Red Rock

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Red Rock Town Council

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Bonwit Nelson - Half-elf Mayor of Red Rock; Local Head of Pendel & Sons Merchant House.
Young mayor who obviously despises his post in this backwater mining town. Broke down and said so to the PCs following a Town Council meeting.

Reginald Merton - Sherrif & Guard Captain
Employed the PCs to go in search of the goblin camp. Appears to be a supporter.

Goran Ving - Red Rock Mining Guild Boss (Deceased)
An unpleasant type. He and some mining cronies abused the PCs on their way to the goblin camp. At the town council meeting Goran was very eager for the PCs to investigate the whereabouts of the 'Spirit Stone'. PC's clearly suspect him being behind their attempted assassination at the hands of bandit miners on the return from the goblin tribe. They have had a threatening confrontation with him in the streets too. Found him at the Bloody Sun goblin camp trying to incite them to attack Red Rock. PCs defeated him in a massive fight in the middle of the camp with goblins fighting on both sides. Vings 'unamed' bodyguard and Ralak the blue-tinged goblin also died in this battle.
Kira - Merchant
Kira was one of the first to meet the PCs and put them up in one of her company's warehouses (for a price of course). She appears to have Shentulka features - being tall with dark hair and eyes (which she rolls a lot).
Kulkin Stonedelve - Dwarf, Smithy
Several dwarves and some humans seem to be in the employ of Kulkin. He runs a large smithy on the edge of the town square. Made fast friends with Rocc, who Kulkin invited back for a drink (and to meet his uncle's adventuring buddies' strange son…or something like that). He had hide armor made for Rocc.
Bordin Boulderbeard - Dwarf, Boss of the Black Lantern Mining Company
Stuck with Kulkin's views at the meeting and offered to help the PCs. He clearly did not trust Ving.

Locations & Groups

Black Lantern Mining Company - Bordin Boulderbeard (See Town Council above)
Located at the foot of the cliff, behind the Temple of Moradin. The building is a small, squat stone structure with its namesake hanging by the front door. When the PCs went there they spoke to and left on good terms with Glanbir (young , fat dwarf with dark rings under his eyes) and Nikth Ingrat (young female nezumi with grey fur).
Copper Dragons - Town Guard
PCs befriended one of the dwarven artificer's of the Copper Dragons after a tip from the people at the Black Lantern MC when seeking the whereabouts of the Spirit Stone. Barival (dark clothing, lots of vials, middle-aged)told the PCs to seek out Ararim, for she had heard something regarding a 'great treasure'.
General Store - Jenelle
The general store has a prominent front facing the town square. It seems well supplied - especially for mining and prospecting equipment. Jenelle is short, middle-aged with dark hair and puffy cheeks. PCs have been to her store for supplies and Jenelle did not seem overly friendly.

Other Red Rock NPCs

Ararim - Dwarf miner
Ararim is an non-guild-affiliated prospector. She passed on info to the PCs. She had overheard Barim speak of a 'great treasure' in the coffers of the Red Rock MC.
Azgali - Dwarf
A young female whom Elyas found unconscious in the narrow alley beside the warehouse. He took her to the Temple of Moradin, where they knew Azgali (stating she had been seeing a new man called Balir, and her ex was the jealous Yurur - who had most likely beaten her).
Ballizari - Spellbinder & Artificer, Guard leader for Ving (Deceased)
He led the guards that were in the mine. PCs defeated him and other guards. PCs took his plans and rituals to create homunculi.
Barim - Messenger boy for Goran Ving
Barim is a young, tall and skinny thug with a red dragon tattooed on his neck. PCs found him causing trouble in the town square and later cornered him and his friends at the ruined warehouse near the bridge. After some intimidation he pointed the PCs to a hut through the town woods where out-of-towners working for Ving were staying.


Kuatan - Shentulka Guard for Ving
Also in the mine, but he was spared and joined the PCs, showing them where the control panel was for the 'Passage of Death'. He was working for Ving in exchange for Ving releasing his sister. Accompanied the PCs back to the Bloody Sun goblin tribe and helped the PCs defeat Ving, but downing Ving's bodyguard. He left from the goblin camp to rejoin his people northwest of Red Rock.
Zogar (Deceased)
Leader of the guards working for Ving in the hut through the woods. Burnt to death and Kwahu has his lightning spear.

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