Scales Of War Log

Adventure Logs

So a page does not get too crowded, I am splitting the logs.

Adventure Log 1: Blood Valley, the Marth Forest & Broken Spire Keep

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Adventure Log 2: Back in Brindol

Adventure Log 3: In Search of Kwahu

Campaign Began: Cold Moon (Ulnovtana, 1st month of year, Mid-Winter), 729 N.F

  • PCs have been training with Rocc in a new guildhall for The Watchers in Brindol. Rocc wishes to establish an Adventurers Guild for those willing to train and band together to protect the Elsir Vale. The PCs are some of his first recruits.

Adventure Log 1


Thunderlizarday 19th Cold Moon
(Mild, windy, some rain).

A Wizard's Delivery

  • PCs were tasked by Rocc to undertake a simple delivery mission. The wizard Gordrenn wanted a chest to be delivered to another wizard, named Tauster, in Elsircross.
  • Rocc was not really interested in the actual delivery as the 'mission'. He wanted the party to appear easy targets and see if they are ambushed along the road, as there have been rumours of several abductions on the trails of late.
  • Made preparations for the trip, including spreading the word that they will be travelling to Elsircross with a wizard's chest (in the hope word would reach those that would seek to hinder the PCs).

Hawkday 20th Cold Moon
(Mild, calm to light winds, cloudy)

  • PCs set out along the Dawn Way with the wizard's chest in a push cart. All members decked out in traveller's clothes and cloaks.
  • Passed several travellers, merchants, and farmers on the main road. When the party turned off onto the trail to Elsircross they were approached by a group of farmers in a lightly wooded area.


  • Several characters were immediately suspicious of one of the 'farmers' and their hunch was right. This quickly turned into an ambush. The 'farmers' produced more weapons from inside a hay bale and two archers waiting in the bushes either side of the road also attacked. There was a drawn-out fight but it was clear these bandits were not really combat-trained, except for one of them. When the fight went against the bandits, one of the archers escaped into the trees. The bandit leader (Carlanis) was last standing and when he too went to run, Hetgrid threw her shield at him and caved in the back of his skull.
  • Camped the night nearby.

Serpentday, 21st Cold Moon
(Mild, calm to light winds, cloudy)

Arrival at Elsircross

  • PCs carried the dead farmers/bandits (mostly on the cart) into Elsircross mid morning. The town was a sleepy little village by the nearby river. It was walled with a wooden palisade and most buildings were also made from wood, except for an old stone tower. (See map, but, there are a lot more buildings outside the walls, especially along the river. Some buildings are also across the river.)
  • The group split up. Some went straight for the tower (as that is where they were told Tauster the wizard would be), others went to the large Hound & Tails tavern to seek a town leader, and others to the large store near the tower. After some raised voices at the tower (mostly Hetgrid) others came out onto the porch of the store to see what was going on over at the wizard's tower.
  • The chest was given to Tauster, but he also asked whether the PCs would check in on his apprentice that was due a week ago, on their way back to Brindol. PCs became suspicious, as they remembered during the fight yesterday, the bandits seemed keen on keeping any casters alive. He asked whether the PCs could return after he had written a letter.
  • Squire Marlen (the local leader it seemed) came out to speak to the PCs. One of the dead bandits was indeed a local and a trouble-maker. The few locals that saw the dead young man thought that this is how it would end for him. Marlen said that he would organise to have the bodies buried and two town guards (in the yellow and black of House Trask) carted them off.
  • Attracted by the noise, a well-dressed and groomed teenager accompanied by two more House Trask soldiers (see Parlfray Keep for information on House Trask) made his way towards the characters, now gathered outside. He introduced himself as Lyntern Trask (Baron Trask's only heir).
Tauster.jpg Squire%20Marlen.jpg Lyntern%20Trask.jpg House%20Trask%20Soldier.jpg
  • He tried to cosy up to the party, suggesting his father would likely want to reward heroes for ridding his realm of bandits. Squire Marlen suggested he has control of the situation by Lyntern dressed him down and mocked him for still being a 'squire'.
  • The characters seemed receptive to receiving a reward, but suggested going to the local tavern for some food and a drink first. Lyntern agreed, and after initially heading towards the run-down Hound & Tails, Danore suggested the newer tavern, The Stone Maiden, that they saw on the way into town. Lyntern looked almost disappointed at first, but then agreed. Lyntern sent his two soldiers to go to his father and prepare a feast for the heroes.
  • The Stone Maiden was run by an elf barmaid by the name of Kresimiri Goldenbow. She had several halflings in her employ.
  • After some time living it up booking us expenses to the Trask family, the characters got the idea Lyntern was a little scorned (mostly behind his back) here, but he remained cheerful and stated how the halflings here love him. Going by the reaction of Otto (a halfling barman Wolf and Celenorin were speaking to), this was also stretching the truth.
  • After Lyntern was sent to fetch some horses, the party were ready to make their way to Parlfray Keep (the seat of House Trask). (Lyntern had two horses of his own, commandeered two more from some local militia members, but failed to get the horses from the mill).

