House Verdana

House Verdana Caravan

This is the caravan the PCs signed up with in Dennovar. They are contracted (for 1sp/day) to accompany the caravan across Elsir Vale - their contract terminating when they reach Drellin's Ferry in the west.

Symbol of House Verdana


Artemis & Beasley Lobo - Halfling brother & sister


Artemis: Leader and merchant. Respectful; likes animals (esp horses); squints a lot; Dancer, plays lute. Drives wagon 1.
Beasley: In charge of security. Confident but cautious (always looking over should – esp for his sister). Dancer, plays flute.

Xerzed - Verrik


Introspective (comes across as aloof); refuses to use weapons; sits and stands tall and straight (maintains good posture always). Drives wagon 2.



Individualistic; hates fighting (will avoid melee at all costs); Healer; Drives Apparatus.

Ubada - Varag


Aggressive; likes to eat insects; kleptomaniac (collects lots of odd things to show how many lands she has crossed); Animal handler; Labourer; Hunter.

4 "Stumpy" Steppe Ponies
These are the four horses pulling the carts.
Bulldog: Male. Likes to bite. W1.
Whisper: Female. Quiet, old & obedient. White nose stripe. W1.
Fastfeet: Female. Maintains her Speed of 10. W2.
Princess Onyx: Female. ‘Leader’ of the horses. Has a very unusual black head. W2.

2 Wagons


Apparatus of Kwalish


4 more "Stumpies" for PCs to ride
Red Hunter: Female. Trained as warpony. Trouble-maker (tries to steal food/items, etc). Ridden by -
Jak Jak: Male. Dark mane and feet. Patch on right hind resembling a cowhead. Ridden by -
Taboo: Female. Stand-offish (acts almost aloof to other ponies). Darker dun hide. Ridden by -
Xia: Male. Trained as warpony. Likes to bite. Has sharpened teeth to attack. Relentless (hard to stop once going/fighting). Very long mane. Ridden by -

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