PLEASE NOTE: All text in white boxes is from Christopher Perkins' blog posts on the Wizards of the Coast website. Archive link. However, I have changed some of the races native to this region and removed reference to gobliniods - as they are absent from this Iomandra.


Known as the Kingdom of Blood, the orc nation of Sanghor has been destroyed and reborn countless times. Today Sanghor is little more than a scattering of rocky islands hewn into hideous fortresses. The orcs and dragonspawn that infest these evil bastions worship Tiamat, and each tribe is ruled by a wyrmlord. From time to time, a particularly powerful wyrmlord rises to unite the tribes under a single banner with one purpose in mind: to slay the Dark Queen’s enemies and harvest their blood.

The orcs and dragonspawn of Sanghor frequently ride drakes, dragonspawn beasts, and rarely, actual dragons into battle. Like orcs across Iomandra, many tribes are ocean-faring raiders and explorers, but many other tribes have taken to the ancient ruins and have built their own fortresses modelling these.

Tribal warpriests tend to the dragon hatcheries and raise the newly hatched wyrmlings and spawn so that they’re willing and eager to serve as mounts. These orc warpriests feed the dragons a steady diet of meat and blood so that they remain devoted to the tribe and their Dark Queen.

Warriors of Sanghor are renowned for their two-weapon fighting styles.

Sanghor is also home to evil dragonborn who follow the teachings of Tiamat. Most of these dragonborn are Dragovar agents who seek to rekindle the glory of the ancient dynasties by enslaving all non-dragonborn races and seizing their lands.

Intelligent wolves called worgs are allies of the orcs. An ancient race referred to as bladelings is revered by some of the orc tribes. These beings are said to be the blessed warriors from the days of old when they worshiped the 'old gods'. (Of course there are many inhabitants that wish to return to those days - internal, tribal warfare is common). The only universal enemies of the orcs are the surviving pockets of wild elves and the mon calamari of the seas that provide the elves with treasures from the deep and hamper the orcs' sea journeys.

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