Scales Of War Log

Campaign Begins: Cold Moon (Ulnovtana, 1st month of year, Mid-Winter), 729 N.F

  • PCs have been training with Rocc in a new guildhall for The Watchers in Brindol. Rocc wishes to establish an Adventurers Guild for those willing to train and band together to protect the Elsir Vale. The PCs are some of his first recruits.

Adventure Log


Thunderlizarday 19th Cold Moon
(Mild, windy, some rain).

A Wizard's Delivery

  • PCs were tasked by Rocc to undertake a simple delivery mission. The wizard Gordrenn wanted a chest to be delivered to another wizard, named Tauster, in Elsircross.
  • Rocc was not really interested in the actual delivery as the 'mission'. He wanted the party to appear easy targets and see if they are ambushed along the road, as there have been rumours of several abductions on the trails of late.
  • Made preparations for the trip, including spreading the word that they will be travelling to Elsircross with a wizard's chest (in the hope word would reach those that would seek to hinder the PCs).

Hawkday 20th Cold Moon
(Mild, calm to light winds, cloudy)

  • PCs set out along the Dawn Way with the wizard's chest in a push cart. All members decked out in traveller's clothes and cloaks.
  • Passed several travellers, merchants, and farmers on the main road. When the party turned off onto the trail to Elsircross they were approached by a group of farmers in a lightly wooded area.


  • Several characters were immediately suspicious of one of the 'farmers' and their hunch was right. This quickly turned into an ambush. The 'farmers' produced more weapons from inside a hay bale and two archers waiting in the bushes either side of the road also attacked. There was a drawn-out fight but it was clear these bandits were not really combat-trained, except for one of them. When the fight went against the bandits, one of the archers escaped into the trees. The bandit leader (Carlanis) was last standing and when he too went to run, Hetgrid threw her shield at him and caved in the back of his skull.
  • Camped the night nearby.

Serpentday, 21st Cold Moon
(Mild, calm to light winds, cloudy)

Arrival at Elsircross

  • PCs carried the dead farmers/bandits (mostly on the cart) into Elsircross mid morning. The town was a sleepy little village by the nearby river. It was walled with a wooden palisade and most buildings were also made from wood, except for an old stone tower. (See map, but, there are a lot more buildings outside the walls, especially along the river. Some buildings are also across the river.)
  • The group split up. Some went straight for the tower (as that is where they were told Tauster the wizard would be), others went to the large Hound & Tails tavern to seek a town leader, and others to the large store near the tower. After some raised voices at the tower (mostly Hetgrid) others came out onto the porch of the store to see what was going on over at the wizard's tower.
  • The chest was given to Tauster, but he also asked whether the PCs would check in on his apprentice that was due a week ago, on their way back to Brindol. PCs became suspicious, as they remembered during the fight yesterday, the bandits seemed keen on keeping any casters alive. He asked whether the PCs could return after he had written a letter.
  • Squire Marlen (the local leader it seemed) came out to speak to the PCs. One of the dead bandits was indeed a local and a trouble-maker. The few locals that saw the dead young man thought that this is how it would end for him. Marlen said that he would organise to have the bodies buried and two town guards (in the yellow and black of House Trask) carted them off.
  • Attracted by the noise, a well-dressed and groomed teenager accompanied by two more House Trask soldiers made his way towards the characters, now gathered outside. He introduced himself as Lyntern Trask (Baron Trask's only heir).
Tauster.jpg Squire%20Marlen.jpg Lyntern%20Trask.jpg House%20Trask%20Soldier.jpg
  • He tried to cosy up to the party, suggesting his father would likely want to reward heroes for ridding his realm of bandits. Squire Marlen suggested he has control of the situation by Lyntern dressed him down and mocked him for still being a 'squire'.
  • The characters seemed receptive to receiving a reward, but suggested going to the local tavern for some food and a drink first. Lyntern agreed, and after initially heading towards the run-down Hound & Tails, Danore suggested the newer tavern, The Stone Maiden, that they saw on the way into town. Lyntern looked almost disappointed at first, but then agreed. Lyntern sent his two soldiers to go to his father and prepare a feast for the heroes.
  • The Stone Maiden was run by an elf barmaid by the name of Kresimiri Goldenbow. She had several halflings in her employ.
  • After some time living it up booking us expenses to the Trask family, the characters got the idea Lyntern was a little scorned (mostly behind his back) here, but he remained cheerful and stated how the halflings here love him. Going by the reaction of Otto (a halfling barman Wolf and Celenorin were speaking to), this was also stretching the truth.
  • After Lyntern was sent to fetch some horses, the party were ready to make their way to Parlfray Keep (the seat of House Trask). (Lyntern had two horses of his own, commandeered two more from some local militia members, but failed to get the horses from the mill).

Parlfray Keep

  • Characters, with a rather drunk Lyntern, arrived at Parlfray Keep and were ushered into the main hall to see they were rather late for the feast. Old Baron Hargil Trask dressed down his son and the party, not only for being late, but he even suggested the bandits killed were his citizens and why should he reward someone for killing them.
  • Hargil left the party and Lyntern to their 'feast'. During this time the characters heard about one of Trask's sworn knights, Lady Dogra. She was in the hall earlier and was apparently back to reclaim her family's keep. Lyntern suggested a series of nicknames NOT to use in her presence, and then sent a soldier to bring her to the hall.
  • Lady Dogra took well to the party and soon recruited them to helping her take back her family keep (recently lost by her uncle, a wizard, and currently occupied by a hobgoblin tribe).
Baron%20Hargil%20Trask.jpg Lady%20Dogra%20The%20Reckoner.jpg
Bisonday, 22nd Cold Moon
(Mild, light winds, cloudy)
  • Left Parlfray Keep with Lady Dogra and a contingent of 8 House Trask soldiers (leaving Lyntern asleep in his room).
  • Travelled north to the foothills of the Giantshield Mountains and camped on a small, fast-flowing river.

Stalking Catday, 22nd Cold Moon
(Cold, light winds, cloudy)

  • After being very mild for several days in mid-winter, the weather turned cold, especially as the group made their way up into the hills.

Dogra Keep in Blood Valley

  • Dogra Keep was a squat block of stone in Blood Valley.
  • The party scouted and kept an eye on the keep, hidden on a nearby ridge for most of the day. The main threat seemed to be two guards on constant patrol atop the walls of the keep. Now and then a third would join them from the gatehouse. The drawbridge was down, but an iron portcullis barred the main entry.
  • Before dusk the party crept through the woods that made their way up to the southwest side of the keep.
  • Ran down into the dry moat and up to the bank on the far side and pressed themselves against the wall of the keep when the guards were on other walls. The group discovered the keep side of the moat was lined with invisible stakes and spears, but fortunately, no one was impaled upon them.
  • Lady Dogra used her magic and levitated Khasus up first, then herself. Khasus dropped a rope for the rest of the party.
  • As the party made their way over the walls of the keep, ranged combat started as the two hobgoblins on the walls started shooting arrows at the group. These hobgoblins had grey skin and very distinctive, pointed features. The two guards/archers were dealt with, as was a single hobgoblin sitting by the fire in the gate house. In that room was a pot of boiling oil and clear murder holes above the gate.
Finished with most PCs on the walls. Lady Dogra is opening the portcullis; 1/4 of way there; soldiers are outside 4 rounds of running away from the gate.
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