Red Hand Part 4

Hawk Day, the 20th of Kuyegwona (Ripe Corn Moon, Summer 2), 718 N.F.
In the morning they were greeted by a horrid sand creature that was undead and defeated it, Wracklegnaw departed and headed back north, the party continued on down towards the Ghostlord's lair, which according to their map was not far away, but with the badlands flanking the road they travelled. Near nightfall they came upon a statue of a massive lion which had ghost lions flying in and out of it. The Watchers camped a little further back from the lion.


Serpent Day, the 21st of Kuyegwona (Ripe Corn Moon, Summer 2), 718 N.F.


The trio decided they would seek entrance to the lion, as they made their way down into the valley a terrifying wyrm came upon them, crackling energy and looking hungry, she called herself Varanthian, a daughter of Tiamat herself. She was Ulwai's pet. (CNote: Varanthian may dispute being a hobgoblin's pet ;)).

The trio gritted their teeth and did what they did best - attacked the beast. The odds were against them but they fought valiantly. Soon Ulwai and her henchmen appeared in the mouth of the Lion statue, all looked lost, until the beast sustained some major wounds and in terror of its life fled, leaving the three Watchers standing in awe of what they had just achieved.

Kwahu sent a rat into the Lair of the Ghostlord with a message for him telling them they had his phylactery, he returned a message many hours later telling them to return it to him, they made camp.

Bison Day, the 22nd of Kuyegwona (Ripe Corn Moon, Summer 2), 718 N.F.


Early in the morning the Watchers entered the lair through a cave in the lion monument's chest. In a secret tunnel they were assailed by ghost lions which retreated from them when Kwahu put the Ghostlord's phylactery around his neck. After following many corridors and climbing stairs they came to the balcony (in the lion's mouth) where yesterday they had seen Ulwai and her men. Here they were confronted by Hobgoblin monks called Doomfists, whom they engaged and soon others came up the stairs behind them led by Ulwai and a priest of Tiamat.

The battle was very fierce and just as Rocc was surrounded and looked to be in real trouble Kwahu raced down the stairs with the phylactery whilst Brahmas aided the little gnome. Ulwai and one of her men chased Kwahu down the stairs, hot on his trail the Wyrmlord and her soldier almost had the old Shentulkan until he entered a long corridor and after throwing his everburning torch into a hallway, he retreated back down a dark corridor that ended in a musty room. The hobgoblins did not follow him in and it was apparent from their conversations that Kwahu had found the dwelling place of the Ghost Lord.

Meanwhile on the balcony Brahmas and Rocc drove the remaining Doomfists away (they climbed out of the lion's mouth and down its mane) and set off to find Kwahu.

Kwahu met up with Brahmas and Rocc and the trio went in search of Ulwai and found her and her guard not long after, they killed the guard and pursued Ulwai up to the balcony, Kwahu had heard her say in goblin that she was going to use the scrolls to get to the cave. Ulwai used her whip to swing off the lions teeth and make her way down to the sand, but Kwahu had other plans and leapt on to the whip sliding down onto her, they were both knocked off and fell tumbling to the sand below. Ulwai's staff had landed near the Watcher, so he picked it up and snapped it over his knee, it exploded in a burst of thunder and knocked both of them backwards.

Ulwai tried to flee but as she ran she fell in the sand and Kwahu snatched the scrolls off her, causing her to panic, he threatened to tear her scrolls in half and she surrendered. They tied her up. Kwahu then informed her that she was to be delivered to the Ghost Lord at which she became terrified.

They went back into the lair and encountered the ghost lords pets, Kwahu kept skirmishing them until finally when he was there with Rocc he met the ghost lord, a truly terrifying sight, Rocc fled back to Brahmas and told him that Kwahu had said to wait for him outside.

Meanwhile in the lair Kwahu negotiated with the Ghost Lord, he was well aware that failures in the negotiations would most likely end in his death but he did have one ace up his sleeve, he had the Ghost Lord's phylactery.

The deal he struck with the Ghost Lord was that he would hand over the phylactery and Ulwai; in return he would be given secrets from the Ghost Lord on how to control and manipulate the spirit world and he would also receive a ghost lion to travel with him. Kwahu went and took Ulwai to the lord, she was screaming in terror, the Ghost Lord threw her into his pit of goo/spirit prison where Ulwai's spirit would be ripped from her body and forced to serve The Ghost Lord for eternity. Kwahu spent all day with the lord whilst the others waited outside.

Stalking Cat Day, the 23rd of Kuyegwona (Ripe Corn Moon, Summer 2), 718 N.F.


