Type. Civilised (small town)
Level. 3
Model Culture. Standard.
Location. Northwest coast of Singing Skull Island.
Current Situation. Fearful of volcano eruption or appearance of dragon overlord.
Description. Other than the Lower Docks, Oakhurst is a pretty town. There are verdant parks and orchards on the eastern side. The people seem happy and most have lizard/drake pets or companions. Dino beasts of burden are common in the town and herds are penned to the south. Being an ideal location, Oakhurst has a higher proportion of merchants.

Oakhurst%20-%20lower%20docks.jpg Oakhurst%20town%20square.jpg


Realm Stat Modifier
Arcane Attunement +0
Corruption +1
Crime +0
Danger -2
Economy +2
Historical Lore +0
Law +0
Nature Connection +0
Piety +0
Society +5


Diplomatic. The leaders of the town avoid conflict at all costs. They spend much of their time in meetings (or openly) discussing ways to get along with their neighbours and vising guilds and houses. Not surprisingly, members of the Lords' Alliance are very welcome here.
Strategic Location. The town has a very easy port to dock at and is a common stopping point for those travelling the strait between Marckwild and Hullroost.



Citizen Race %. Human 56%, Half-elf 20%, Halfling 10%, Dwarf 3%, Eladrin 3%, Dragonborn 3%, Elf 2%, Other 3%.
Total Population. About 120. (Varies with number of transient miners).

Human - Dominant Race.
Outlook. Easy-going.
Location. Throughout town.

Half-Elf - Major Race.
Relationship to dominant race. Intermixed.
Location. Throughout town.

Halfling - Minor Race.
Relationship to dominant race. Intermixed.
Location. Mostly in western parts, along the docks and coast.

Dwarf - Minor Race.
Outlook. For some reason, many of the dwarves in town have a bit of an aversion to water. Probably because the dwarves that came to Singing Skull Island were delvers seeking treasures beneath the earth.
Relationship to dominant race. Intermixed.
Location. Throughout town except near port/docks.

Eladrin - Minor Race.
Relationship to dominant race. Intermixed. (There is no eladrin House based in the town).
Location. North side of town.

Dragonborn - Minor Race.
Relationship to dominant race. Intermixed.
Location. Dragonborn ghetto on north side of town.

Elf - Minor Race.
Relationship to dominant race. Intermixed.
Location. Isolated pockets - usually in camps on the edge of town.

Government & Rulers

Type of Government - Republic Meritocracy. Populace all get to vote for town mayor every 3 years.
Ruler - Mayor Vurnor Leng. (male human, noble)

Relations with other realms
Realm Relations
Phandalin Friendly
Lundy Bay Indifferent
Wavemeet Unfriendly

Village Hall
The centre of government in town, including the office of the mayor.

Law, Military & Fortifications

Head Martial NPC - Constable Felosial (female half-elf veteran).
Laws & Punishment. Typical punishment is lock-up with forced town labour, such as street cleaning.
Town Guard. Consists of 16 guards and 4 scouts.

Next to Village Hall, this stout building is where miscreants serve their sentences.

Magic (Arcane & Psionic)

View of magic.

Structures & NPCs.

Religion (Divine Magic)

Dominant Religion
Other Religions.

Attended to by Dem "Corkie" (female halfling priest of Pelor).

Society, Arts & Entertainment

Citizen Alignment - Neutral Good
Citizen Attitude - Happy. Citizens will defend their ruler and realm readily.

Old boar Inn
Famous for having an actual boar's head mounted over the fire place. Run by barkeep Garon.

Waves of Destiny Campaign

  • PCs stayed here and have become heroes to Garon and the rustic folk that dwell here. The locals told the PCs of Bonita's raid. PCs left their gear here under Garon's care whilst they chased Bonita down. PCs returned here and a feast was held for them.
  • Garon & locals have Friendly attitude to PCs.
Old%20boar%20Tavern.jpg Garon%20-%20Barkeep%20of%20Old%20Boar.png

Underworld & Crime

Structures & NPCs

Other Civic Places & NPCs of note


Subsistence. Trade, herding, fishing.
Trade Resources. Livestock, fish, common craft items
Trade Partners
Realm Resource Imported from Realm
Phandalin Gold, treasures

Run by Rurik Lutgehr (male dwarf).

