Iomandra History

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This page is created so that the further down the page you go, the further back you delve into Iomandra's history.


Recent History

Many of these events likely took place in your character's lifetime. They are from the last 20 years. (For longer-lived races, you may have to go back even further in history for life events). How did they impact you? Were you involved in any of them?

1374 DY

Current year (and starting year for our Waves of Destiny campaign.

Tamara (Midsummer)
  • Nerath - Singing Skull Island. The dragon Venomfang was killed before it could even establish itself as the rightful ruler of the island.
  • 14th. Summer Solstice.
  • 12th. Waves of Destiny campaign begins.
  • Nerath - Marckwild. Extraordinary large fish being caught of east coast of Lilistaan Peninsula. (Ongoing: temporary +1 Nature Connection)
Io’lor (Summer)
  • Nerath - Marckwild. Docks and market in southern village of Glass bay under construction. (Ongoing: +1 Nature Connection when complete)
Varuus (Spring)
  • Nerath - Marckwild. Floods throughout central region including along Cardinal River.
Zarenshar (Mid-spring)
  • Nerath - Marckwild. Greenspawn bandits, led by blackspaw raiders caused havoc along the east coast.
Lendys (Spring)
  • Nerath - Marckwild. Marckwild ships are attacked by ships of the Barony of Ravan in the central Nerath Sea. War was not declared as it appeared the ships went too close to Ravan, but relations became unfriendly.

1372 DY

  • Nerath - New Baron of Grekkenhar. When the old baron became very ill, he announced Mariekus Corrynar as his heir. Despite being from Serran, the large genasi proved to be a popular choice and was instated as baron with no opposition.
  • Nerath - Ambush Drakes on Marckwild. A pack on north of island caused several deaths. Pack was hunted and killed.
  • Nerath - Relations with the Coronal Guard of Cendriane. The baron of Marckwild hired several members as personal guards.

1370 DY

  • Nerath - New Baron of Whitestag. The half-elf Sathima Shadogray inherited the title from her mother. A great festival was held in her mother's honor as she departed for no-one is quite sure where. Most say Cendriane.

1369 DY

  • Nerath - Dragonspawn Attack the Baron or Marckwild. A mixed group of dragonspawn infiltrated the Baron Krell's keep, but fail in their attempt to assassinate him.
  • Nerath - Vestments of Rule for Baron of Marckwild. Following a visit by Sea King Mithrilstar, the baron was seen wearing the sea dragon scaled artifact once granted to lords of a dragon scion in a long lost part of Bael Nerath.

1368 DY

  • Nerath - Secluded Hall of Arcane Studies founded in Marckwild. With eladrin help a magical academy is established in the capital.

1367 DY

  • Nerath - New Baron of Stormhaven. Tagon Archwind deposed the previous baron who was keeping food from the poor.

1366 DY

  • Nerath - New Baron of Marckwild. After the previous baron (Randalithus, human sage) died in his sleep, Yorgen Krell (human bard) was elected the new baron.
  • Nerath - Eladrin House Lafrahd (Moonleaf) established in Marckwild. A new eladrin house arrives from the Feywild, bringing more magical might to the barony.

1364 DY

  • Nerath - New Baron of Clovencrag. Baron Steven Blacksword stepped straight into the shoes of previous baroness Higaldemira (also a half-elf). Higaldamira died going to the aid of her people in the north of the island during a cyclone.

1363 DY

  • Nerath - Blue Fire Rain in Marckwild. A storm of blue fire in the northeast results in several beasts in that area developing blue-fire magic abilities.

1361 DY

  • Nerath - Coral Drakes attacks near Marckwild. A vicious pack of coral drakes attacked several fishing vessels north of the island. After the attacks the pack disappeared as swiftly as it came.

1356 DY

  • Nerath - House Daeleth Arrives in Stormhaven. House relocated after the arrival of Ravan on that island.
  • Nerath - Dragon Overlord Arrives in Ravan. Baron Karl Mystrum III welcomes the arrival of the steel dragon, Ravan and the name of the island/barony is changed to her name.
  • Nerath - Stormhaven Dargon Overlord Disappears. After the baron hired adventurers to take out Skylarrinian (old female blue dragon), she disappeared before they could destroy her.
  • Nerath - Halfling Fleet Wrecked. A halfling fleet disappeared mysteriously off the west coast of Marckwild. Only signs that anything happened was debris washing up on the shore and rumours some halfling children were taken in.

1355 DY

  • Nerath - Whitestag Ambassador asked to leave Marckwild. Tensions over trade boil over between the two baronies. Neither has an ambassador in the other’s barony since this time.

Dragovar Time

This is the modern/middle history of Iomandra: the last millennia and a bit. The Dragovar Calendar is how most of Iomandra measures time now.

