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PLEASE NOTE: All text in white boxes is from Christopher Perkins' blog posts on the Wizards of the Coast website. Archive link. Christopher Perkins also determined all the names of the months and days.


The old Arkhosian and Myrthok calendars were abandoned when the Dragovar dynasty formed. It is now the thirteen hundred and seventy-fourth Year of the Dragovar (1374 DY). Across Iomandra, it is widely held that there are 7 days in a week, 4 weeks in a month, and 12 months in a year. The days and months of the calendar year are as follows:

Days of the Week


Months of the Year

Chris Perkins initially named several of these months after dragon deities and well-known deities, though I did not know some of them (Varenshar, Varuuc, Erynian & Shivrah). I take it these were unique to his version of the setting. I have replaced these with other dragon deities and made some additions.

The suffix 'lor' is Draconic for 'the time of', but has also become the term for month.

Initially there were 10 months, each named after Io and his fallen children. Later, two months were added to the end of the year. There was debate to name these two months after the gods Bahamut and Tiamat, but it was decided that may prove a curse for the remaining dragon deities.

The first was named after a 'returned' draconic god going by the name Falazure. Many believe Falazure is a returned and undead Chronepsis, though it could also be what became of Ashardalon or some other mystery yet to reveal itself.

The last month was named after the greatest dragon of the time, the terrifying red dragon Ashardalon, the dragon that aspired to be a god. Some say he succeeded, others that he was defeated by a powerful group of adventurers at the Bastion of Souls and others still that both occurred and that Ashardalon and Falazure are the same being.

More information on Gone Gods (dragon deities) can be found on the Iomandra Religion page.

No. Month Name Season Notes
1 Hlal'lor Midwinter Named after the dragon god of humour, story-telling and inspiration. Hlal was the bard of Io's children.
2 Garyx'lor Late Winter Named after Garyx, the dragon god of fire, destruction and renewal.
3 Lend'lor Early Spring Named after the dragon god of justice. Lendys served as Io's judge.
4 Arran'lor Mid-Spring Named after Arranaxus, the dragon goddess of magic. She served Io as an adviser and creator of magical wonders.
5 Aaster'lor Late Spring Named after Aasterinian, the dragon goddess of learning, invention and pleasure. She was also Io's messenger.
6 Io'lor Early Summer Named after Io, the creator god known as the Ninefold Dragon, whom the world is named after. Io 'retreated' into the Void and left the world in the hands of his remaining children.
7 Tamara'lor Midsummer Named after Tamara, the dragon goddess of life, light and mercy. She was the healer of the dragon pantheon.
8 Chron'lor Late Summer Named after the dragon god Chronepsis, god of fate, death and judgement. He served as the judge of the dead and decided where dragon souls went.
9 Asti'lor Early Fall Named after Astilabor, the dragon goddess of status & wealth. A dragon's tendency to create a hoard comes from Astilabor's gift to dragon-kind.
10 Vivex'lor Midfall Named after the lesser dragon god, Vivexkepesk. He was the god of ferocity and combat and served as exarch and general to Bahamut.
11 Fal'lor Late Fall Named after the returned, undead dragon deity, Falazure, that made its presence known around the time the extra two months were added.
12 Ash'lor Early Winter Named after the great red dragon, Ashardalon, that ruled over much of central Iomandra prior to the two extra months being added.

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