Type. Civilised - Island & Barony.
Level. 7
Model Culture. Standard (Medieval Europe) & Elven.
Location. Marckwild is in the western half of Nerath, but located quite centrally, protecting it from other realms.
Current Situation.
Description. And possibly pic/map.


Realm Stat Modifier
Arcane Attunement +5
Corruption +0
Crime -3
Danger -1
Economy +4
Historical Lore +0
Law +2
Nature Connection +2*
Piety +0
Society +3


Rural. Considered the seat of agriculture in Nerath. Many farms and whilst several baronies have an abundance of vegetables, Marckwild has by far the most cereal crops.
Abundant. Not only is there land for growing vegetables and crops the soil is fertile and elven knowledge means all things grown are abundant here. Considering the isolated island nature of Iomandra, Marckwild is truly blessed for land.
Arcane Connection. This comes from a long association with eladrin culture.




Citizen Race %. Human 36%, Half-elf 20%, Eladrin 14%, Elf 10%, Dragonspawn 8%, Halflings 5%, Dragonborn 4%, Dvati 1%, Other 2%.
Total Population. About 25,000.

Human - Dominant Race.
Outlook. Value elven and eladrin traditions and way of life.
Location. Throughout island.

Half-Elf - Major Race.
Relationship to dominant race. Intermixed.
Location. Throughout island.

Eladrin - Minor Race.
Relationship to dominant race. Intermixed.
Location. Throughout island.

Elf - Minor Race.
Relationship to dominant race. Intermixed.
Location. Largest concentration along southeast peninsula, but other isolated tribes throughout.

Dragonspawn - Minor Race.
Relationship to dominant race. Ghettos in towns/villages. Supposedly clients that have sworn fealty elsewhere, but isolated tribes might not see it this way.
Location. Ghetto in Dragonfall (and some other settlements) and isolated tribes throughout.

Halfling - Minor Race.
Relationship to dominant race. Intermixed.
Location. Dragonfall only. Other ports are visited by halfling traders, but only Dragonfall has a permanent settlement of halflings.

Dragonborn - Minor Race.
Relationship to dominant race. Ghettos with dragonspawn or living with important patron.
Location. Throughout the civilised parts of isle.

Dvati - Minor Race.
Relationship to dominant race. Intermixed.
Location. Solitary compound in Dragonfall.

Government & Rulers

Type of Government - Aristocratic Confederacy. A ruling council consisting of the leaders of three noble houses (Krell, Stanharren & Irralaster), three eladrin houses (Lafrahd/Moonleaf, Ty'avel/crystal Sword & Aergilean/Griffon Riders) and three elf tribes (Spearforest, Icewing & Bluebeast Hunters) meets and from this council a leader (baron) is elected. The council usually meets in the capital Dragonfall.

Ruler - Baron Yorgen Krell. NG human bard.

Relations with other realms
Realm Relations
Barony of Baelcrest Helpful
Barony of Hullroost Helpful
Sea Kings Helpful
Barony of Grekkenhar Friendly
Barony of Clovencrag Friendly
Barony of Stormhaven Friendly
Barony of Whitestag Indifferent
Barony of Vhessek Indifferent
Kotar Indifferent
Barony of Ravan Unfriendly
Singing Skull Island Friendly

Capital City - Dragonfall

Law, Military & Fortifications

Head Martial NPC (Sheriff, Watch Capt etc).
Laws & Punishment Magic is used to capture and in determining the guilt of suspects and can even be used as part of their punishment. Punishments are rarely harsh as long as the aggrieved is satisfied. Serious crimes usually result in banishment or worst cases, magical imprisonment. Marckwild does not practice capital punishment. Punishments are dealt out by the local lord. In the capital that falls to one of the councilors.

Fortifications, Structures, NPCs

Magic (Arcane & Psionic)

View of magic. With a high eladrin population, arcane magic is seen as favourable and beneficial to the people. There are several academies and organisations that teach magic and a large population of individuals with untamed magical talents.

Structures & NPCs.

Religion (Divine Magic)

Dominant Religion - Standard (4E D&D) Pantheon with extra Elven Deities.

Structures & NPCs.

Society, Arts & Entertainment

Citizen Alignment - NG
Citizen Attitude - Content. Most of the population is considered wealthy and well-off.