1351 DY

  • Nerath - Mount Rolnith erupted. The volcano on the independent Singing Skull island errupted and caused wide-spread devastation.

1349 DY

  • Nerath - New Baron of Hullroost. Current baron, Elythea von Aress, takes charge.

1345 DY

  • Arkhosia - Azunkhan IX (The Seeker). Takes the throne, but seems more interested in sailing the Dragon Sea. His sister, Kalavai, oversees most matters of state, dealing with the many bickering viziers.

1334 DY

  • Nerath - Death of Baron Skarvard. Baron of Baelcrest, Lord Skarvard, is killed at sea battling Kotar pirates. His son takes his throne to begin a lengthy rule that lasts until the present day.


  • Nerath - Formation of Barony of Baelcrest. The red dragon Xiphor flees its island. Lord Skarvard, a knight of a local order of dragon-slayers, names himself baron and renames the island Baelcrest.

1280 DY

  • Nerath - Clovencrag's Dragon Overloard Killed. The last dragon overlord was killed by the baron's forces. The dragon was a young white dragon that had only been overlord for a matter of years.
  • Nerath - Hullroost's Dragon Overlord Last Seen.

1278 DY

  • Nerath - Jerek von Ezengart becomes Baron of Vhessek.

1274 DY

  • Nerath - The Paladin Pirate saves Marckwild. Escalus he was called. He came from Kotar and warned the Baron of Marckwild about a Kotar fleet coming for the barony. Escalus not only warned the barony, he joined them in fighting off his kinsmen and then stayed on as a trusted right-hand man of the baron. He continued to lift standards of the watch in the capitals and helped the navy improve its capabilities. Some years later, Escalus vetured south to some small uncharted islands to deal with sahuagin, but he, his ship and crew were never seen again.

1206 DY

  • Nerath - Formation of the Lords' Alliance. Less than 100 years after the dissolution of the Trade Council, Bael Nerath had left itself to be invaded and taken over peace-meal. With no united banner, pirates and other factions had free will on the seas, as individual barons could not handle them. Talk of Arkhosia expanding also forced the Barons' hands. Unlike the Trade Council, the barons themselves could not side in the Lords' Alliance. Each was to send a delagate, as was any major faction in the region that had a vested interest in maintaining independence, but more importantly to to protect trade and prosperity of the people.

1166 DY

  • Nerath - Vhessek becomes Dragon Overlord. The black dragon overlord of this barony continues to torment the inhabitants until this day.

1138 DY

  • Arkhosia - Azunkhan VIII (The Wise).

1324 DY

  • Nerath - Official end of the Trade Council. Despite its edicts not being adhered to by various baronies for years, it was in this year (almost 400 years after its formation) that the barons officially ended the Trade Council.

986 DY

  • Nerath - Formation of the Trade Council. The baronies decide to unite for trade purposes and to show the Dragovar Empire they are a united people. The trade council brought together all barons. Tensions were often high and the effectiveness of the council was constantly questioned - though Arkhosia did not expand into Nerath as was expected.

901 DY

  • Arkhosia - Azunkhan VII (The Prophet).

874 DY

  • Nerath - Formation of Barony of Marckwild. Adventurers defeat the black dragon overlord and establish the Barony of Marckwild, building its capital on the bluff under which the dragon once laired. (Marckwild has remained free of a dragon overlord since).

753 DY

  • Arkhosia - Azunkhan VI (The Dragonking).

635 DY

  • Arkhosia. Emperor Azunkhan V, The Conquerer, added two months to the Iomandra Calendar, which better aligned the months to the seasons.

c600 DY

  • All - Rise of Falazure.

Around this time a dracolich deity made its presence known and soon there were many cults dedicated to the god. Many prophecies predicting the end of the world were associated with this being, but even now, 700 years later, it lingers in the shadows and dark places of the cosmos and people's minds.


  • Nerath & Arkhosia - Azunkhan V earns his name.

In the wake left by the Fall of Ashardalon, Azunkhan V makes a move and conquers much of Nerath.

c580 DY

  • Nerath - Fall of Ashardalon, Last Dragon Overlord of Grekkenhar.

The great red dragon Ashardalon was not content to just rule from his small volcanic island in central Nerath. By this time, his influence had spread to include what is most of the Nerathi islands today. Around this time Ashardalon attempted to use a place called the Bastion of Souls to become a god. Whether this succeeded or not is still debated. Some say adventurers stopped him, others believe he succeeded and some say he was simply destroyed, or became Falazure, the undead dragon god.

Following the 'fall' of Ashardalon, there were many minor quakes throughout his previous lands. Some said the earth just swallowed the castles built by cults dedicated to the dragon.

It is worth noting, Ashardalon, was the last dragon overlord of Grekkenhar. The people there have kept their island dragon-free for over 700 years.