General Store - House Hucrele Merchant House
This place is one and the same. the Hucrele family, originally from Marckwild, have been established here for some time. Business is run by Matriarch Kerowyn (female human, noble). She is assisted by her grown adventurous children: Talgen (male human, fighter), Sharwyn (female human, wizard). The House Hucrele emblem is a fish above a crescent moon.

Waves of Destiny Campaign

  • On first visit PCs heard about the missing children.
  • Second visit, Katar arranged for goods to be transported to Phandalin and for the green dragon hide to be stored here.
House%20Hucrele%20General%20Store%20and%20Guildhouse.jpg House%20Hucrele%20crest.png Kerowyn%20Hucrele.jpg

Hackett's Livestock
Hackett (male human, missing ring finger on right hand) runs a stable down by the docks. He typically has a few beasts of burden and mounts, but also deals with some pets and companions. He has access to several herders if larger beasts are required.

Waves of Destiny Campaign

  • PCs bought 3 hardhead pack drakes from Hackett.
Livestock%20merchant%20Hackett.jpg Hardheads.jpg


Climate & Weather
Major Fauna
Major Flora

Ashen Plain. Around Oakhurst, the soil goes from very fertile to drifts of ash where nothing will grow. Likely the result of the violent eruption of Mount Rolnith some 20 years ago.

The Old Road. This is an ancient dragonborn road, that once ran through an important province in these parts. It is now mostly overgrown and in several places sluices out of the sides of the road reveal the three layers (sand, gravel, flagstones) of the road. It is rarely used, as most traffic goes by boat, though with the recent establishment and growth of Phandalin, the road is seeing more trafffic than usual.


(See many form the main Singing Skull Island list too. These are rumours just to do with town).

  1. Twig blights are a problem around Oakhurst and along the Old Road.
  2. Sir Bradford, the paladin of Pelor, carried the legendary sword, Shatterspike.
  3. A druid rules the goblins (likely Belak that went to the Rift alone several years ago) and he is responsible for growing the magical apples the goblins bring to town.
  4. Seeds from the Golden Apple sprout into saplings overnight, but the goblins come and remove them so no one else can grow a golden apple.
  5. The boar's head over the fire place at the inn is from the forest. There are other boar in there for those brave enough.
  6. The boar's head over the fire place in the inn is a fake.
  7. The boar's head over the fire place at the inn was hunted and killed by the inn's founder, the dragonborn warlock, Gorahadur.
Recent Events (Last year)
Month Event Notes (such as ongoing)
Tamara Red Corsairs raid Bonita the Red led three ships into harbour. Whilst most pirates caroused around the docks, Bonita led a small force inland to the Cliff Abbey where the monks of the White Raven supposedly protected the Scrolls of Eternity. Bonita was stopped by one of the monks and a group of adventurers - The Waves of Destiny.
Tamara Summer Solstice Apple Purchased by Collective When no one came forth with the need (or money) to buy the large pure apple the goblins brought to town following the Summer Solstice, a group of locals at the Old Boar Inn all pitched in and bought it in case there was a need.
Io'lor Local Adventurers Leave for the Rift The two House Hucrele children, along with local ranger Karakas (male human) and new arrival, Sir Bradford (male half-elf paladin of Pelor).
Recent History (Last 20 years)
Year Event Notes (such as ongoing)
1362 Goblins Arrive with First Summer Apple Goblins brought a golden apple of rare size and purity to town to 'auction'. They claimed it had healing powers, and since that proved true, the goblins have continued to bring one such apple every Summer Solstice since. (Sometimes they offer a white apple in the dead of Winter too. This apple is poisonous).
1361 Druid Belak Headed for the Rift Belak was memorable for his giant tree frog companion and townsfolk thought it odd a druid would be interested in the Rift. Like many others, he never returned.
General History
Year Event Notes (such as ongoing)
c1290 Old Boar Inn established Dragonborn warlock, Gorahadur, established the inn. He ran the establishment for 20 odd years before anti-dragonborn sentiment drove him from the town.

Historical Places & NPCs

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