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Serran is a land defined by extreme geography, eldritch beasts, and the once humans that dwell there. The infernal tieflings rule Serran and the native genasi have had to adapt to tiefling rule. The tieflings use Serran as a launching site for expeditions into the remaining ruins of their former homeland of Bael Turath. People of the civilised realms fear what the people of Serran might find in those ruins.

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The humans of Serran were not numerous and when their neighbours of Bael Turath sought to take their islands the Serrani entered into pacts with elemental beings. This brought them great power and they were able to then fend off the humans of Bael Turath. However history was not kind to the Serrani (now commonly referred to as genasi).
Although dragonborn influence here was minimal (thanks mostly to the Anarchs of Serran), following the sinking of the lands their old enemies of Bael Turath returned. By now these people were tieflings (having made their own pacts during the wars against the dragonborn). They invaded in vast numbers, as most of Bael Turath was destroyed. The tieflings claimed the lands of Serran and rule it today. The dragon overlord of the eastern isle was recently killed and the western one has gone into hiding, as the tieflings do all they can to establish complete control.
Tieflings all belong to a House. Houses are ruled by important members of the founding family, but many others can belong to the house. In fact, practically all citizens have sworn loyalty to one house or another. Tieflings take great pride in their House and heritage. Ancestors of the house are likely to have a shrine.
Worship of the deities is forbidden in tiefling society.



With soaring grey peaks, floating earthmotes, bottomless lakes, steaming jungles and grasslands with such tall grasses even the chorrim struggle to see over, Serran is a daunting and treacherous place. The two main islands are simply known as the North and South Islands.



(Based upon the city of the same name in the 4E Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide by Wizards of the Coast.)

Built from sea to sky, Airspur is a city of wondrous sights and inventions. Earthmotes and mountains are connected by means of bridges, flying steeds, magical teleportation and a system of pulleys and counterweights. The result is a sprawling city of mechanical and magical marvels.

New Breen

Rising up above the Straight of Serran, this city stands on an earthmote. Waters flow from an unseen source deep within the earthmote, spilling in a perpetual mist into the sea below. The falls encircle an island neighbourhood known as Lower Breen, which is a rich and thriving trading port. The island prospers as the link between the two major islands of Serran.


Genasi that manifest earth (and the few firesouls) often gravitate to Deepspur, a city built into the sheer cliffs that overlook the western sea. The precious gems and metals found in the caves surrounding the city have made the residents rich, but of late many bakemono miners and even some overseers have disappeared around Deepspur without a trace.



Most people of Arkhosia and Nerath consider natives of Serran as enemies, and that would be true of most of them. Serran has offended the barons of Nerath by allowing a Shadovar embassy. Tieflings form the ruling majority of the intelligent races of Serran. The genasi live as part of that society, but unlike the tieflings, they are content and do not seek further expansion or power (especially gained from nefarious sources). Most genasi have the watersoul manifestation, with quite a lot of stormsouls and windsouls also.
Duergar live beneath Serran and form important trading partners with the tieflings. Feral goblins, known as bakemono, have been enslaved and perform all menial chores for the tieflings. The ancient race of chorrim also dwell through these islands, but most settlements have become client states of the wicked tiefling rulers.


Most heroes are likely to be genasi and have left Serran. There is much to be done for a returning hero in removing the evil tiefling rulers.
Swordmages are a major part of society (common among both genasi and tieflings) and therefore many adventurers are trained in the swordmage arts.



The Anarchs of Serran

An ancient order that teaches how to defeat dragons and draconic creatures.
The order opposed all efforts of the dragonborn to take Serran, even before Io’s Fury. Schools can be located in lands other than Serran, but are illegal in Arkhosia and Maru-Qet. Members primarily mix magic with swordplay and are known as swordmages.
Class & Concept Options

  • Anarch of Serran - as Anarch of Shyr swordmage paragon path (4E D&D Forgotten Realms Players Guide p47).

Brotherhood of the Broken Chain

The brotherhood operates secretly in Serran. Most members are genasi, led by human interlopers. Even though the bakemono are technically the only slaves, the brotherhood opposes the highly stratified social order the tieflings have imposed.
(See the Other Groups & NPCs Page for full details).

The Sea Kings

These lords of the sea have recently come to Serran in greater numbers as trade flourishes here.
(See the Dragon Sea Region Page for full details).

Tiefling Noble Houses

Practically everyone from Serran has an affiliation to one of the noble houses.

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