Red Hand Part 3

Witchwood & Blackfens

Hawkday, the 4th of Kuyegwona (Ripe Corn Moon, Summer 2), 718 N.F.

*The sun rose and the Watchers rose with it and set off from Drellin's Ferry (perhaps for the last time). They headed off along the road into the woods towards Vraath Keep once again. They burnt the boardwalks over the swampy Swift Creek then headed east along a small trail, passing a woodsman's house. Soon afterwards, they came to a creek with a log over it as a bridge. As they began to cross it they were ambushed by two huge frogs - they killed one of them and drove the other one away. They reached the broader Old Forest Road and followed it for a while before setting up camp by the Rhestwash River. Elyas summoned some little woodland spirits who set up a camp for the Watchers. The spirits were a little mischeivious and played a trick on Elyas, hiding stinging nettles in his bed.


Serpentday, the 5th of Kuyegwona (Ripe Corn Moon, Summer 2), 718 N.F.

*They awoke and found a ford and crossed the Rhestwash River. They then came upon the Elsir River which they travelled along eastward, deeper into the Witchwood, for the rest of the day.

Bisonday, the 6th of Kuyegwona (Ripe Corn Moon, Summer 2), 718 N.F.

*A wet day, the watchers travelled uneventfully along the Elsir and then the Witchstream rivers (following the Old Forest Road) and found refuge at the end of the day at an old logging settlement, that had now become ruins.

Stalkidng Catay, the 7th of Kuyegwona (Ripe Corn Moon, Summer 2), 718 N.F.

*Travelling through the witchwood the Watchers heard the sound of Ogres up ahead and Brahmas challenged them to come and fight the group. It was more of a butchering than a fight and the poor ogres were completely confused and routed. The Watchers were happy, believing that two less enemies remained to reinforce the Red Hand.


Ravenday, the 8th of Kuyegwona (Ripe Corn Moon, Summer 2), 718 N.F.

*The Watchers travelled along the Elsir river towards the north road, as they made their way through the Witchwood they encountered an Elf from the Blackferns known as Trellara. She was on her way to seek aid from the Elves of the Witchwood, but found all their camps abandoned. She decided to join the party. They travelled through the day and arrived in Witchcross. Once there, Rocc sought out a trader and bought himself some rations, whilst Kwahu went to the local Shentulkans and warned them that it was imperative they leave Witchcross and seek shelter in the walled city of Brindol.

*The Lions of Brindol were present and they spoke with Brahmas and Trellara, informing them that goblin archers and Ogre shock troops were guarding the North Road.

*The heroes departed from Witchcross, moving up the North Road they came to a ford in the river and rested there for the night.

Bearday, the 9th of Kuyegwona (Ripe Corn Moon, Summer 2), 718 N.F.


*The heroes crossed the river in the morning only to hear a scream that seemed to come from a tower off the path. They saw a huge flying creature clutching onto what looked like a human. They ran to investigate, but could not gain access to the tower. Fearing that they would lose valuable time, the Watchers continued up the North Road.

*As lunchtime approached they saw that the road ahead had been blockaded - a large, wooden watchtower had been established in the centre of the blockade, and it appeared that humanoid figures were walking around on it. They planned their attack. Finally, Maharis and Trellara made their way out and found cover, shooting arrows at the guards on the tower, Maharis was spotted and the fight was on.


*The group made their way towards the blockade using what cover they could however they took serious damage from the goblin archers but managed to take some of the archers out in return. It was a massive struggle for the Watchers to breach the walls and the Ogre brutes leapt out and confronted them on the battlefield much blood was spilt but the Ogres were killed and the heroes breached the walls and entered the tower. A short but bloody battle took place but the blockade was taken and the Watchers took their first step in freeing up the north road.

*Searching through the tower the group discovered a number of slain captives along with some adventuring gear, which they took to aid them in their mission. They also found pitch in and covered the tower in the pitch and decided to set it on fire the following day. They made camp at the blockade that night.

Drake Day, the 10th of Kuyegwona (Ripe Corn Moon, Summer 2), 718 N.F.


*Elyas and Rocc were covering the last watch of the night when they saw a flaming creature coming towards them out of the sky, it was pre dawn and the faint hint of light in the east suggested that the sun was preparing himself for the day. The flaming creature came closer and revealed itself to be an angel, a servant of Bahamut who had come to aid Elyas by supplying him with a magical staff.

*Following the encounter with the angel the Watchers set the blockade on fire and made their way towards the Black Fens and once they were in the marshes they began to make their way towards the ruins of Rhest in an attempt to end the reign of Zha Vith the goblin Wyrmlord. As they journeyed they heard an ear piercing shriek and took cover as a large black dragon flew overhead heading towards the burning blockade.


