Shembu Scrub

Common Knowledge

This land northwest of Kodo consists of dry grassland that often gives way to sandy desert. Low, winding mountains snake their way through the area. The Marak’ka, a people distantly related to the Akado, live under the matriarchal monarchy where the jamIkadi (or queen) is the supreme ruler. They place great importance on art, but don’t perform near as many rituals as Akadoans.
The Marak’ka rule over the Tuslan (a minority group of humans with a strong connection with animals) and several dragonborn, (that mostly serve as elite guards and soldiers). Many other races that consider themselves autonomous from Shembu live and hide in the wastes of the region. Seven years ago the Marak’ka subjugated the local orc tribes.
More recently the jamIkadi has had other pressing concerns. Many Tuslan natives are being taken (many believe in an act of genocide instigated by the jamIkadi herself) and undead have been arising in great numbers from the sandy wastes where the Marak’ka bury their dead.

Regional Features

Iron Hills

Dwarven, gargoyle and tengu homeland of the east, with cliffs overlooking the nearest of the Tarangoni Jungles. (See Dungeon Magazine #120, p67).


Humans (Marak'ka)

The Marak'ka are not as ritualistic as the Akadoans to their east, though art plays a very big part in every day life. They are considered a tough people, as the Shembu Scrub is not an easy place to live. Model Cultures: African (see specifically Marak'ka Land and Nibomay from African Adventures).

Humans (Tuslan)

The Tuslans are an assimilated underclass in Marak'ka society. The Tuslans have a great connection with the animals native to the region. They are excellent riders and breed fast light warhorses, they raise hearty cattle and even keep snakes as pets and 'guards'. Model Cultures: African (Tuslan are also from African Adventures).


The dragonborn are remnants on their once mighty (but now gone) empire of Arkhosia (to the west). They are now assimilated into Marak'ka culture and have lost most of their own traditions and beliefs. They are primarily soldiers and guards - usually of elite groups and high ranks. Most dragonborn are comfortable with this, but there are groups that resent 'serving' the humans and others that feel there is more to life, (who often wander into other regions).


Roving tribes of elves wander the scrub. They are voracious traders and untrustworthy and independent in the extreme. They do not consider themselves under the rulership of anyone. Model Culture: Dark Sun elves.

Entare (Wemics)

Once widespread, the entare are now restricted to the harsh central mountains, hills and desert. The few entare clans left are considered enemies of the Marak'ka. It is a great honor to kill an entare in personal combat. The entare on their part, avoid the other races, but are not afraid to fight when it comes to that.


After years of battles and hostilities, the orcs of the lands combined their forces and attempted to fight for independence. This rebellion failed and the remaining tribes (those that did not flee) swore fealty to the jamIkadi in 790. They are now considered citizens, but a clear lower class. They perform manual labour, scout the wilds, and serve as soldiers and guards (usually under the close eye of dragonborn overseers).

Dwarves (Mountain)

There has been a strong dwarf presence in the mountains and Iron Hills in this region for millennia. However, there are few clans left today. Most folk migrated east centuries ago. The dwarves left behind have become insular and do not mix with the other races. They obey their own minor kings and could not care less what the humans living in the surrounding scrub think.


These mysterious birdmen live upon the cliffs of the eastern Iron Hills overlooking the westernmost of the Tarangoni jungles. No one knows where their allegiances lie or what their plans are.


There is a very small minority of these fey travellers that live amongst the Marak'ka. They often act as intermediaries between the Marak'ka and the elves. Eladrin often dwell alone and are usually a communities font of arcane lore.


Three tribes of these goblinoids fled from the east to occupy the southeast of this region around 20 years ago. They were exhausted and destitute after running battles with gnolls and quickly surrendered to the Marak'ka. They were split up and put to work mostly as scouts for the dragonborn officers of the army.


Although very rare, there are some children of mixed heritage. They assimilate into Marak'ka society, for the elves will not have them. Some half-elves may also be the result of an eladrin-human relationship.


The southwest mountains that border the Zantuli Wastes are the home of these travellers from the Feywild. They live in isolated clans and do not bother many, though eladrin treat them with complete hostility.


There are clans of these creatures in the Iron Hills. Little is known about them, but the dwarves do not like them.

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