499 DY

  • Arkhosia - Azunkhan V (The Conquerer).

348 DY

  • Arkhosia - Azunkhan IV (The Usurper). After his deluge of revolutionary proclamations, Azunkhan the III was assassinated by many scheming viziers who then placed his estranged son (Azunkhan IV) on the thrown. Strangely, his father's changes were upheld, but the new king did not venture to make any more drastic changes to draconic rule.

345 DY

  • Arkhosia - End of slavery and Divine Proclamation. Azunkhan the Mad abolishes slavery in the empire. He also acknowledges religions that follow gods other than Io, Bahamut, Tiamat or the dragon scions.

257 DY

  • Arkhosia - Azunkhan III (The Mad).

155 DY

  • Arkhosia - Azunkhan II (The Ravager).

1 DY

  • Arkhosia - Azunkhan I (The Great). Fortunately, the first emperor and child of the united rival dynasties was a strong leader, cementing the future reign of the Dragovar line. A new calendar was started to mark his ascension to the throne. He ruled and united the dragonborn for 155 years.

-25 DY

  • Arkhosia - Formation of the Dragovar Dynasty. Dragon and dragonborn prophets led two great dynasties, the Arkhosian and the Myrthon, to unification in the hope of ushering in a new time of peace. Instead it ushered in an age of corruption and political backstabbing. Feuds still exist between the differing dragonborn lines and the lust for power has gone mostly unchecked. Even though the Dragovar Dynasty grants Bahamut and Tiamat equal sway in its religious dealings, that still makes for many lustful and power hungry followers of Tiamat.

Time of Legends

This is the ancient and mythological history of Iomandra. Many of these events are likely separated by hundreds, if not, thousands of years.

New Empires

The dragonborn had to once again try and reassert themselves and in many places they did. But in other regions, other races held sway and ruled over island chains of their own. Dragonborn empires still fought each other as much as the other races, such that no unified group could take much ground, except in distant Maru-Qet and eventually, Arkhosia, where two great houses united to form the Dragovar.

Sibling Rivalry

Bahamut and Tiamat had complete different views on how to restore Iomandra and the dragonborn. Bahamut preached a closer relationship with the other races, whilst Tiamat sought their destruction. Bahamut felt the dragonborn would be better by learning from and becoming more like other races. Tiamat insisted they be more like her and started twisting dragonborn and other creatures to be more draconic. (In time, these became the now wide-spread Spawn of Tiamat, more commonly called just dragonspawn). Usually, some middle ground was taken by the dragonborn of Iomandra, where other races were conquered but taken into slavery again, or at least made an underclass. The rivalry grew between the proud siblings and Bahamut and Tiamat grew apart and never saw eye to eye again.

Io's Withdrawal

Having been calmed by his children and moved by their show of unity, Io withdrew to his timeless void, leaving Iomandra to Bahamut and Tiamat.

Io's Wrath

Io withdrew his remaining two children, Bahamut & Tiamat, back to his planar abode and unleashed a cataclysmic maelstrom upon Iomandra. Whole continents sank beneath the waves, empires were destroyed or even completely eliminated, but before all was lost, Bahamut and Tiamat intervened. They directly opposed their creator and many shattered islands were left on the world.

Dragon Gods Perish

During the endless warring, three of Io's godling children were killed. Need to add part here about the fall of each of the gods.

The Upheaval

Dragonborn empires started to turn on each other, slaves revolted, and the dragonborn hold over all races was in jeopardy. Io sent his dragon godling children to the world to take control, but in time they too turned on each other, further fracturing the dragonborn as their allegiances were divided.


The Tielflings

The humans of Bael Turath refused to be conquered and made a pact with arch devils and became the tiefling race. But even this drastic measure only worked for some time. Eventually the tieflings were also defeated by the dragonborn.

The Dragonborn

Io created the dragonborn. With help from the dragons and the dragon deities, dragonborn rapidly populated the world and were elevated to supreme importance. They conquered the other races, enslaved most and were chosen to rule unopposed alongside their dragon masters. Even with the appearance of dragonborn, it was still inherent to the world that the dragons were the true rulers.

Coming of the Humanoid Races

Io requested that other deities populate his world with their creations. Elves/Eladrin, dwarves, humans, halflings and other races populated Iomandra. In doing so, Io learned more of the other deities' secrets in humanoid creation.

Kobold Creation

Io created a race to serve his dragon children. Inspired by other deities, he created a humanoid race, but that race never quite lived up to Io's expectations. This race became know as the kobolds and they were closely tied to the dragons.

Io Created the World

With help from primordials (many of whom had to be bargained with or beaten into submission), Io created Iomandra as a playground for his scions, the dragons.

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