Parlfray Keep

  • Characters, with a rather drunk Lyntern, arrived at Parlfray Keep and were ushered into the main hall to see they were rather late for the feast. Old Baron Hargil Trask dressed down his son and the party, not only for being late, but he even suggested the bandits killed were his citizens and why should he reward someone for killing them.
  • Hargil left the party and Lyntern to their 'feast'. During this time the characters heard about one of House Trask's sworn knights, Lady Dogra. She was in the hall earlier and was apparently back to reclaim her family's keep. Lyntern suggested a series of nicknames NOT to use in her presence, and then sent a soldier to bring her to the hall.
  • Lady Dogra took well to the party and soon recruited them to helping her take back her family keep (recently lost by her uncle, a wizard, and currently occupied by a hobgoblin tribe).

Bisonday, 22nd Cold Moon
(Mild, light winds, cloudy)

  • Left Parlfray Keep with Lady Dogra and a contingent of 8 House Trask soldiers (leaving Lyntern asleep in his room).
  • Travelled north to the foothills of the Giantshield Mountains and camped on a small, fast-flowing river.

Stalking Catday, 22nd Cold Moon
(Cold, light winds, cloudy)

  • After being very mild for several days in mid-winter, the weather turned cold, especially as the group made their way up into the hills.

Storming Dogra Keep in Blood Valley

  • Dogra Keep was a squat block of stone in Blood Valley.
  • The party scouted and kept an eye on the keep, hidden on a nearby ridge for most of the day. The main threat seemed to be two guards on constant patrol atop the walls of the keep. Now and then a third would join them from the gatehouse. The drawbridge was down, but an iron portcullis barred the main entry.
  • Before dusk the party crept through the woods that made their way up to the southwest side of the keep.
  • Ran down into the dry moat and up to the bank on the far side and pressed themselves against the wall of the keep when the guards were on other walls. The group discovered the keep side of the moat was lined with invisible stakes and spears, but fortunately, no one was impaled upon them.
  • Lady Dogra used her magic and levitated Khasus up first, then herself. Khasus dropped a rope for the rest of the party.
  • As the party made their way over the walls of the keep, ranged combat started as the two hobgoblins on the walls started shooting arrows at the group. These hobgoblins had grey skin and very distinctive, pointed features. The two guards/archers were dealt with, as was a single hobgoblin sitting by the fire in the gate house. In that room was a pot of boiling oil and clear murder holes above the gate.
  • Most of the party made their way down into the courtyard of the keep, apart from Ervinia, who kept the high ground.
  • Lady Dogra raised the portcullis alone, whilst Hetgrid tried to bluff some hobgoblins she heard getting ready in the barracks. Khazus joined her and held the doors shut until the House Trask soldiers and the rest of the party were ready.
Lostafinger%20Hobgoblin%20Guard Lostafinger%20Boar%20Tamer Lostafinger%20Barracks%20Leader Last%20Lostafinger%20standing%20in%20courtyard
  • Whilst positioning themselves, Celorin fell through the thatched roof of the stables and was set upon by a giant boar and its hobgoblin beast tamer. The board then burst out of the stables and went at Wolf, but Lady Dogra and Vitkin both arced lightning at the beast and Ervinia sent some stones from the walkway into it. When the boar was hurt, its handler went to its aid and both were killed.
  • With the barracks surrounded the hobgoblins emerged for a pitched battle in the courtyard. The Trask soldiers did their bit and all hobgoblins were defeated without any losses on the party's side (though a couple of PCs did go down during the fight).
  • Just after the fight started another hobgoblin emerged from another small building. This building was the latrine and soldiers went in there and finished the hobgoblin off.
  • Two red-skinned, pointy-featured goblins emerged from the other small building against the front wall of the keep. They were carrying buckets of scraps to give to the giant boar, only to be confronted by a large group of invaders. They gave the party some information on who is below and then were sent packing out of the keep.
  • In this small structure was a well, stairs down and the bound and tied Cannel Whitebrand (another member of the Watchers who had come to see what was going on here with a small squad of the Lion Guard of Brindol. She said the guards were cut down during the fight in the nearby woods, but she was kept prisoner).
  • Just as the party was deciding who would go into the lower levels of the keep, Lyntern ran through the gates, puffing and panting, and swilling from a wineskin. In between breaths he stated that the group left him behind. He lied that he was out hunting early in the morning. Hetgrid called him on his lie; he did not seem too fussed and quickly joined the group inquiring about what he had missed.

