Iomandra Religion

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Iomandra follows the World Axis cosmology (4E D&D Manual of the Planes p6), where the world has echoes called the Shadowfell and Feywild, and two large outer planar regions: the Elemental Chaos (home to individual planes and locations such as The City of Brass and The Abyss) and the Astral Sea (Pandemonium, The Nine Hells, Arvandor, etc).



Here is an outline of the core deities of Iomandra. These deities are usually known throughout the world. The number of worshipers varies considerably. Also note that some races follow other entities that lie outside the core pantheon, but most worship other beings alongside these deities.

There is very little rules information below. That is because this page is more for use and easy reference within play and is more reflective of the campaign setting than the rules of the game. Also this means the charts remain relevant no matter what system we use and even if adding things like cleric domains, they constantly evolve and are added to, so the charts quickly become outdated anyway. It should become pretty obvious which domains would be associated with each deity given the information that is presented below.

Furthermore, there were several other known gods sacred to the dragons. Most perished during Io's Wrath, but it is also believed many of Io's progency lived and are just biding their time. (See 3E D&D Draconomicon p32 and 2E D&D Monster Mythology p1053 for a comprehensive look at the dragon pantheon).

Deity Name Alignment Spheres of Influence Favoured By Symbol(s) & Weapon Home (Sources/References)
Bahamut - The Platinum Dragon bahamut_det01.jpg LG Justice, honor, nobility, protection, wind, wisdom Dragonborn, dragons, paladins, knights, monarchs, defenders Dragon's head in profile, star over nebula Bahamut_holy_symbol.jpg Mount Mertion - Celestia (4E D&D Player's Handbook p21; 4E D&D Divine Power p124; 4E D&D Draconomicon Metallic Dragons p204; 3E D&D Draconomicon p32; 2E D&D Monster Mythology p105)
Moradin - The Soul Forger Moradin.jpg LG Creation, smithing, family, loyalty, mining Dwarves, artisans, smiths, miners Hammer & anvil, warhammer 'Soulhammer' Moradin_symbol.jpg ? (4E D&D Player's Handbook p22; 4E D&D Divine Power p126)
Avandra Avandra%20-%20lady_luck_by_anotherdamian-d7at226.jpg NG Change, luck, trade, travel, freedom Traders, merchants, adventurers, sailors, explorers, halflings Backpack, waves Avandra%20symbol.jpg ? (4E D&D Player's Handbook p21; 4E D&D Divine Power p124)
Pelor Pelor.jpg NG Sun, summer, agriculture, time, light Desert dwellers, farmers, human commoners Sun Pelor%20symbol.gif ? (4E D&D Player's Handbook p22; 4E D&D Divine Power p126)
Corellon Larethian Corellon.jpg CG Arcane magic, spring, beauty, the arts, war People of Bael Nerath, fey, eladrin, artists, musicians, bards, eldritch knights, Knights of Cendriane Crescent moon, starburst, longsword 'Sahandrian' Corellon_symbol_-_Mike_Schely.jpg ? (4E D&D Player's Handbook p21; 4E D&D Divine Power p124; 3E D&D Races of the Wild p20; 2E D&D Monster Mythology p21)
Sehanine Moonbow Sehanine%20Moonbow.jpg CG Trickery, moon, love, autumn, illusions, dreams, journeys, subtle magic, the dead, transcendence Illusionists, scouts, thieves, rogues, diviners, mystics Misty crescent with full moon, quarterstaff 'Moonshaft', longsword 'Moonblade' Sehanine%20symbol.png ? (4E D&D Player's Handbook p22; 4E D&D Divine Power p127; 3E D&D Races of the Wild p23; 2E D&D Monster Mythology p22)
