The Broken Few

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This mercenary company is comprised of orphans. It was started some 60 years ago (in 1316 D.Y), by Theodore the Stained, an orphan who spent his entire life aboard the ship Waterstrider (that he went on to inherit). Theodore commissioned a crew of orphans and The Broken Few was formed. The Waterstrider is still the flagship of the order, even though Theodore died around 40 years ago. A human warrior-priest that goes by the name, Dangerous Dan, is the current leader of The Broken Few and is captain of the Waterstrider.

Although there are now a number of ships that fly The Broken Few banner, the order is a relatively small organisation. It is most active in northwest Bael Nerath, though missions have taken its members all across that land and even into Kotar and Arkhosia. Orphanages of Bael Nerath often act as a point of contact (and recruitment) for the order.

The Broken Few fight for those that cannot. Members are typically good in alignment. They do not fight for wealth, but to protect the poor, the oppressed and the downtrodden. When clients have been uncovered to contributing to the oppression, The Broken Few have even walked away from contracts. This means among some (particularly wealthy merchants) that the order is viewed as untrustworthy, but to the oppressed they are heroes. This makes their relationship with orders like the Lords' Alliance a conflicted one. The Lords' Alliance is noted for improving the living conditions of all in its spread of civilisation, but given it is the wealthy that often want more areas protected, their focus is sometimes not directed to those that need it the most. The Broken Few are often confused with the Brotherhood of the Broken Chain, but the two have no connection, and in fact, often see each other as rivals. It is believed the Brotherhood of the Broken Chain made a power-play to incorporate the newly formed The Broken Few, but founder Theodore wanted nothing of it. The Ravagers are the order's most noted enemies. Recently, The Broken Few have been on good terms with the newly formed Deeplantern Guild and are usually happy to work with members of this organisation.

The order has several worshipers of Pelor, so sacred flames have come to symbolise the order to a degree.

Classes & Concepts

  • The Borus Legionnaire (5E D&D Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica) is a good background to represent a character that has been raised in this militaristic order.

Renown & Ranks

Sergeant (Renown 3+, Rank 1)

At this rank, you gain some authority over lower-ranking members. When you undertake a mission on the order's behalf that requires military strength, a squad of 1d4 soldiers (5E D&D Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica chapter 6) can be recruited to accompany you for the duration of that endeavour. You are typically given missions from a brigadier.

Brigadier (Renown 10+, Rank 2)
As a brigadier, you have gained a noted position of responsibility in The Broken Few. You are now responsible for planning, undertaking and leading missions, though you still take orders from either of the two captains above you.

You are likely given command of a squad of soldiers equal in number to half your renown score, that are led by a sergeant (veteran).

It is likely that you would also have a ship (stronghold) by this stage, so extra followers are likely crew members.

If you visit a Broken Few stronghold (with its leader present) prior to undertaking a mission on the order's behalf, you gain a Broken Few charm (same as a Borus charm, 5E D&D Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica, chapter 5).

Lone Operative (Renown 10+, Rank 2, special role - cannot gain benefits of Brigadier and this role)
A select few in the order do not take to leading others but prefer to work alone. These Lone Operatives are essential to the order, for they are the ones that go into communities first and find people that need the help of The Broken Few. When oppression occurs due to the tyranny of others, the oppressed rarely speak out due to fear. And a whole mercenary band just appearing on the scene can cause confusion, further fear and likely, conflict.

It is a lone operative's job to get the trust of the oppressed and as much information as they can. This information is relayed back to the order's leaders and they then plan how to proceed.

If you visit a Broken Few stronghold (with its leader present) prior to undertaking a mission on the order's behalf, you gain a Broken Few charm (same as an Borus charm, 5E D&D Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica, chapter 5). Additionally, you are given a number of potions of healing equal to your rank.

Members & Contacts

Waterstrider Crew
This is the flagship of the order.

LEVEL 3 STRONGHOLD - KEEP (page 16) - PIRATE SHIP (page 21) & FIGHTER'S FORTRESS (page 51 of Strongholds & Followers by MCDM Productions)
Captain. Dangerous Dan (??)
Crew. Mathias (human fortune fighter, possible Lone Operative).

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