Below Dogra Keep

  • Beneath the keep was a bunch of strange rooms and magical effects, as expected from a keep run by a wizard. Unfortunately, there was no sign of Lady Dogra's uncle. (Dead servants and soldiers had bee found earlier, dumped in the moat outside).
  • In the master bedroom, the chief of the hobgoblins sat enchanted with itself in front of a mirror. With no armor and being so distracted, Julla was easily defeated, but not before he caught the reflection of Cannel in the mirror and fell deeply in love with her on the spot. The magical mirror was smashed and the room searched. A map was found indicating a keep in the Marth Forest referred to as Broken Spire Keep. Lady Dogra and others versed in history felt that could be referring to the old Parlfray Keep that the noble family abandoned some 100 years ago.
  • With most of the group in the mess hall, two other hobgoblins could be heard looting and arguing.
  • To get to the hobgoblins the group had to cross a room with a pit. Boards were placed as paths over the pit and more boards were on the other side. It turned out the boards already down were missing their middle sections (hidden by an illusion). Khazus fell for this trap, but soon the group confronted two hobgoblins looting a luxurious living space. One seemed interested in a section of the wall.
  • A fight quickly started, but then one hobgoblin stabbed his fellow in the back then demanded a trial by combat versus one of the characters. The group agreed and the hobgoblin soundly beat Cannel to a pulp and Khazus, true to his word, escorted the hobgoblin from the keep.
  • A secret room with Lady Dogra's uncle's treasures was found. Lady Dogra ushered everyone from the room, stating all that helped return her keep would be rewarded.
  • After the keep was taken back, several servants and one guard made themselves known to the heroes. They had fled through a secret door in the lower chambers that led to a chamber beneath House Dogra's crypts on the hillside.

23rd - 30th Cold Moon (Ulnolvtana, mid-Winter)

  • Stayed in Dogra Keep and helped Lady Dogra and the surviving servants clean the place up.
  • Three of House Trask guards were sent back to report to Lord Trask.
  • The characters were rewarded for their help by Lady Dogra. The got some magic items (including Guantlets of Ogre Power and Elven Leather Armor of Tree-Striding).

