Hobs Log

Adventure Log 1

The Battle of Hobs Hill

Serpentday 5th to Bisonday, 6th of Bony Moon

  • The characters were in the Hammerfist Holds for various reasons and all decided to join the small dwarven force setting out from Dorrahig to put a stop to a large gathering of goblinoids at the nearby Hobs Hill.
  • The battle was going against the dwarves for the first day as the enemy controlled the heights and were lobbing rocks infused with arcane energy from the heights.
  • During the night some dwarven wizards crept around the hill and created temporary teleportation circles.
  • In the early hours of Bisonday (the 6th) the adventurers teleported onto the hill and took out the catapult and the enemies stationed there. Once warped ogre was killed but the robed arcane caster in charge (the group nicknamed it 'the Necromancer') escaped in a swirl of black mist.
  • Skirmishes and small battles continued for much of the day before the goblinoids fled.

Stalking Catday, 7th of Bony Moon

  • The dwarven force, along with the characters, packed up and returned to Dorrahig. The dwarves hold the adventurers in high regard.
  • The adventurers are given comfortable quarters near the Great Hall and spend the night getting to know each other, drinking in the nearby taverns and playing Three Dragon Ante (a dwarven card game).
  • The adventurers decided to stick together and form their own adventuring group. The dwarves quickly dubbed the group, 'The Heroes of Hobs Hill', so the group took the name 'Hobs Hill Heroes'.
Dorrahig%20-%20Red%20Stone%20gate.jpg Dorrahig%20Great%20Hall.jpg

Ravenday, 8th of Bony Moon

  • (This is where we will pick up play. The party are expected to meet the hold leader and receive an award).
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