Rocc and Brahmas awoke to a scorching day and waited for Kwahu. Later in the afternoon a very weary Kwahu emerged out of the lair followed on Stalking Cat day by a large ghost lion (he named Leonidas). They spent the night near the lair.

Raven Day, the 24th of Kuyegwona (Ripe Corn Moon, Summer 2), 718 N.F.
In the morning the group used Ulwai's scrolls to teleport and ended up in a cave which was furnished much like her room in the Ghost Lord's lair. They came out of the cave and saw a valley below them full of bodies - many goblin tribes with their banners and other races amongst them. They made their way down towards the valley and as they approached a bridge a number of goblinoid ghosts came out and confronted them asking them what they were doing. They told the ghosts what they had been up to and discovered that the Red Hand was responsible for slaying them all in the valley and the ghosts were the chieftains of the dead tribes. Kwahu discovered that the remnants of his own tribe, the Wakitans, were amongst the dead. The goblinoid ghosts took the PCs to meet the great Wakitan Chief Tahatan!

Kwahu met with Tahatan the chief of the Western Wakitans and received the headpiece of the tribe, Ashabi. He also learned that there was a chance more of the tribe had survived in the mountains - this was good news.

The goblin spirits presented the group with the Standard Of Eternal Battle, an artifact of great power which they took with them to aid them in their battle against Azarr Kul.


They were then taken to a hobgoblin named Grimlak One Tooth who lived in the valley. He was an enemy of the Red Hand and joined the group in their quest. The spirits told the Watchers that the black dragon Regiarix and his rider, the Wyrmlord Saarvith were in the area. This was good news to the group as they were eager to settle the score with him. Also Azarr Kul had a blue dragon named Taragun who terrorised the mountains.


They set off following the path that first wound around a small peak and a few hours up the track encountered a group of hobgoblins carrying rocks and building a defense. The Watchers made light work of them. Not long after this as they were resting they were surprised as a large, blue dragon flew and landed on a rock precipice on the other side of the gorge from them. It was Taragun. The dragon proved to be more than a match for the Watchers who did everything they could to stop it. Kwahu's pet ghost lion, Leonidas, proved to be very useful in the battle, after many wounds were given and received Kwahu assumed the form of the Ghostlord (in his mask) and sent the dragon back to its master licking its wounds.

They continued on their way and came around a corner and caught their first glimpse of the Fane of Tiamat - a massive stone structure built into the side of the mountain with the five-headed statue of Tiamat protruding out of the side of the wall A smaller, similar structure extended out near the ground under which was a set of stone double doors. A bridge crossed over the chasm leading to the Fane.

The group decided to return to the Valley of the Dead to rest and recover and spent the night in Ulwai's cave.

Bear Day, the 25th of Kuyegwona (Ripe Corn Moon, Summer 2), 718 N.F.
They set off in the morning to return to the Fane. Not too far up the path they spotted the figure of Regiarix flying far above them. Further up the path, in the same area they had fought the hobgoblins the day before, they met Regiarix on the path along with the Wyrmlord Saarvith. Two brown dragon spawn were with them.
They hit the spawn hard almost killing one of them instantly, soon black dragon spawn joined in the battle hurling their acid bombs. Regiarix was causing havoc amongst the group whilst Saarvith took the high ground and pounded them with arrows until Kwahu turned into a ghost and drifted over to the Wyrmlord. He materialised and with the aid of his new special gloves teleported Saarvith out over the canyon, dropping him down onto the rocks below, the crumpled mess was still alive somehow. Regiarix flew down to rescue his master and wanted to get him away to safety but the hardy little goblin had other plans and prepared his mount for battle. Grimlack fired an arrow down into the valley and struck Saarvith in the shoulder deeply and just as he prepared to take off Leonidas leapt upon him and tore the wyrmlords chest open, killing him. The ghost lion roared in triumph as Regiarix roared in anger. The lion and the dragon battled down on the canyon floor with Grimlack continuing to fire arrows down into the beast. The wounded dragon picked up her fallen master and flew away with Leonidas chasing her before returning to the Watchers, who celebrated another victory.
They continued on towards the Fane. As they crossed the bridge to the Fane they heard a voice booming out of the mountain telling them to leave their offering to Tiamat and to leave, they recognised the voice as Tyragun's the blue dragon. They taunted him and Tyragun threw the now lifeless body of Regiarix out of a cave further up the rock wall, he had killed her, then threw Saarvith's body down into the depths of the canyon below before launching his attack against the group with lightning. Leonidas flew up and met him in mid air and the two battled before Tyragun flew down to the ground and took the group on.
Kwahu became invisible and entered the Fane through the stone double doors, he then opened them and taunted the dragon, showing him some of the tapestry he had just defaced of the goddess Tiamat. This enraged Tyragun and he came after the Shentulkan. The Watchers surrounded the dragon and hacked away at it, but the wounds were coming thick and fast for the group and things started to look a little dire as black dragon spawn raced out to aid the dragon. The watchers smashed the dragon spawn and dealt Tyragun a couple of major blows, as he prepared to finish the Watchers Brahmas thrust his weapon deep into the dragons vitals and slew it.
Kwahu and Brahmas took the head off the blue dragon, the time spent doing this meant that more dragonspawn came out of the Fane and attacked them, but they were no match for the seasoned group. Even more critters came out of the Fane, some blue Abishai and undead wyvern like creatures, they too were dispatched with ease.
The Watchers returned to the valley of the dead and stuck Tyragun's head upon a spike as vindication to the slain hobgoblins who did not join the horde.
They rested the night in the valley.