Into the Marth Forest

Stalkingcatday, 31st Coldmoon

  • Set our from Dogra Keep with Lady Dogra to find her missing uncle and people.
  • Characters following a map found on the hobgoblins indicating a place called the Broken Spire Keep, deep in the Marth Forest on the other side of the Elsir River.
  • After following a trail left by the hobgoblins for a couple of hours into the forest, a huge boar with tentacles charged the group. Most of the party felt an unease about this warped swine; Vitkin in particular felt a deep primal hatred and at the same time fear not only of the beast, but of something bigger he could not explain.
  • Nearing the end of their march the party came across a small camp on the edge of the Elsir River. A mixed group of humans, hobgoblins, red-skinned goblins and a ratling sat around a camp fire. It appeared they were not aware of the party, but it was soon discovered this was a ruse as the campers were very ready for an attack and several other members attacked the heroes from the surrounding brush.
  • After a lasting battle, several of the enemies lay dead (2 goblins, 3 hobgoblins and 3 humans, including a very good fighter that wielded two swords with precision). Some goblins had fled early in the battle when a lightning bolt from Lady Dogra exploded their companions. The sole ratling also tried to flee but was captured. An elderly veteran (Boros) with an axe surrendered during the fight. After being questioned, Boros's memory seemed to be very clouded. (He also had a fishy smell and seemed to sweat profusely). Boros seemed to be very regretful for what he had done and could not understand why he had joined such a group of outlaws. Previously he had been a renowned caravan guard who had travelled as far east as the Gyrian City-States.
  • Stayed the night in the bandits' campsite and took advantage of the food and extra furs available.
Boros.jpg Koss.png Leader%20in%20Woods%20with%202%20Blades.jpg Goblin%20leader Lastafinger%20leader%20in%20woods

Ravenday, 32nd Coldmoon

From here we are relying on notes from Vitkin's journal

  • Set out across river, into deeper part of Marth Forest with Boros in the lead.
  • The forest played tricks with all our minds, hard to keep track of time.
  • Boros and Koss, despite having followed this path before, had trouble following it back to Broken Spire Keep.
  • Ervinia saw an eye in a tree. Koss was adamant we leave it alone. Khazus and Hetgrid disagreed. It is very hard to argue with a Minotaur and a dwarf.
  • 'Tree' was actually another aberration, laid Khazus out flat, again.
  • I finished it off. This forest disturbs me greatly. What is going on here?
  • Khazus and Hetgrid now very suspicious of trees. Hetgrid is, however, very good at shooting them with her crossbow.
  • A hobgoblin hunting party stumbled across us. Lady Dogra vaporised one of them with a lighting bolt and the other two fled, we pursued.
  • We hunted them down and dealt with them, but found ourselves lot in the forest. Eventually found out way back to the correct path and continued.

Broken Spire Keep - Entry through the Tower

  • Arrived at Broken Spire Keep, a large, imposing structure in a 100ft radius of cleared, broken forest.
  • Sent Skirin to scout, quickly found out that someone was watching the skies, armed with ranged weapons, and trigger happy. Pulled Skirin back into his pocket dimension, preventing further attacks, not revealing our location, and hopefully causing the attacker to question their sight.
  • Despite this evidence that there was obviously a lookout, the party was eager to push forward and assault the keep like we had at Dogra Keep… Forgetting what had happened when we rushed a that keep.
  • Koss, who had been very reluctant to head back here, and only did so out of fear of being left alone in the forest, had apparently had enough and started moving out into the open, towards the keep. Everyone followed.
  • Despite a few close calls, we made it to the wall. While Lady Dogra and the others worked out on a plan to get over the wall, Ervinia and Koss roped me into sneaking into the tower through the arrow slits.
  • After we entered the tower, we soon came across two of the inhabitants, a female and male (who looked very ill…?. (from what I overheard, Skirin's disappearance had apparently spooked the lookout, causing them to leave their post, which was what allowed us to sneak up. This Party has the most unbelievable luck.
  • Koss managed to bluff the two locals into not shooting us outright, but who knows what would have happened if they had not seen a dwarf slowing rising past the window…
  • Things happened very quickly from that point. Hetgrid shot and missed, Khazus crashed through the floor from above, scaring the two and causing the male to jump prone onto the floor.
  • Lady Dogra jumped through the crack in the wall, scaring the female, but seemed to break her leg.
  • The male on the floor, got up, I felt an intense sense of unease, and attacked Khazus. Khazus went down… again.
  • The others came down the stairwell and joined the fight.
  • Everything we shot at the man seemed to have no effect, even losing an arm, it was more than possession, it was like fighting a corpse.
  • Hetgrid remained at the window, firing bolts, and managed to give a rousing speech, which would have been more convincing someone from someone actually IN the battle.
  • Still, we rallied, and took out the man.
  • Ervinia healed Lady Dogra, and Dogra (still limping), convinced the woman to surrender.
  • At this point the man's head exploded, revealing a terrifying sight. What appeared to be a brain on legs emerged from where his cranium was.
  • I vaguely recalled reading about such a creature in a book, I think it was called an… Intellect Devourer? An aberration, it filled me with a sense of dread, and even worse, while I could not fully remember everything I had read… Something about it's appearance… this forest… the implications… It hinted at something much worse.
  • The creature attacked the prone Khazus, I summoned all I could, and hit it with Frostbite, I dared not try anything else for fear of hitting Khazus.
  • Lucky, my allies were able to finish off the aberration.
  • It was at this point that we heard a voice coming from below…
Bandit%20lookout%20-%20Premilor.jpg Balrat.jpg Intellect%20Devourer