*After the dragon had passed the group moved back down the path from where they had come and took cover in a copse of trees, Brahmas sat outside the copse and lit a fire waiting for the dragon to return. Soon enough the dragon came flying back from the burning blockade and spotted the lone minotaur, it flew down and landed and Zha Vith descended off its back, it was then that the Watchers sprung their ambush. A short battle erupted and the dragon covered itself and its master in darkness as it sought to escape, the watchers fought valiantly although they did suffer some injuries but in the end they drove the evil duo away back to the ruins of Rhest.


*The Watchers rested shortly and then continued on their way to the ruined city they were hoping to encounter some of the Lizard Folk of the swamps and gain their support in the fight against the Red Hand. As they travelled they saw a huge dead owl on an island in the marsh, they made their way towards the owl and were surprised by a large draconic like creature that rose from the swamp and attacked them, no one in the party had any idea what it was, it was a strange hybrid creature. The battle was a tough one but the Watchers slew the creature without any loss of life to the group. Although their new found friend Trellarra was very distraught as the slain owl had belonged to her brother.

After a short break the Watchers of the Path continued further along through the marsh eventually coming to a large lake which contained ruined buildings reaching out of the water towards the sky out in the middle, this was the submerged city of Rhest.

Hearing the sound of arguing coming from their left they walked over and found a lizardfolk hut the sounds of fighting came from within, Elyas tried to communicate with them in Draconic but his negotiating attempts ended when the lizardfolk attacked, causing the reeds around Elyas to burst out of the lake and attack all those nearby. Brahmas trudged down into the lake and walked across to the hut having to make much of the journey underwater, he emerged on the other side and climbed up to the entrance of the hut. Kwahu seized the opportunity and possessed Brahmas sending Adahi through the hut spreading his poison. The battle was short and the intimidating Brahmas forced the remaining two lizardfolk to surrender. Elyas spoke to the leader and urged him to gather other lizardfolk to rally and help the group destroy the dragon and its goblin rider. They swam off down the channel and soon returned with another group of lizardfolk which the Watchers paid gold to in return for them leaving and providing the group with boats.


Soon after another group of Lizardfolk arrived, these appeared to be heavies coming to retrieve a stolen necklace, which apparently Rocc had found in the hut. Seeing a perfect opportunity Kwahu possessed the large lizardman creature they had with them and used him to unleash Adahi taking out most of them in a single attack. Once all of them were slain Maharis skun them and they kept the skins in the hut as heavy rain proceeded to fall, they slept in the hut that night.

Thunder Lizard Day, the 11th of Kuyegwona (Ripe Corn Moon, Summer 2), 718 N.F.

Under the cover of heavy rain in the early morning the Watchers donned the skins of the lizardfolk and made their way out to the middle of the lake on the boats, they avoided the guard towers of the archers and made it to the central tower, a number of Ogre guards assumed they were lizardfolk until they landed and sprung their attack, a fight to the death had begun out in the middle of the lake.


The battle continued and was quite bloody, it was full of suprises, one of the marsh dragons that they had encountered earlier burst out of its cage near the building and flew off into the heavy rain. Another suprise was the arrival of Marshfiend and Lizardtongue, the two lizardfolk they had subdued the day before, they came to the aid of the Watchers.

As the battle began to go the way of the group the dragon burst out from the middle of the building with Zha Vith on its back, the goblin Wyrmlord struck Trellara with two well aimed arrows dealing her an almost fatal wound. Elyas was also struck down. Meanwhile Brahmas and Kwahu had travelled around the boardwalks to the other side of the building, Brahmas continued to go all the way around to the others whilst Kwahu broke through a barricaded window and entered the building, he was captured by an Ettin and its goblin mindbender master. Feigning death Kwahu was taken into the goblins torture chamber and was about to be thrown into a cage when he made his escape, fleeing out of the building and with a shout to Elyas in Shentulkan to get the others out of the building as it was a death trap he then took one of the rafts and headed out into the middle of the lake.


Meanwhile back at the building the battle on the rooftop was going bad for the adventurers although Rocc provided one highlight when he dissapeared from sight, reappearing on the back of the dragon and pinned Zha Vith to his steed with his sword. But soon the others in the group made their way down the stairs where they encountered the Ettin and the Goblin Mindbender and took up the fight with them. However up on the roof Trellara perished and Elyas was left facing an angry dragon and its master.

