character Sheet @ Level 7 under "Files" at bottom of page. Updated: 1st April, 2019).

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