Scorched Log

Group started in Tyr
Rolen and Darak were called into a meeting with Dalen Shom and asked to assist the merchant house with a task. After discussing situation we were informed that a group of raiders lead by Yarnath the skull who's base is a mobile fortress/crawler. this group is seeking the face of stone, they believe that house shom employees know the whereabouts and have been raiding caravans between Tyr and ….House Shom sent a caravan to try and find the face of stone but has not been heard from since. Dalen Shom believes the face of stone is 2-3 days travel north east of tyr near a Shom outpost called Fort Sunset. Darak and Rolen agreed to try and find the face in the stone, find the missing caravan and to try and stop Yarnath the skull from causing trouble to house Shom in exchange for a reward and greater standing in the organisation.
We left the meeting and went to find Harren, found it at a tavern and proceeded to the Artisans section of the city to have a meeting with Rolens contact who may have further information on the situation. Arrived and had a talk with 1/2 Giant seller of collectable called Karlin. Karlin was able to give some more details about situation and Rolen was able to trade for a bottle of healing. left the shop and decided to leave the city to head to Fort Sunset.

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