Structures & NPCs

Underworld & Crime

Structures & NPCs

Other Civic Places & NPCs of note

Darkwash Landing. (Level 2 Hamlet). Fishing hamlet on northeast coast (recently raided by Ravagers) but recovered.

Glass Bay. (Level 2 Hamlet). Small fishing hamlet on southern shore. New docks and market under construction.



Currency. Standard D&D.
Subsistence. Agriculture, Grazing, Mining, Trading.
Trade Resources Vegetables, Turkeys, Fish, Marble, Wine (well known for its many elven wines).

Trade Partners
Realm Resource Imported from Realm
Barony of Whitestag Vegetables, tin
Barony of Stormhaven Pearls, strong spirits
Barony of Baelcrest Trained biters (small dinos), clothing
Barony of Hullroost Vegetables, rare wood
Barony of Grekkenhar Vegetables, turkeys
Barony of Clovencrag Wagons/wheels
Barony of Ravan Pipeweed
Sea Kings Various items from all over the Dragon Sea
Singing Skull Island Artifacts & relics from ruins

Businesses & NPCs



Terrain. Grasslands, Light Forest, Scrub (northwest).
Climate & Weather. Subtropical.
Major Fauna
Small Game
• Turkeys (part bird, part drake).

Major Flora

Cardinal River. Main river of the island. Capital, Dragonfall, overlooks its estuary.

Forest of the Nine Winds. More southern of the two large forests on the west coast. For the last eight years it has been home to the eladrin House Lafrahd (Moonleaf).

Lilistaan Peninsula. The large peninsula in the southeast. Often called the Peninsula of the Elves for it is home to several elven tribes and mostly covered in forest.




Recent Events (Last year)
Month Event Notes (such as ongoing)
Tamara (Midsummer) Extraordinary large fish being caught off east coast of Lilistaan Peninsula (Ongoing: temporary +1 Nature Connection)
Io’lor (Summer) Docks and market in southern village of Glass bay under construction.
Varuus (Spring) Floods throughout central region including along Cardinal River.
Zarenshar (Mid-spring) Greenspawn bandits, led by blackspawn raiders caused havoc along the east coast.
Lendys (Spring) Marckwild ships are attacked by ships of the Barony of Ravan in the central Nerath Sea. War was not declared as it appeared the ships went too close to Ravan, but relations became unfriendly.
Hlal (Mid -winter) None.
Recent History (Last 20 years)
Year Event Notes (such as ongoing)
1372 DY Ambush Drakes. A pack of blue ambusher dragonspawn on north of island caused several deaths. Pack was hunted and killed.
1372 DY Relations with the Coronal Guard of Cendriane. Relations improved and the baron hired several members as personal guards.
1369 DY Dragonspawn attack the baron. A mixed group of dragonspawn infiltrated the baron’s keep, but failed in their attempt to assassinate him. (Perhaps his new vestments protected him?)
1369 DY Vestments of Rule. Following a visit by Sea king Mithrilstar, the baron was seen wearing the sea dragon-scaled artifact once granted to lords of a dragon scion in a long lost part of Bael Nerath.
1368 DY Secluded Hall of Arcane Studies founded. With eladrin help a magical academy was established in the capital.
1366 DY New Baron of Marckwild. After the previous baron (Randalithus, human sage) died in his sleep, Yorgen Krell (human bard) was elected the new baron.
1366 DY Eladrin House Lafrahd (Moonleaf). A new eladrin house and shifting village arrived from the Feywild. They established themselves in the Forest of the Nine Winds, bringing more magical might to the barony.
1363 DY Blue Fire Rain. A storm of blue fire in the northeast resulted in several beasts in that area developing blue-fire magic abilities.
1361 DY Coral Drake attacks. A vicious pack of coral drakes attacked several fishing vessels north of the island. After the attacks, the pack disappeared as swiftly as it came.
1356 DY Trade established with Clovencrag. Trade for wagons and wheels established.
1356 DY Halfling Fleet wrecked. A Halfling clan’s ships were mysteriously wrecked off the west shore.
1355 DY Whitestag Ambassador asked to leave. Tensions over trade boiled over between the two baronies. Neither has an ambassador in the other’s barony since this time. (Relations dropped to Indifferent).

General History
See Iomandra History Page.

Historical Places & NPCs

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