Erathis Erathis.jpg LN Civilization, invention, laws, history Rulers, judges, pioneers, devoted citizens Half a cog Erathis_holy_symbol.jpg ? (4E D&D Player's Handbook p21; 4E D&D Divine Power p124)
Ioun Ioun.jpg N Knowledge, prophecy, skill Sages, wizards, seers, tacticians Eye with teardrop, book Ioun%20symbol.jpg ? (4E D&D Player's Handbook p21; 4E D&D Divine Power p125)
Io - The Ninefold Dragon N Creation, Iomandra, dragonkind Only a few very old and wise dragons ? ? (2E D&D Monster Mythology p104)
Melora Melora-0.jpg N Wilderness, sea Outlanders, rangers, beast handlers, hunters, sailors, sea kin Scallop shell, wave Melora%20symbol.jpg ? (4E D&D Player's Handbook p22; 4E D&D Divine Power p126)
The Raven Queen Raven%20Queen.jpg N Death, fate, winter Priests & shamans that perform funerary rites Raven's head Ravenqueen%20symbol.jpg Shadowfell (4E D&D Player's Handbook p22; 4E D&D Divine Power p127)
Kord Kord.jpg CN Storms, strength, battle, courage Marines, sailors, fighters, athletes, goliaths Lightning in fist, longsword Kord%20symbol.png ? (4E D&D Player's Handbook p22; 4E D&D Divine Power p126)
Asmodeus - Lord of the Nine Hells Asmodeus_-_Eric_Deschamps.jpg LE Power, domination, wealth, prestige, might, oppression Power seekers, the wealthy or seekers of wealth, warlocks Clawed fist gripping skull, inverted pentagram, mace 'Ruby Rod' Asmodeus_holy_symbol.jpg Fortress Malsheem on Nessus ninth layer of Hell (4E D&D Dungeon Master's Guide p162; 3E D&D Book of Vile Darkness p165; 2E D&D Tyrants of the Nine Hells p155)
Bane bane.jpg LE War, conquest, strife, hatred, tyranny, fear ? Three-fingered claw, gauntlet 'The Black Hand' Bane_symbol_-_Mike_Schely.jpg ? (4E D&D Dungeon Master's Guide p162)
Tiamat tiamat.jpg LE Wealth, greed, vengeance, envy Dragons, dragonspawn, draconians, dragonborn Dragon head with five claw marks, five-headed dragon, five dragon heads or claws arranged as a star Tiamat%20symbol.png Tytherion the Endless Night (Astral Sea) (4E D&D Dungeon Master's Guide p163; 4E D&D Draconomicon Chromatic Dragons p244; 3E D&D Draconomicon p35; 2E D&D Monster Mythology p107)
Faluzure - The Night Dragon Falazure.jpg NE Night, undeath, decay, exhaustion, hiding Dracoliches, unknown (only rumours he survived or has returned after Io's Wrath) Draconic skull Falazure%20symbol.jpg Hades? (3E D&D Draconomicon p33; 2E D&D Monster Mythology p106)
Torog - The King That Crawls Torog.jpg NE Torture, Underdark, imprisonment, pain Jailers, torturers Chains, hook, manacles, sickle 'Sickle of Agony', serrated longsword Torog%20symbol.jpg Den of Gargash - Underdark (4E D&D Dungeon Master's Guide p163; 4E D&D Underdark p156)
Vecna - The Maimed God Vecna.jpg NE Undeath, secrets, necromancy Undead, necropolitans, necromancers Hand with eye in palm, broken skull Vecna%20symbol.png None (4E D&D Dungeon Master's Guide p163; 4E D&D Open Grave p212; 3E D&D Libris Mortis p174)
Zehir Zehir.jpg NE Darkness, poison, serpents Assassins Serpent Zehir%20symbol.jpg ? (4E D&D Dungeon Master's Guide p163)
Gruumsh - The One-Eyed Gruumsh.jpg CE Turmoil, destruction, strength, survival Ravagers, pirates, barbarians Unblinking red eye, spear 'The Bloodspear' Gruumsh%20symbol.png ? (4E D&D Dungeon Master's Guide p162)
Lolth - Demon Queen of Spiders Lolth.jpg CE Spiders, shadows, lies, darkness Assassins Spider, poisoned dagger Lolth%20symbol.jpg ? (4E D&D Dungeon Master's Guide p163; 4E D&D Monster Manual 2 p126; 3E D&D Races of the Wild p23; 2E D&D Monster Mythology p62)



