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The Summer Isle campaign is set in Dark Age Britain, but is a high fantasy version of the British Isles, where the native human Britons are losing the battle against the invading and expanding Saxons, Angles and Jutes (half-orcs). The dwarven Picts in the north hold the highlands with several troll, goliath and other war-like allies, whilst the giant Welsh have managed to keep all their lands free from the Saxons so far. Down in the isolation of southwestern Llyonesse, coal dwarves rule, with rock gnome allies and harkrinn (birdfolk) for scouts. The magical and horned Atlanteans have also settled in this region following the sinking of their home island. Marsh-dwelling halflings lead pockets of resistance against the Saxons and even the fey have made their presense known as they join the Britons and their allies in a final battle to save the Summer Isle (a term given to the island by the Briton hero King Arthur).

Roman (dragonborn) ruins dot the landscape and are generally sought after by kings and warlords.

The island of Eire and its druidic population has so far remained free of Saxon influence, but has its own problems, such as the many formorians that have decided to hunt there.

Now, more than any other, is a time for heroes, as the Saxon shadow threatens to snuff out the light of the Mighty Summer Realms.

The Old North Campaign

5E D&D - School Group, Wycheproof
This campaign begins in circa 625 A.D. South Rheged has fallen, and much of the north is united as Northumbria, under the rule of the Angle King Edwin. The PCs are a coalition sponsored by the rulers of Rheged, Strathclyde and Gododdin. They are being sent south into Northumbria to take out Angle leaders basing themselves in a ruined Roman temple in the hills near Catterick.

This is a 5E D&D campaign being played at school during recess and lunch once per week. We started with 8 characters @ 3rd level, which soon grew to 9.

South Rheged Campaign

4E D&D - Wycheproof
The campaign begins in South Rheged, the most southerly Briton Realm still in existence, in the year 620 A.D. Clinging to the forests and moors between the Pennines Mountains and the sea, South Rheged struggles to survive, with Saxons on all fronts (other than north where it borders North Rheged). As the campaign begins the PCs are being summoned by King Llywarch to the front lines of an impending battle with the Angles of Northumbria. The gathered clans and warriors of South Rheged have gathered in the two main passes through the Pennines, ready for Edwin and his armies. They know the Angles are coming. Small Briton kingdoms in the Pennines have fallen and the refugees have long since arrived. This may be the last stand…and if South Rheged falls, then the region known simply as 'The North', a Briton stronghold (even from Roman times) may fall.

The campaign started at 11th level - the beginning of the paragon tier. We haven't run a campaign at such a level before, so this is new to us. Beginning with some encounters leading into "The King of the Trollhaunt Warrens" by Wizards of the Coast. I have modified the encounters for more variety of trolls and trogs.

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