This village is mostly detailed in the 5E D&D Starter Set booklet Lost Mines of Phandelver p14, by Wizards of the Coast.

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Type. Civilised (Hamlet)
Level. 2
Model Culture. Standard D&D / Mining town.
Location. Only inland settlement on Singing Skull Island.
Current Situation. Overrun by bandits/thugs.
Description. See Lost Mines of Phandelver p14, boxed text. There are also a lot of tents on the edge of town (especially south side) not shown on the map.



Realm Stat Modifier
Arcane Attunement +0
Corruption +4
Crime +5
Danger +1
Economy +1
Historical Lore +1
Law +0
Nature Connection +0
Piety +0
Society +1


Decadent. Although only recent, the town is currently a home for vice and corruption. It has a weak leader, a ruffian band in control, and transient miners and treasure seekers of all reputations.
Significant Landmark. The wealth of the hills, the many ruins, and especially the idea of finding the legendary Wave Echo Cave draws treasure hunters from all parts of Bael Nerath.



Citizen Race %. Human 56%, Half-elf 20%, Dwarf 10%, Elf 6%, Halfling 5%, Other 3%.
Total Population. About 120. (Varies with number of transient miners).

Human - Dominant Race.
Outlook. Frontier folk looking to make a new life.
Location. Throughout hamlet.

Half-Elf - Major Race.
Relationship to dominant race. Intermixed.
Location. Throughout hamlet.

Dwarf - Minor Race.
Relationship to dominant race. Intermixed.
Location. When in town, mostly in tents south of town.

Elf - Minor Race.
Relationship to dominant race. Intermixed.
Location. Throughout hamlet.

Halfling - Minor Race.
Relationship to dominant race. Intermixed.
Location. Throughout hamlet.

Government & Rulers


Type of Government. No true functioning government, but every year the townsfolk elect a 'Townmaster'.
Ruler - Townmaster Harbin Wester (male human) banker in the town.

Relations with other realms
Realm Relations
Oakhurst Friendly
Lundy Bay Indifferent
Wavemeet Indifferent

Law, Military & Fortifications

Head Martial NPC - None officially. Though a visiting member of the Lords' Alliance, such as Sildar Hallwinter, may unofficially assume this position with the Townmaster's blessing.
Laws & Punishment Usually just locked up for a night. Anything more serious, sent to Oakhurst.
Patrol. None.

Townmaster's Hall (Lost Mine of Phandelver p18)
Sturdy stone building. Notice board out the front. Two jail cells beneath.

Magic (Arcane & Psionic)

View of magic.

Structures & NPCs.

Religion (Divine Magic)

Dominant Religion - Standard Pantheon.
Other Religions.

Shrine of Luck (Lost Mine of Phandelver p18)
Phandalin's only temple is a small shrine made of stones taken from nearby ruins. It is primarily dedicated to Avandra. Sitting on the edge of the town square it is very hard to miss. Miners and travellers have all left little tokens here, seeking luck.

Society, Arts & Entertainment

Citizen Alignment - NG Though a large contingent of NE at the moment.
Citizen Attitude - Usually Content but right now, mostly Unhappy!


Stonehill Inn (Lost Mine of Phandelver p15)
Run by Toblen Stonehill (male human, short, friendly) and his wife Trilena (female human). Moved here two years ago from Wavemeet to prospect, but soon realised he knew more about running an inn than prospecting. Son, Pip is friends with young halfling Carp Alderleaf.
Inn has 6 rooms: 2 comfortable single rooms; 2 modest double rooms; 2 common shared quarters that can squeeze in 8.
Waves of Destiny Campaign

  • PCs stayed at in. Stonehills = friendly attitude to PCs.
  • Trilena mentioned the death of woodcarver and his missing family.
  • Pip told Todd about Carp's discovery of a secret entrance in the woods beneath the old Tresendar Manor.
  • Stonehills made it clear they did not like the Redbrands.
Toblen%20Stonehill.jpg Trilena%20Stonehill.jpg

Underworld & Crime

Redbrands (Lost Mine of Phandelver p19)
A gang of ruffians that has taken control of the town over the last couple of months. Mostly made up of 'blow-ins' but a few local youths who used to hang out and cause trouble were the founding members.

Other Civic Places & NPCs of note


Trade Resources Gold, relics/treasures
Trade Partners
Realm Resource Imported from Realm
Oakhurst Food, livestock, common items
Wavemeet Weapons & tools

Barthen's Provisions (Lost Mine of Phandelver p16)
Owned and run by Elmar Barthen (male human, lean, balding 50-off, kindly manner). Emplys young clerks: Ander (male human) and Thistle (male halfling).
Has most stock in PHB, not arms and armor.
Waves of Destiny Campaign

  • PCs delivered Gundren's gear here. Has friendly attitude to PCs
  • PCs have stored their own gear here, including a chest of treasure.

Lionshield Coster (Lost Mine of Phandelver p16)
Headquarters for the Lionshields, a merchant company based in Rockshoal of Clovencrag.


Climate & Weather
Major Fauna
Major Flora

Places & NPCs



  1. Thel Dendrar (local woodcarver) stood up to the Redbrands when they were in his shop and leered at his wife. The ruffians murdered him in full view of onlookers. The Redbrands took his body and now his wife, daughter and son are missing too.
  2. A strange mage (with a goatee) disappeared whilst exploring the ruins of Tresendar Manor about two months ago.
Recent Events (Last year)
Month Event Notes (such as ongoing)
Varuuc Formation of the Redbrands. Currently a real menace in the town. (Ongoing: +2 Crime).
Varuuc Iarno: wizard of the Lords' Alliance went missing. -
Recent History (Last 20 years)
Year Event Notes (such as ongoing)
1372 Stonehill Inn established. Stonehill's moved from Wavemeet and built this establishment after failing at prospecting.
General History
Year Event Notes (such as ongoing)

Historical Places & NPCs

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