This list is for the races that worship a singular deity, such as a dvati and shadovar..

Deity Name Alignment Spheres of Influence Favoured By Symbol(s) & Weapon Home (Sources/References)
Thelmeth - The Unifier Thelmeth.jpg N Intelligence, curiosity, serenity, protection Dvati Sphere half black half white, book, laurel wreath, gold robes, quarterstaff Thelmeth%20symbol.jpg ? (3E D&D Dragon Compendium p15)
Shar - Mistress of the Night Shar.jpg NE Moon, shadow, night, vengeance, loss, secrets, caverns, dungeons, Underdark Shadovar Black disk encircled with a border, chakram 'The Disk of Night' Shar%20symbol.jpg ? (4E D&D Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide p76 & 80)


Most dwarves with divine powers draw their power straight from the elements. A few clerics of core deities exist (mainly worshiping Moradin) and some even venerate both.

Dwarven elemental clerics typically adhere to the following domains:



These elven deities are worhipped in addition to the core pantheon. The people of Bael Nerath simply revere an expanded pantheon.
Deity Name Alignment Spheres of Influence Favoured By Symbol(s) & Weapon Home (Sources/References)
Trishina Trishina.jpg LG Sea, love, fidelity, the young, play, dolphins Explorers, sailors Dolphin with calf Trishina%20symbol.jpg ? (2E D&D Monster Mythology p94)
Aerdrie Faenya Aerdrie%20Faenya.jpg CG Air, weather, avians, rain, fertility, freedom, wind instruments Bards, hermits, farmers, rural folk Cloud with bird silhouette, longsword 'Thunderblade' aerdrie%20faenya%20symbol.png ? (2E D&D Monster Mythology p23)
Alobal Lorfiril - The Reveler Alobal.jpg CG Hedonism, mirth, magic, revelry Rogues, bards, pleasure seekers, brewers and drinkers Cup of wine Alobal_Lorfiril%20symbol.jpg ? (3E D&D Races of the Wild p20)
Deep Sashelas Deep%20Sashelas.png CG Oceans, knowledge, creation, beauty, magic Those with an affinity for the sea or seek its secrets Dolphin, trident 'Trifork of the Deeps' Deep%20Sashelas_symbol.jpg ? (3E D&D Races of the Wild p21; 2E D&D Monster Mythology p87)
Elebrin Liothiel - The Celestial Gardner Elebrin.jpg CG Nature, gardens, orchards, harvest Wine makers, farmers, gardeners, druids Oak leaf, acorn, woven circlet Elebrin_Liothiel%20symbol.jpg ? (3E D&D Races of the Wild p21)
Hanali Celanil Hanali.jpg CG Love, romance, beauty, enchantments, magic item artistry, fine arts Artists, bards, magic item creators, half-elves Gold heart, dagger 'Shining Heart' Hanali%20symbol.jpg ? (3E D&D Races of the Wild p20; 2E D&D Monster Mythology p24)
Labelas Enoreth Labelas.jpg CG Time, longevity, the moment of choice, history Teachers, instructors, sages, bards Setting sun, quarterstaff 'The Timestave' Labelas_symbol.jpg ? (2E D&D Monster Mythology p25)
Solonor Thelandira Solonor.jpg CG Archery, hunting, wilderness survival Rangers, woodsmen, hunters, archers Silver arrow with green fletching, longbow 'Longshot' Solonor%20symbol.jpg ? (2E D&D Monster Mythology p25)
Rillifane Rallathil - Leaflord Rillifane.jpg CG Nature, woodlands Rangers, elves, druids Oak tree, quarterstaff 'The Oakstaff' Rillifane%20symbol.jpg ? Forgotten Realms wiki
Vandria Gilmadrith - Steelheart Vandria.jpg LN War, guardianship, justice, grief, vigilance, decision, strategy, co-operation Soldiers, warlords, commanders, tacticians, guards Eye with teardrop (sometimes of blood), longbow, greatsword Vandria_Gilmadrith%20-%20symbol.jpg ? (3E D&D Races of the Wild p23)
Erevan Ilesere Erevan.jpg CN Mischief, change, shapechanging, wine Rogues, fey, tricksters, protectors of the weak Starburst with asymmetrical rays, shortsword 'Quickstrike' Erevan_symbol.jpg ? (2E D&D Monster Mythology p23)
Fenmarel Mestarine Fenmarel.jpg CN Isolation, wilderness, survival Outcasts, scapegoats, hermits, exiles Pair of elven eyes in darkness, dagger 'Thornbite' Fenmarel_symbol.jpg ? (2E D&D Monster Mythology p24)


Many clans of halflings worship the standard deities whilst others still adhere to their old golds. Other clans and free-thinking individual halflings honor both equally. As such, halflings can add these deities to the core pantheon above or choose to venerate one or the other. (The old deities of the halflings are based on Eastern European gods and goddesses worshiped by the Slavic people, but also Finns and the people of the Baltic).

Many of these gods have influence over similar concepts. This is because they are very old gods and were likely venerated by halfling clans that lived in separate parts of the world. Some deities have been merged as different aspects of the same being and some would argue several of the different deities below are also aspects of same deity. The relationships between several of the deities also varies. Halflings don't tend to get too distressed over exactly who a deity is related to, as long as a deity is venerated for important occasions.

These old halfling deities all share influence over concepts very important to early halfling life, that is why there are several fertility/harvest deities for example. The clannish nature of halfling life ensured the continued importance of such deities. Early halflings travelled by chariot a lot, but modern adaptations of these gods have often replaced chariots with longboats.

Another thing people may find odd with these old gods is that several of them are more human or even dwarven looking. Halflings simply believe their gods are larger than they are. Some even speculate they were also early human and dwarf deities but the other races have forgotten them. It is also believed halflings used to be able to grow full beards but this trait was taken away from them by one of the main gods. Some say as punishment, but others simply imply it was to separate the gods from the mortals.

For more information on these deities (where role-playing references aren't listed in the table) head to Wikipedia or God Checker - Slavic Mythology.

