Waves of Destiny Adventure Log

Campaign Start

When. 12th of Tamara (Midsummer), so 2 days from the Summer Solstice.
Where. City of Dragonfall in barony of Marckwild of Bael Nerath. Characters start making plans for the journey to Singing Skull Island.

Adventure Log 01
Journey to Singing Skull Island to deliver goods to Phandalin and the search for Gundren Rockseeker


Just a list of NPC's and some base info about them and where they met the party

  • Sildar Hallwinter (Lords Alliance)
  • Gundren Rockseeker (Deeplantern Guild)
  • Morvorax (male dragonborn, or possible dragonspawn, captain of The Artful Zegrosh)
  • Javi (female eladrin, bosun on The Artful Zegrosh)
  • Viktorin (male human cook, The Artful Zegrosh)
  • Hackett (male human, pet & livery merchant, Oakhurst)
  • Matriarch Kerowyn (Merchant House Hucrele, Oakhurst)
  • Talgen Hucrele (male, fighter)
  • Sharwyn Hucrele (female, wizard)
  • Karakas (male human ranger)
  • Sir Bradford (male human paladin of Pelor)
  • Thal Jendar (woodcarver, presumed deceased, Phandalin)
  • Radmoor (male human outsider, Phandalin)
  • Sialle Jallvor (female elf hunter, Phandalin)
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