Maru Qet

Maru-Qet is and Egyptian-flavoured land with brown dragon pharoahs and initially appeared in the 4E D&D Draconomicon Chromatic Dragons p240).


Maru-Qet is the largest land left in Iomandra, though most of it is barren desert. The kingdom of the same name lies along the many fertile river valleys that wind their way through the deserts. Although nothing compared to what it was in the past, Maru-Qet is also the oldest nation of Iomandra, now split into militant city-states. Brown dragon overlords have ruled for countless generations and continue to do so today.

Brown%20Dragon City%20State

The land possesses great wealth safeguarded by a mighty military. Dragonborn and dragonspawn rule the city-states under the guidance of the dragon pharoah Nefermandias (4E D&D Draconomicon Chromatic Dragons p240). Humans form a large underclass and members of strange races from the dry lands are seen in the city-states from time to time, but all are subject to the harsh laws of their draconic overseers.

Honor is very important to the people of Maru-Qet, though it is an honor system hard to understand by the free peoples of central Iomandra. One’s word and loyalty are everything, and one would do anything to maintain their honor. Although very militant, there are schools of wizardry scattered throughout the cities. All wizards are expected to be a member of the local school and each school specialises in a particular form of magic.

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