Singing Skull Island


AKA: Isle of Ruins; Venomfang Island

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Type. Borderlands/Wilderness - Island
Level. 3/3
Model Culture. Standard - Medieval Europe for settlements. With some dinosaur-fantasy like Dinotopia. For cultural aspects of dragonspawn culture here, use the Dragon Clan of Rokugan for inspiration.
Location. Bael Nerath. South of Hullroost. Largest and northernmost island of the Korinn Archipelago.
Current Situation.
Description. A large subtropical island mostly surrounded by cliffs.



Realm Stat Modifier
Arcane Attunement -1
Corruption +2
Crime +0
Danger +2
Economy +0
Historical Lore +2
Law -1
Nature Connection +2
Piety +1
Society -2


Significant Landmarks. The island has a significant number of ruins for its size.



Citizen Race %. Humans 38%; Kobolds 19%; Half-elves 17%; Dragonspawn 11%; Halflings 9%; Eladrin 2%; Elves 1%; Other 3%.
Total Population. Unknown. About 5,000 total in the 4 main settlements.

Human - Dominant Race.
Location. Mainly in the settlements with several explorers scattered throughout.

Kobold - Minor Race.
Relationship to dominant race. Enemies. Kobolds do not recognise any authority other than the dragon they serve.
Location. Central areas.

Half-Elf - Minor Race.
Relationship to dominant race. Intermixed.
Location. Settlements.

Dragonspawn - Minor Race.
Relationship to dominant race. Autonomous.
Location. Throughout. Mostly in wilderness, but occasionally in settlements.

Halfling- Minor Race.
Relationship to dominant race. Intermixed.
Location. Settlements.

Eladrin - Minor Race.
Relationship to dominant race. Intermixed.
Location. Settlements.

Elf - Minor Race.
Relationship to dominant race. Intermixed.
Location. Settlements.

Government & Rulers

Autocracy - Dragon Overlord.
Venomfang. Green dragon overlord recently arrived. Rules from somewhere in Evernight Forest.

Government Buildings & NPCs

Law, Military & Fortifications

Head Martial NPC (Sheriff, Watch Capt etc).

Fortifications, Structures, NPCs

Magic (Arcane & Psionic)

Structures & NPCs.

Religion (Divine Magic)

Dominant Religion Standard pantheon, though Tiamat is seen as the single supreme deity among the dragonspawn and kobolds.

Structures & NPCs.

Society, Arts & Entertainment

Citizen Alignment - Lawful evil. Of course this differs in the settlements.
Citizen Attitude - Content When a dragon overlord takes over, it is the standard. Life for these people at this stage has been pretty normal. Venomfang has not made unreasonable demands upon the people of the island.

Structures & NPCs

Underworld & Crime

Structures & NPCs

Other Civic Places & NPCs of note


Subsistence Trade, Raiding (ruins), Light agriculture & fishing
Trade Resources Artifacts & relics from ruins; leather goods; herd & labour dinos.
Trade Partners
Realm Resource Imported from Realm
Barony of Marckwild Vegetables
Barony of Hullroost Vegetables
Barony of Baelcrest Trained guard dinos (biters); cotton
Sea Kings Various goods from around the Dragon Sea

Trade settlements there are four small towns on the island.
Oakhurst. On the west coast, within sight of Mount Rolnith.
Lundy Bay. Southwest coast.
Phandalin. Inland. Only been established very recently on ruins of old town.
Wavemeet. Port on east coast.


Terrain Subtropical and volcanic grasslands. Subtropical alpine forests.
Climate & Weather Subtropical.
Major Fauna A lot of large but mostly harmless/docile reptiles.
Major Flora

The Bronze Heights. Mountain range along southeast facing coast.
Bronze%20Heights.jpgByxall Point. The tip of Julz Peninsula with a small secluded bay just back from tip.
Byxall%20Point.jpgClaan Wood. More of a tropical forest on northwest shore. Full of lush regrowth.
Cloud Drake Colvert. Woodland on the southeastern bluffs.
Coral Cove. A very calm body of water, but also very shallow with many coral reefs and coral drakes that live there.
Evernight Forest. Alpine forest with a sinister reputation. Only recently arrived dragonspawn and kobolds make their home here.

Evernight River. A relatively warm river, as its headwaters are heated by thermal activity around Mount Rolnith.
Julz Highlands/Peninsula. The rocky northeastern spur.
Mount Rolnith. Foreboding volcano of the Thunder Crags that can be seen from Oakhurst. Has been dormant for several years, but there has been recent rumblings.
Oaz Straight. Separates this island from the next mountainous island of the Korinn Archipelago. Water rushes through here at speed and many a ship has been dashed on the bluffs of either island.
The Rift. A large scar a few miles from the Coast Road that contains ancient ruins.
Thunder Crags. Small mountain range running along the northwestern peninsula. Contain volcanic activity, with one true volcano.

Hunters. The pair Radnoor (male human outsider 'Ruathir') and Sialle Jallvor (female elf) have recently arrived on the island and have spent the last month making easy money providing the residents of Phandalin with food. They live in a ruined house on the northwestern edge of town.
Waves of Destiny Campaign

  • Kavae'lee befriended this pair in the Stonehill Inn in Phandalin and stayed with them.



  1. Careful if you travel the Old Road. Twig blights are a constant menace. The herders of the scrublands have a trick to keep them at bay.
  2. Greenspawn 'goblins' are a constant menace on the island. They are mostly confined to the forest, but very rarely conduct raids outside it.
  3. Greenspawn bring an apple to Oakhurst every Summer Solstice. It is large and perfect hew and cures all illness.
  4. People that have tried to grow their own saplings from the seeds of the 'goblin apple' have found the plans removed overnight. Clearly the goblins do not want others growing their own.
  5. A white apple is also presented on the Winter Solstice. This apple is supposedly poisonous.
  6. Obviously there is a dragon on the island, as kobolds have been seen on the edge of the woods and around the Rift. Though many claim kobolds have been around the Rift well before Venomfang showed up. Does that mean there is another dragon in the Rift somewhere?
  7. In the Rift is the sunken Sunless Citadel - a dragonborn keep of old with many treasures within.
  8. Goblins and kobolds fight over dominance of the Rift.
  9. A huge fire elemental inhabits Mount Rolnith. It is preparing to make the volcano erupt again.
  10. Flames on the island have started pointing towards Mount Rolnith.
  11. The Ashen Plain was there there well before the eruption of Mount Rolnith. In ancient times, this was the realm of the dragon exarch, Ashardalon. He probably had a lair in Mount Rolnith. Other legends state Ashardalon's death created the Ashen Plains and then used to spread far and wide. Some of the ash drifts are his remains and can be turned into gunpowder with blue fire.
Recent Events (Last year)
Month Event Notes (such as ongoing)
Tamara'lor Death of dragon overlord Venomfang The adventurers known as the Waves of Destiny defeated the dragon in the ruins of Thundertree.
Recent History (Last 20 years)
Year Event Notes (such as ongoing)
1354 Eruption of Mount Rolnith Ruined the village of Thundertree. Widespread devastation. Though Oakhurst was mostly spared, ash and cinders settled all around it.
General History
Year Event Notes (such as ongoing)

Connyberry. A ruined town on the trail to Wavemeet.
Sunless Citadel. An ancient ruin at the bottom of The Rift.
Thundertree A ruined town upriver from Oakhurst.

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