The North Adventure Log

The campaign begins on the 25th of Matius (first month of Spring, equivalent of March) in the year 625 A.D.


Monday, Matius 25th

In the Temple

  • Campaign begins on a rainy windy day with the party sheltering in the wooded hills overlooking the Roman temple outside the town of Catterick.
  • Although restored in current times, the temple was attacked an overrun by Angles in the past year.
  • PCs decided upon a secret entrance that Wulffa had scouted out on his way north. After a patrol of 3 Angles passed, the PCs rushed to the spot to open the secret door. After some delay, Titus reached up and pulled the sword arm down of the statue of Paladine above where the door is. (This was the temple Titus trained in and he has returned).
  • PCs explored some of the lower rooms.
  • Entered a room full of debris where the floor above and roof above that have collapsed into the room. Dragonborn and human/Angle skeletons rose up and began to fight the first PCs into the room. They were soon joined by more on the ledge above, 2 of which fired arrows into the melee. Skywatcher went into a rage, and after a few PCs fell over on the rubble, the sekeltons were destroyed.
  • Came to another room, where debris had fallen in and the floor had also collapsed. Above was the hollow remains of the old guard tower. All the floors had collapsed into the armory below. Some PCs fell into the rubble trying to get around the edges of the pit. None dared take the fallen timber spanning the hole.
  • Found some barrels in an alcove. Skywatcher smashed one spilling vinegar everywhere.
  • At the bottom of some stairs was a small room with a wet pile of rags or some sort of giant plant. It turned out to be a giant sundew plant that animated and wrapped its leaves around the first members to enter the room. Once stuck, its adhesive proved to be acidic and Wulfa went down. The rest destroyed the plant, Skywatcher finding out the acid had no effect on him as he had vinegar spilled all over himself.
  • Next stop was the stables, where 4 Angles were sitting around gambling. The party got the jump on them and a short fight started. Another Angle attacked from the loft, but he was quickly taken care of, as were the rest of the Angles. Nightress calmed the 3 horses stabled here.
  • The party moved along to the door that opened into the cemetery courtyard. The place was under the effects of oppressive magic; plants hindered their movement and at one point a tree swung a branch and flattened Skywatcher.
  • Some members of the party inspected the large crypt, and when the rest went to join them, 3 giant ants attacked Zanthia. With Finan healing and Skywatcher and Nightress finishing the ants off, Zanthia recovered, but continued to suffer from the burning pain of her injuries.

The Tunnels

  • The crypt floor had been removed and a tunnel, supported by wooden beams, was in the middle.
  • The dirt tunnels branched a couple of times, before the one the group was following changed to old Roman masonry that led up some stone stairs.

The Slave Pens

  • At the top was a large area with raised walkways over a network of slave cages below. A group of Angles were at the far end. It appeared one was a wealthy merchant here inspecting the 'merchandise'. He was attended to by an aqualish and a female in red robes. Showing them around were 5 Angles in mail, one quite large with a spear in hand prodding down at the despondent and starved prisoners.
  • Wulffa took to the narrow middle walkway and was headed off by one of the Angles. Demarin was rushed at by others, but forced his way into the chamber, where he found himself with an enemy on both sides. Skywatcher stepped to the top of the stairs only to go crashing back down as another Angle blocked the entry into the room. Titus caught and healed Skywatcher, before stepping up to face the foe at the top of the stairs.
  • The female first shot hellfire across the front of Wulffa, before compelling him to drop his weapons, one of which fell into the pen of the healthiest looking captive. (This was Sinnoch's first appearance - a new PC to be played by Alex, taking the group to 9)!
  • The aqualish fell into a pen after trying to cross the even narrower bars leading to the central walkway. Wulffa first dispatched an Angle before also falling mortally wounded into a pen, thanks to a successful spear thrust by the Angle leader.
  • Sinnoch threw his toilet bucket at the female spellcaster and hit her, knocking her back and Finan found his way into the room by turning into a snake and maneuvering through the battle on the stairs.
  • After downing the Angle at the top of the stairs, the rest of the group forced their way into the room. By then, some intelligent, weevil-like insectoid creature wielding a seax emerged at the far end of the room. After instructions from the Angle leader, it too joined the fray, attacking Dewarin on on of the side walkways.
  • The last of the orc guards climbed from the cells only to be struck down by Titus.
  • The female cultist was set alight by magic, and in the process dropped her own orb full of fire. It exploded into a small fireball and from the smoke emerged a humanoid figure with flames for hair. (This was Cam's new PC - the genasi Firestorm - as Wulffa have bled out in the cells below). The genasi seemed happy to be free and immediately set about taking revenge upon the female cultist that had kept him bound in the orb.
  • A firebolt also finished the aqualish sneak and he too fell into a cell burning. After suffering many battle wounds himself, Ilikan Skywatcher (the goliath), dealt the finishing blow to the Angle leader with the spear, and Nightress downed the female cultist with an arrow shot across the room. Following this, the portly merchant grabbed a torch from the wall and fled up the stairs at the far end of the room wailing for help as he disappeared around a corner.
  • Two more weevil-like humanoids came down the stairs with the portly merchant following them and pointing at the PCs. Although it looked tight for a while, the PCs dealt with the newcomers and the rest of the slave-trading party. All enemies were defeated.
  • Over half an hour the PCs helped all slaves from the cells, healed the wounded and looted the dead.
  • Discovered store rooms next to slave pens with clothes, food and other supplies. Left the freed Britons (10) and Aqualish (1) in the store rooms before leaving to explore further.
  • Found another large hall recently divided into cells too. There were no prisoners in any of them. Followed a narrow passage that came to a short flight of stairs down to a door. When Skywatcher (Goliath) kicked in the door the stairs behind him and a long flight beyond the door turned into a slide. Five PCs took the long slide down to the center of a circular room. Around them was a small canal of sewerage water and beyond that a ledge and alcove. Three small bridges cross the canal. Around the ledge were many Angles waiting, and in the alcove by a desk was another with what appeared to be several giant weasels gathered around him.
  • Angles with bows made life difficult for the PCs at the bottom of the stairs. As the battle raged some of the more dangerous Angles were taken down early, including the berserker, but the tide soon changed against the PCs. Most PCs were felled, Firestorm in memorable fashion, being strangled and thrown into the sewer to drown. Sinnock and Finan proved effective with missile weapons from the top of the slide/stairs for a little while, but were soon taken out by the Angle archers. This left Dewarin to fight a brave last-pitch battle, but he too fell to arrows one he disposed of the Angle he was fighting.
  • An unfortunate end for our heroes… but soon new heroes will rise from the ashes to save Britania from the Angles.
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