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Find location of…
Mission complete: Details
Rewards: Inc XP




Desert Elf Wizard (played by Chaddy)
Personality: Whimsical, care free. Seeker of lost knowledge and power.
Gaming Goals: To find and close the rift to the world of sand and fire and save Athas!
Wish List: Powerful magic related to the planes.

(Character Sheet: attached level and date).


Neled (neh-lehd: means Three in elvish)

Half-elf water cleric (played by Shane)
Background: Still fleshing out.
Probably former slave, or so far down social status may as well have been.
Owners were full elves
Named after the three scars on his cheek.
Ears not as prominent as in picture, but otherwise is a good likeness, including the long braid of hair.
Caravan was attacked by ?? and he was left for dead as elves escaped.
Fears the elves who once owned him will seek him out or even just chance upon him and want to take him as a slave again.
Believes he was only tolerated (i.e. not killed) due to his ability to create water (was often beaten when his spells failed to produce it).

Personality: Meek, softly spoken
Gaming Goals: gain enough power to never have to fear becoming a slave again.

Wish List:

(Character Sheet: attached level and date).


Half-giant barbarian (played by Leigh)
Gaming Goals:
Wish List:

(Character Sheet: attached level and date).

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