The Golyan Islands are a wilderness and therefore an explorer’s haven. What islands are shown on maps are approximations or based upon single journeys. Few have been charted more than once and due to the mostly hostile reception most explorers receive from the locals, even less is known of the islands’ interiors. Forest, swamp, moor and vast prairies dominate the lowlands surrounding the mountain chains. A great glacier is said to dominate a northern island that lies close the Frostfell.

Larger islands are said to belong to militant trolls and chorrim, and large humanoids similar in appearance to goliaths, but far more savage. Most serve dragon overlords from what information has been gathered. A kobold presence supports these claims, but there have been no sightings of other draconic folk, other than primitive lizardfolk. Intelligent octopi in the seas and tall, furred, tree-top dwelling humanoids have also been reported.

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