And a few additions by Koss…
Koss's Highlights and Impressions of the Group

  • Silently grateful for the timely rescue of him thanks to the group effortlessly sweeping the enemy group up.
  • Glad to have another Ratling to converse and talk to, much to the displeasure of the other characters
  • Despite yelling and screaming not too, the group continued to harass a said Tree, which ended it handing Khazus his own arse
  • Disappointed that the group were persistent in going to Broken Spire Keep, but prefers to go with them then to try at it alone (this forest is pretty weird).
  • Ignoring what happened last time, the group continued to try and pestering another "Tree", finally after constant squeaking they finally leave it alone.
  • Their blood lust led them down the wrong path, which they continued to pin the blame on him, after some convincing (and some good rolls) found the actual path to the Keep.
  • Koss silently applauded Vitkin's use of his bat to confuse the lookout in the tower.
  • Sick of the group bickering of what to do, and wanted to take action, Koss skittered across the small field to the corner tower, almost being taken out along the way by a trap, (it was just a flesh wound)
  • After a brief ruse with some old "friends", a fight broke out, which Koss took the opportunity for some revenge, landing a bolt right through the gut of his tormentor, a brutal man called Balrat.
  • So, the session ended with a haunting whisper echoing up the stairwell.

And Khazus' diary!

  • Thrice-cursed bloody wilds. What I wouldn't do to carve down this forest of nightmares and use the material to build a decent logging town. Every tree is hiding a ball of tentacles and teeth, every monster of the woods contains some extra limbs inside, every man and woman seems to house a secretive attack-brain, and even time itself warps and shifts.
  • Neither Erathis nor Pelor shine on this area, but that's why I'm here. Spreading the good lights of my gods amidst this dark and dreary land.
  • At least Cannel is here. It's good to have another one of the Faith, and she's quite zealous in her duties. Very aggressive. Very useful in a fight.
  • My back aches. But by the gods was plummeting two stories through old, rotting wood worth it. The look on their faces! Ahh, it's good to know I can still drive the fear of a minotaur into the hearts of the smaller races. Our place is to serve, of course, but enlightening the newer folk on how impressive that deed was, well, that's just good advertisement.
  • Note to self: When fighting purpled men, aim for the head.
  • Hm. Celorin's looking a little purple.

Vitkin's journal

Vitkin's Nicknames
Celorin - Rin
Hetgrid - Heti
Ervinia - Vini
Khazus - Kaz
Danore - Nori
Wolf - Wolf
Cannel - Nel
Koss - Koss

