Scorched Log

Group started in Tyr
Rolen and Darak were called into a meeting with Dalen Shom and asked to assist the merchant house with a task. After discussing situation we were informed that a group of raiders lead by Yarnath the skull who's base is a mobile fortress/crawler. this group is seeking the face of stone, they believe that house shom employees know the whereabouts and have been raiding caravans between Tyr and ….House Shom sent a caravan to try and find the face of stone but has not been heard from since. Dalen Shom believes the face of stone is 2-3 days travel north east of tyr near a Shom outpost called Fort Sunset. Darak and Rolen agreed to try and find the face in the stone, find the missing caravan and to try and stop Yarnath the skull from causing trouble to house Shom in exchange for a reward and greater standing in the organisation.

We left the meeting and went to find Harren, found him at a tavern talking to people (never a great idea :)) and proceeded to the Artisans section of the city to have a meeting with Rolens contact who may have further information on the situation. Arrived and had a talk with 1/2 Giant seller of collectable called Karlin. Karlin was able to give some more details about situation and Rolen was able to trade for a bottle of healing. Left the shop and decided to leave the city to head to Fort Sunset.

As the group moved through the streets towards the exit a group of people yelled out stop. initially the group was a little confused as to who was being told to stop but soon after their intentions became clear as we were attacked. a couple of dwarves (3) in plate armour, about 5 elves on rooftops surrounding the street, two thri kreen and there leader. we were surrounded. fight ensued. Leader was saying something about Humun king, a lion king in neighbouring city state and how she wanted to recruit our group to his cause. killed all but one dwarf, leader and all the elves. during the fight Haren :recruited a ankliosaurus to charge and attack the leader and dwarf bodyguard, Feng was knocked out by several wounds but was later healed. after crowd and city guard congratulated us on good job for taking them out. Darak took a suit of plate off one of the dwarfs and we left town.

We traveled away from Tyr, Haren guiding us so that we could make better time, all went well but Darak suffered from the heat and ended the day exhausted. we camped overnight in the desert.

The following morning we rose and began to walk towards Fort Sunset, again another hot day and by early afternoon Darak had again suffered from the heat and was suffering. He stumbled and fell into a group of cactus, which proceeded to send tendrils out to suck his blood/moisture. At the same time two crystalline spiders were disturbed and attack the group. Fighting ensued and Darak shattered one of the spiders with his jade axe, Haren and Rolen using sword, acid arrow and bow and arrow dispatched the second spider. Victory. We explored their lair and found on some dedicated bodies a Bronze belt buckle and a magic pot of oil.

We continued to travel and at dusk we saw a Silk Worm in the sky, it spots us and attacks. We fight back, we do it some damage and it decides we are not an easy meal, it flies away. We sleep overnight.

The next day we rise and travel and a couple of hours later arrive at Fort Sunset. Boros who is the Dwarf in charge of the fort offers to send an Elvin scout (Esreck) with us to show us a strange occurrence nearby, he suspects an earth elemental. Traveled north for a couple of hours and come to the edge of a valley, looking into it we see a huge dust devil obscuring a rock face (we suspect there may be a face in the stone but cannot see it as it is obscured). We see the missing caravan, carts etc and people of the caravan tied up. Also see a group of raiders (12), they are taking the captives and throwing them into the dust tornado.
We attempt to sneak closer but unfortunately Haren slips and alerts the guards to us. A large fight ensues and soon people are dropping, Darak tries to heal people to get up and back into the fight but soon drop again, at one stage Rolen is the only one standing and runs from person to person pouring potions of healing into people's mouths. Eventually everyone is standing again and we managed to take out a couple of the leaders, the rest of the raiders flee.
We manage to rescue 9 house Shom employees and 1/2 the supplies they were carrying. We rest ……..

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