Drake Day, the 26th of Kuyegwona (Ripe Corn Moon, Summer 2), 718 N.F.
The morning came and saw the Watchers returning back to the Fane. As they approached they saw Veranthium the Behir, whom they had met at the ghostlords lair, she was up in the cave in the wall. She attacked the group and summoned support from within the Fane, at first she smashed the Watchers. The battle soon went the Watchers way however and the Behir was slain along with all of those she had summoned from within. The group gathered near the gates to the Fane.

Went into Fane. Corridor led to empty (but badly smelling entrance hall). Kwaha turned ghostlike and scouted, he peered through a door to find two bearded creatures speaking with a hideous, purple-skinned hag in the Fane's kitchen. He returned and the group took a side door on the left and ended up in the Fane's barracks. Bedding, tables and cages were spread under the splayed corpse of a 50ft long bronze dragon hanging along the room's ceiling. Here the Watchers battled and destroyed two humanoid whitespawn commanders, four humanoid blackspawn raiders, and their large lizard-like redspawn fire belcher pet/mount. Two devils with barbed and animated beards entered the fray late but retreated.

With all spawn of Tiamat defeated they followed in the direction of the fleeing devils. When the Watchers came to the kitchen the hag appeared as an enslaved elven maid, but they knew the ruse b/c of Kwahu's reconnaissance and a fight quickly ensued. They dispatched the devils easily enough and pressed the battle on to the hag, she tried to flee down the passage but was pursued by Leonidas and Rocc, and the pair slew her, other dragonspawn came at the sound of the battle, but they were quickly routed.

After the battle they continued through the Fane and came to a group of sleeping hobgoblins, apparently they were resting whilst waiting for the ritual to be finished. Kwahu turned ghostlike and claimed the ritual had gone wrong and that they should flee, some of them did, in terror, the others were quickly killed, one of them was persuaded to help the watchers return to the scene of the ritual so that they could help restore it, the hobgoblin readily believed the lie and led them through a number of guarded areas to the ritual where Azar-Khul and his servants were summoning the aspect of Tiamat, a battle quickly began, one that promised to go down to the wire, it would be either the end of the Watchers, or the end of the Wyrmlord and his diabolical plans. The group defeated all of the Wyrmlords aids in a costly battle, and when they finally pushed Azar-Khul to the brink of defeat he called forth a double headed dragon from the realms of the Dragon Queen, the black and white headed beast roared down to join the battle, and more than one of the Watchers prepared for the journey to the afterlife.

Rocc and Kwahu decided to move to safer ground and Kwahu removed the standard, they called out for Brahmas to join them, but the honour of the Paladin would not allow him to flee in the face of death.

Just when it seemed to be lost the aspect of Tiamat and the Wyrmlord opened up a portal in the cirlce, they dove through, Brahmas tumbled through as well. Seeing their companion falling, Kwahu, Rocc and Leonidas all leapt into the portal, which appeared to be a massive drop down over a city. Screaming in terror the watchers fell to their deaths, or at least they thought that was about to happen, instead elven riders mounted on giant owls caught them and delivered them gently to the ground.

They discovered that they had been delivered to the city of Brindol, where the armies of the vale had gathered to make a stand against the horde, they were reunited with Lord Whiston from Drellins Ferry.

They were taken to the temple of Pelor, or as Kwahu called it, the house of the Watcher, there they met the high priestess Tredora Goldenbrow. They were healed of their wounds and then taken to Lord Jarmaath at Brindol's keep. They were recognised by many who had met them previously and were heralded as great heroes. The Watchers told their tale and were introduced to Captain Lars Ulverth, a great knight in the defence of the city.

After their meeting at the Keep, Brahmas went and made donations at the temple of Pelor and then went and put his weapon in to be repaired, along with Rocc.

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