Broken Spire Keep - The voice from below

  • The voice from below asked what was happening on the ground floor.
  • Koss attempted to bluff, by saying that the roof had fallen in, but the next moment, a tentacle came up the stairwell and pulled him in, gone in a second.
  • I was momentarily shocked, Nel, Vini, Rin and Kaz rushed down after Koss.
  • I collected myself, and, deciding we needed the ‘oh so inspirational’ Heti in the tower, cast spider climb on her through Skirin, so she could quickly get inside, then I followed the others down the stairwell.
  • That was a mistake, they were bottled up a short way down, after Kaz had fell. Kaz pushed past me, moving up again, his horns scraping the ceiling.
  • Then there was a loud rushing noise. As an apprentice wizard, I had heard many horror stories about the dangers of fireballs in small spaces, but to see it in person…
  • The brunt of the explosion, in such a small space, was taken up by Vini and Nel, at this point in time I had no idea what had happened to Rin, and him being in front, assumed a similar fate.
  • Around this point, I was surprised to see Koss come running up the stairs, looking terrified, I don’t know how he escaped, but he had brought trouble with him.
  • Koss helped bring Vini up to ground floor, but I could not move the just alive Nel.
  • Wolf came down to help pull her out, but a tentacle grabbed Nel.
  • Wolf was able to break its grip and pull her up, but the tentacle then grabbed onto Wolf.
  • Heti, now in the tower, rushed in and cleaved the tentacle in one blow with her axe.
  • A second tentacle grabbed wolf again, but Heti once again chopped it off.
  • Not satisfied with this display of heroics, Heti braved the stairwell herself, and after a brief battle, returned carrying Rin. Now that truly is inspirational!
  • Rin was in a bad way, I was sure he was dead, but somehow, between Kaz and Vini, they were able to heal him, though he looked very pale, and there was something about his eyes…
  • Lady Dogra was fighting against several attackers that had come from the main door.
Hobgoblin%20Captain%20Below%20Keep.jpg Ekatarina%20-%20Archer%2C%20Escaped.jpg Kevric%20-%20Dead.jpg
  • Kaz called for retreat, back the way we had come (or at least that of the main party).
  • After the stairwell, I agreed, I did not wish to have any of my party die, and retreat seemed like the best option.
  • Boros and I took the prisoner, the archer woman in a cloak, up the stairs, she was reluctant, but it’s amazing at how convincing a 7 foot bull man can be.
  • After about a minute with no one following, we went back down.
  • The party managed to kill the rest of the attackers from the main door. Nothing else had come up from the stairwell, despite both Heti and Koss saying there were more people down there.
  • I was and am ashamed that I had left my allies, (even briefly, and though I thought I was following the plan at the time). THIS IS NOT WHO I AM. I do not fear what we face, I will not leave my allies to die, but I will not run blindly towards it either, nor will I fight a losing battle. This means that I must fight every battle to WIN!

Broken Spire Keep - The Mess Hall

  • Koss, Boros and the prisoner were reasonably certain there were only a half dozen left above, while there was an uncertain multitude below were reasonable. We moved into the Mess Hall.
  • Koss headed towards the dorms, and found his friend Heydrus, a young boy.
  • Koss and Dris went into the dorms to kill a man named Willmore
  • I was about to follow when about half a dozen rogues burst through courtyard door.
Wilmors%20-%20Dead.jpg Markov%20-%20Dead.jpg Yaromir%20-%20dead.jpg
  • The rest of the party engaged them, though I followed Koss and Dris into the Dorms.
  • Koss was in the hallway speaking to a man in a room, he gestured that he was fine, and that I should go back to the main hall, I trusted him and turned back.
  • As I came back into the hall, I saw, standing in the middle of the table, daring anyone to attack her, a face I remembered all too well…
  • Iskra, a cobbler from Brindol who I had locked up 2 years ago in Brindol, after she stabbed a barmaid and showed no remorse. She had been freed soon after by, it was suspected, the local thieves guild, the ‘Black Knives’.
  • I was damned if I let her escape justice again! I challenged her and unleashed all my power!
  • Iskra seemed to recognise me and rushed at me, Nori attacked her from behind, but Vini landed the killing blow. Good riddance!
  • Vini seemed to recognise Iskra, what was her connection?
  • Dogra, Boros & Heti were fighting two enemies. The female managed to down Dogra! I guess she had taken more damage than we had thought…
  • For some reason, Kaz took the time to treat the dog of one of the attackers…
  • Koss cried a warning, he failed to kill Willmore, and was now cornered by him.
  • Nel went to help, but was now on the floor with her sword stuck in the doorframe?
  • Koss rushed out into the hall, Willmore following him.
  • Willmore was taking damage from numerous sources, but still didn’t go down! He had a weird smell of fish on him…
  • With twin blades, he struck me once, and almost finished me, if not for my shield spell!
  • Wolf was then able to go in for the final blow, the attacker crumpled to the ground.
  • The battle ended, the remaining combatants surrendered. While battered, we were all still alive.
Heydrus%20-%20Saved.jpg Kresmira%20-%20badly%20wounded%20surrendered.jpg Vladorath%20-%20Surrendered.jpg Killer%20the%20mastiff.jpg
  • After the battle, I confronted Vini about a connection with Iskra, she revealed that she was once a part of the black knives, and that they had freed Iskra from the prison.
  • Vini insisted that she had left that life behind and had no further contact with that group. I had seen no evidence to the contrary, she helped defeat Iskra, and without her, Rin would be dead. Rocc had recruited her, and I trust Rocc, so I trust Ervinia.
  • So there we were, all tired, injured, and low on magic; with three prisoners, a dog, and Koss’s young friend; in a mess hall, in a keep, in the middle of a clearing, in the middle of the Marth Forest, with who knows what terrors lurking below.

