Gyrian City States

Across the Golden Plains and far to the east of Elsir lies the coastal cities of Gyrian, where rich nobles rule in splendour and control trade between Arkhosia to the north and Bael Turath to the south.



The Gyrian city-states are mostly located on ports along the wooded coast of their realm. Large areas have been cleared for farming and many shepherds look after livestock in the western foothills. In all, the realm is wealthy, and life is good for the human citizens of Gyrian.

Gyrians are known for the use of behemoths (long, slender ones) as mounts and beasts of burden and many a family have pet lizards of some type too. It is unknown when this obsession with lizard-like beings originated, but it is certainly ingrained in the Gyrian culture.

Gyrian culture has a large, highly codified set of laws that visitors find very hard to follow. Strangely, laws are written to favour the fortunate.




One of the central city-states.

Home to the thieves guild 'The Untamed'.

  • Hobs Hill Heroes. The elf Syris is from this city-state.





The predominant and ruling people of the Gyrian City-states are fair-skinned and haired humans. Eyes are typically of any colour, though green and hazel are most common. Despite being well-off they are known as a humble and superstitious folk that place a lot of value in fortune and fate. Good luck is always a sign of better things to come, just as poor fortune bodes ill for the near future. In fact the rich oligarchic councils that rule the cities are changed according to the luck one experiences. It is a strange ruling set-up to most visitors, but Gyrians know no other way; so if a noble was to lose his post on a council they would realise it is for the common good…and in general, folks of Gyria are good in nature.

Trade is helped by the sea-kin that protect the cities' harbours and boats. It is not unusual to see sea-kin wandering the streets of most ports.

Living between the two cultures, and being strong trading partners with both, it is not surprising that dragonborn and tieflings can be found in the city-states. Most are there as members of trading houses, though many a dragonborn is employed as a bodyguard and several tieflings find employment in more nefarious pursuits in a land where money is plentiful. Whilst within the cities of Gyria, these two races have sworn to keep the peace, but still, locals do all they can to keep the two races separate, setting up taverns and businesses to cater for one and not the other.

Although small in number, elves live in the surrounding woods and even amongst the Gyrians in the cities. In general they are seen as a poor and unlucky race and form a kind of underclass to the humans. Their fey brethren, the eladrin, however, do not form an underclass and are actually highly regarded in Gyrian society. In fact, many feel it is having trade with these dwellers of the Feywild that has lead the region to such prosperous times. Most cities have connections to an eladrin realm in the Feywild and many eladrin spend a lot of their time in or even settle in the human cities.

Common enemies of the Gyrians include: giants (earth giants in the hills, storm giants on islands and in the sea), cyclops (that followed eladrin from the Feywild and destroyed the city of Haven Harbour in the south), and kobolds (a common encounter in the inland hills).







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