Elyas fell under the carefully aimed arrows of Saarvith and his dragon companions deadly acid, it appeared as though the evil duo were determined to protect the building, which they refered to as a "hatchery".

Meanwhile Kwahu was having pangs of guilt for abandoning the group and was convicted by his ghostly companions to return, he made his way back just in time to find the bodies of Elyas and Maharis, both had been slain in the battle.

Rocc and Brahmas continued the fight downstairs, but it appeared to be in vain, they were outnumbered and apparently outclassed by their enemies. But just as all hope seemed abandoned Kwahu arrived to join in the fight downstairs and was followed by a gang of Lizardfolk who had come to join in the battle to overthrow Saarvith.

Soon the fortunes of war changed once again and the Watchers began to get the upper hand, Saarvith was gravely wounded and Regyrix snatched him away from danger, leaving the battle. The remaining defenders of the hatchery, the mindbender and his Ettin slave knew that they were in dire trouble and surrendered. Somehow against all odds the heroes won the day again!!

Kwahu bluffed the mindbender into believing that he was the "Ghost Lord" a terrifying figure who's phylactery had been hidden in the dragons den. They recovered the phylactery and found a letter from Ulwan stating that she had taken the Ghost Lords phylactery and if it were to be returned to him it would spell disaster for the horde!!
The three remaining Watchers returned to the lizardfolk home on the lake edge and discussed their plans, they decided to travel down the marsh towards the lake and then further south along the Rhest river towards Drellins Ferry, and from there make the journey to the Ghost Lord's lair.

Hawk Day, the 12th of Kuyegwona (Ripe Corn Moon, Summer 2), 718 N.F.
The trio set off on their journey, accompanied by Marshfiend and some of his people.

Serpent Day, the 13th of Kuyegwona (Ripe Corn Moon, Summer 2), 718 N.F.
They continued travelling down the river, reaching the vast lake Rhest by nightfall and camped.

Bison Day, the 14th of Kuyegwona (Ripe Corn Moon, Summer 2), 718 N.F.
They continued down the lake, spotting a dead giant owl in the reeds, they camped on the banks of the lake that night.

Stalking Cat Day, the 15th of Kuyegwona (Ripe Corn Moon, Summer 2), 718 N.F.


In the morning Marshfiend and his group bid their farewells and returned to their home, whilst the trio continued their journey by raft down the lake. Late in the afternoon, as they approached the estuary of the Rhest river in the south they were attacked by a swarm of tiny stirges, led by three larger ones. All three were knocked off the raft during the short battle but in a brief battle they dispersed the swarm and continued rafting down the river until it became too rough, at which point they abandoned the raft and travelled into the woods on foot.
Later that night as the party rested they were set upon by an unnatural wolf with red eyes and a pack of mangy wolves, the wolves were no match for the Watchers. Below is an extract from Rocc's notes depicting the battle as he saw it!


Raven Day, the 16th of Kuyegwona (Ripe Corn Moon, Summer 2), 718 N.F.


Raven day was a warm summer's day, the trio made their way along the river until they came to the junction where Skull Creek meets the Rhestwash and overflows its banks. It was around dusk, and as they skirted the marshy waterway, they heard the sound of splashing and came upon a female black dragon with 3 hatchlings in tow. The Watchers wasted no time in launching a vicious attack on the dragons and killed one of the hatchlings and sent the mother and the other two fleeing. They camped the night.

Bear Day, the 17th of Kuyegwona (Ripe Corn Moon, Summer 2), 718 N.F.


They continued their journey, by late afternoon they approached the Elsir river, and by nightfall camped at the Rhestwash Ford for the Old Forest Road - a full 12 days since they had crossed it on their way to the ruined city of Rhest. They camped there and that night Rocc was set upon by a constrictor, which after biting him, fled.

Drake Day, the 18th of Kuyegwona (Ripe Corn Moon, Summer 2), 718 N.F.


After following many paths, including those left by goblin riders at least a week old they came upon sets of huge footprints, they followed them, discovering a huge and very old Formorian, a type of fey giant, he was known as Wracklegnaw. The giant seemed very lonely and welcomed their company, only Rocc could converse with him, they tried to convince him to join them, he slept on his answer.

Thunder Lizard Day, the 19th of Kuyegwona (Ripe Corn Moon, Summer 2), 718 N.F.
A full week had passed since the Watchers had lost three of their dear friends, in the morning they gained another one, if only for a brief time; Wracklegnaw decided to accompany the group. They came to Drellins Ferry later that day, finding it virtually in ruins, they crossed over the river on the giant's back and made their way down towards the Thornwastes and camped on a junction of the road.

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