Vitkin's journal

  • We attempted to secure the mess hall, Vini, Heydrus and Koss searched the bedrooms, they did not appear to fiund anything of value… that they would admit.
  • Kaz, Wolf & Boros used the table to block off the passage to the tower.
  • Heti, & Dani kept general watch, while Lady Dogra interrogated the three prisoners.
  • Heavily wounded, Rin & Nel rested. Rin looked very pale, almost purple.
  • Vini and Koss wandered outside to inspect the courtyard. I followed.
  • All I could tell was that the former occupants were not too keen on basic housekeeping. Dogs are disgusting, filthy creatures.
  • I miss working with the Guard, we has specific procedures when searching an area, perhaps that’s something I could teach the rest?
  • Having found nothing, we returned to the Hall, Koss and Vini seemed very interested in a pair of boots from one of the dead.
  • Dogra had gotten nothing useful from the prisoners. Low ranking lackeys, all they could give was that the prisoners had been taken ‘below’.
  • We attempted to rest, but were disturbed by barking from the blocked entrance to the tower.
  • Koss was able to bluff the attacker into lowering his guard, so we let him in.
  • A human named Marley, with three vicious attack dogs, surrendered as soon as we let him in. He seemed extremely scared of his master, a warlock named Ranchefus, finding out that he was captured.
  • After a brief chat, which confirmed that the prisoners were taken deep below into a labyrinth of caverns, and that Ranchefus was gathering a force of hobgoblins to reclaim the keep, we decided the best course was to leave and report to Rocc.
  • Marley led us out of the Marth forest in exchange for letting him go.
  • It took us only two hours to reach the river camp, where we camped for the night.

Return to Brindol

Bearday, 1st BonyMoon

  • Marley and his dogs left us at the edge of the forest. I hope that this will grant him a chance to make something of his life.
  • Lady Dogra left as well, returning to her keep. Boros and Heydrus went with her, as well as the three prisoners.
  • Lady Dogra still hoped they could give some information about her uncle. I let her know that The Watchers would continue to investigate, and that she could send word if she needed us.
  • We came to the river crossing and by an old, high, stone bridge we met the merchant Yarothe and her companions, who had been trading at Red Rock.
  • We convinced her that she should also head further north east to Dogra Keep, as they would welcome the supplies.
  • Caught up with news and rumours, talks of tribes reforming, a halfling found dead on the docks in Brindol. Perhaps I should follow up with the Lion Guard when I get back.
  • We camped with the merchants at the river overnight.

Drakeday, 2nd BonyMoon

  • Travel was uneventful.
  • Stopped to rest at the Crossroads Tavern, where we found Lyntern, who had evidently tired of guarding Dogra Keep. At least Lady Dogra will be glad to find him gone.
  • Drank and feasted into the night.

Thunder Lizardday, 3rd BonyMoon

  • Lyntern had skipped out and left us with the bill! I was more surprised he was capable of waking so early.
  • Travel was again, uneventful.
  • Stayed at inn in the small hamlet of Hackles Hollow.

Hawkday, 4th BonyMoon

  • We returned to Brindol late in the afternoon, and spent the evening giving our report to Rocc.
  • We suggested that Rocc use our intel to send a more suitable and prepared force to Broken Spire Keep.

The heroes' adventures continue in Adventure Log 2: Back in Brindol.

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