Tarangoni Jungles

Common Knowledge

Though located on the northern slopes of the Blackscar Mountains, little is known of this wild region. Black dwarves, called utuchekulu, live in the jungle, apparently since volcanic eruptions forced them from their mountain homes.
Of late, the utuchekulu have been making great efforts to reclaim their ancestral homelands in the mountains and expand their current jungle home. Apparently, the rich king of the dwarves has offered great reward for adventurers to help them in either pursuit. What is known in the Blackscar Valleys is that many tasloi refugees have arrived and are taking over forests after being forced from the Tarangoni.

Regional Features

Hellfire Mountain

Home of fire giants. (See Dungeon Magazine #140, p68).

Nyoko Lake

Small lake said to be near the 'Elephants' Graveyard'. (See Dungeon Magazine #15, p48).


Dwarves (Utuchekulu)

These obsidian-skinned dwarves are by far the most populace race in the jungles and are considered the rulers here. Like other dwarves, the utuchekulu are honorbound and clannish by nature, every eight years the clans convene and elect an overlord. They live in the many volcanic caves and carved hallways beneath the trees. Most clans work with simple iron, though obsidian weapons are still used widely. There is a very strong warrior culture and the gamba fighters are revered throughout the land. The utuchekulu practice many rituals, including the eating of their enemies to give them strength. Model Culture: African - utuchekulu from African Adventures.


Considered vermin at best by the dwarves, the kobolds serve and make alliances with whoever they can (typically the lizardfolk and green dragons). The kobolds are found extensively throughout the east half of the jungles.


Some wild tribes of elves live in isolated pockets throughout the jungle. They will side with the dwarves when required, but mostly keep to themselves.


??? Usually clients of the dwarves, the eloko offer services and ??? to the dwarves, who allow them sanctuary in their realms.


A major enemy of the dwarves, there have been massive offensives against the tasloi over the last five years and the populations have been devastated. There are still many scattered tribes, but just as many have fled south into the valleys on both sides of the Blackscar Mountains.


Mostly found just north of the jungles, the gnolls frequently hunt in the outskirts of the trees. Obviously, they too are considered enemies of the dwarves and all other races that call the jungle home.


These dim-witted walking reptillians find it difficult to exist without strong leadership. The dwarves often provide this and in several tribes near the large lakes (where the lizardfolk live) the lizardfolk form an underclass in utuchekulu society, performing manual labour.

Fire Giants

Found near the many volcanic active regions. Mortal enemies of the dwarves.


These isolated halflings live in the last western jungle, high on a plateau. They are very different in outlook and lifestyle to their brethren of the south. Some of them live amongst the utuchekulu too, where they are often employed to perform all sorts of nefarious and sneaky exploits that are beneath the dwarves. Model Culture: Jerren halflings (see the 3E The Book of Vile Darkness).


Once found throughout the forest, there are now only a few tribes left in the vicinity of Lake Nyoko. Often mistaken for tasloi, their numbers have been reduced but dwarven raids. The grippli remain hidden and trust no other inhabitants, excepting the elves on occasion.

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