Magocracy Of Kodo

When people think of Kodo, they often talk about what is encompassed by the current Magocracy, which is more of a confederation of city-states. The great rivers and towering forests of Kodo have seen the rise and fall of no fewer than three civilisations. Ancient pyramids of the Water People line the rivers, domed Kosan ruins are also located near waterways, early Akadoan ruins are built upon some of these and some in the forests. Rumours persist of an eladrin ruin in the west.
The people that have ruled these lands have traditionally wielded great magical might. This started with the races that enlslaved the Akado, but eventually the Akado won their freedom and have been the dominant race for centuries. Modern Akadoans still wield arcane magic and this has led to many other arcane-accepting races finding a haven in the forests here. Returned Eladrin, refugee tieflings, and pale humans (similar in appearance to Andarans) that have magic runes circling their heads all dwell here today. Great goblin numbers currently overrun the wilderness between each city-state.

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