Gar Morra

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When the continents of Iomandra sank into the Dragon Sea, more than three-quarters of the dwarven kingdom of Gar Morra, in eastern Arkhosia, suddenly found itself underwater. The great mountains of Gar Morra now form large rocky islands riddled with caves.



Freed from the tyranny of the dragonborn dynasties, the dwarves of Gar Morra returned to their ancestral kingdom to rebuild their strongholds, only to discover their islands overrun with orcs and the once friendly buso, nothing but degenerate and hideous savages. For centuries now, the dwarves have been warring with the orcs, pushing them deeper down into the mountains. In the process, they’ve discovered large air pockets — vast cavern labyrinths filled with monsters far worse than orcs. The dwarves refer to this sprawling network of caverns as the Hollowdark, and they would like nothing more than to rebuild their great kingdom in its protective depths.

Around half of the main islands still have dragon overlords, though more than one dragon has been found in the depths below several islands too. The dwarves are generally happy to serve a metallic dragon, but despise the chromatics and have done well to eliminate several of those already.




The southern island of Iomak is under the rule of a copper dragon that rumours suggest has been there since before the rise of the Dragovar Empire of Arkhosia. Dominating the island is a low, rugged mountain spine, whose heights hold deposits of strange purple crystal purported to safeguard those who wear it from the ravages of Io’s Fire. Placed into amulets and talismans these are traded to Arkhosia and beyond, thanks to the frequent visits of the Sea Kings.


Known as the City of Granite by the humans that visit the port beneath the mountain, Uruz is typical for a dwarven city in Gar Morra. It is built completely within a mountain. It is located on the western shore of Harrak Island (third from the top). The city has three main levels and houses thousands of dwarves.



Dwarves battling orcs is the common theme on most islands. Buso savages prowl and surface areas of forest or swamp and dwell in caves. Surviving dragonborn clans serve as an underclass of dwarven society, but willingly help them combat their enemies. The people here are grim, but determined.
Stone drakes are favourite companions of the dwarves.



In addition to rebuilding Gar Morra, the dwarves want to recuperate their lost wealth. Beneath the Dragon Sea lie the ruins of dwarf kingdoms and warded vaults filled with gold and other treasure that the dwarves aren’t willing to abandon. Consequently, the dwarves of Gar Morra are anxiously launching expeditions to these ancient sites to recover what they can.



The Berserkers

Berserkers are elite savage warriors that go into an unstoppable rage when they enter battle. Although honoured for their fighting prowess, they are forever removed from normal dwarven society and live in ghettoes throughout the holds of Gar Morra.
When a dwarf chooses to join the berserkers, he or she severs ties with normal dwarven life. Their skills are highly valued in the wars against the orcs.
Class & Concept Options

  • Raging Berserker - paragon path (4E Advanced Player's Guide p65).

Brotherhood of the Broken Chain

A very respected order by the dwarves and most would do their utmost to help them, though there is little work for them in Gar Morra, except to liberate slaves from the orcs.
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(See 3E D&D Player's Handbook 2)
A collection of clans concentrated in the southern islands, Winterveins are a cross between a nomadic tribe and a crusading army, continually delving deeper and deeper into the depths to carve out new lands for their brethren, whilst taking the fight directly to the orcs and aberrations of the deep.

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