Deity Name Alignment Spheres of Influence Favoured By Symbol(s) & Weapon Home (Sources/References)
Mokosh - Mother Earth Mokosh.jpg LG Fertility, home, healing, harvest, livestock Farmers, commoners, those hoping for children Sickle, crescent facing down, Mokosh-stones (breast-shaped boulders) Mokosh%20symbol.jpg In the earth. (3E D&D Dragon Magazine #290 p49)
Ukko Ukko.jpg LG Sky, weather Commoners, providers Lightning, curved hammer, boat-shaped axe Ukko%20symbol.jpg In the sky (3E D&D Dragon Magazine #290 p50)
Svarog (Dazhbog) - The Bright One Dazhbog.png LG Sun, light, life, shape-changing Farmers, adventurers, advisers, judges, diplomats, rulers Symmetrical cross within a circle Dazhbog%20symbol.jpg Diamond chariot or longboat in the sky (3E D&D Dragon Magazine #290 p47)
Gabija - Of the Hearth Gabija.jpg NG Hearth, home, family, protection Commoners A flame Gabija%20symbol.jpg In the fire (3E D&D Dragon Magazine #290 p48)
Saule - Mother Sun Saule.jpg NG Sun, fertility, music, weaving, life Farmers, bards, leaders, healers Sun, jug pouring sunlight, sunflower Saule%20symbol.jpg Flies across the sky in chariot drawn by two white horses, or longboat with white sails (3E D&D Dragon Magazine #290 p49)
Jurate Jurate.jpg CG Sea Sailors, fishermen, seafarers, coastal dwellers Piece of amber (her tears) Jurate%20symbol.jpg Mermaid that lives in amber palace at the bottom of the sea (3E D&D Dragon Magazine #290 p48)
Lada (Larila/Jarila) Lada.jpg LN Beauty, hope, love, joy, fertility Farmers, lovers, carers, those hoping for children, twins Sheaf of wheat, white swan Lada%20symbol.jpg On the world constantly shape-changing ?
Perun - The Thunderer Perun.png LN Thunder, storms, weather, rain, strength, justice Farmers, warriors, leaders Six-spoke wheel, bull Perun%20symbol.jpg Flies across the sky in chariot pulled by goats or a longboat with goat-head prow (3E D&D Dragon Magazine #290 p49)
Rod Rod.jpg LN Creation, fertility, family, protection, the elements, harvest, rozhanitsy (norns) Commoners Staff Rod%20symbol.jpg ? (3E D&D Dragon Magazine #290 p49)
Meness Meness.jpg N Moon, protection, fortune Warriors, rogues, night travelers, hunters Moon & stars, diamond sword Meness%20symbol.jpg Rides across the night sky in a chariot pulled by a grey horse or longboat with round grey sail (3E D&D Dragon Magazine #290 p49)
Svantovit - The Four-Faced, The All-Seeing Svantovit.jpg N War, bounty, prosperity, fortune Warriors, farmers Horn (war, cup, or of plenty), greatsword Svantovit%20symbol.jpg ? (3E D&D Dragon Magazine #290 p50)
Volos Volos.jpg N Cattle (and other horned animals), earth, water, forest, crops, wealth, underworld, music, trickery Herders, merchants, tradesmen, rogues, bards Horn, cattle, bear, wolf volos%20symbol.jpg ? (3E D&D Dragon Magazine #290 p50)
Zorya - The Auroras Zorya.png N Morning star, evening star, guardian of Simargl (doomsday hound), boldness, bravery, vigilance Soldiers, guards, commoners Single bright star, Simargl (winged hound), chains, axe Zorya%20symbol.jpg Bouyan - an island paradise to the west or east ?
Morena Morena.png N(E) Death, rebirth, winter, dreams Necromancers, shamans Raven, scythe, sickle, hourglass Morena%20symbol.jpg Frostfell ?
Lado (Larilo/Jarilo) Jarilo.jpg CN Fertility, physical love, indulgence, passion, vegetation, spring Farmers, lovers, warriors, those hoping for children, twins Sheaf of wheat, adult face in tree Jarilo%20symbol.jpg On the world constantly shape-changing (3E D&D Dragon Magazine #290 p48)
Stribog - Master of Winds, Scatterer of Wealth Stribog.jpg LE Winter, wrath Leaders Spear, old man blowing cold wind or ice Stribog%20symbol.jpg The northern sky (3E D&D Dragon Magazine #290 p49)
Baba Yaga - Death Crone Death%20Crone.jpg NE Magic, deception, corruption, hags Necromancers, spellcasters, outcasts Skulls, ravens, gnarled staff Death%20Crone%20symbol.jpg A magical hut in the deep forest (3E D&D Dragon Magazine #290 p48)
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