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Forum to discuss the site in general, not specific settings.
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For Q's regarding this site (not specific settings) :)
420by ElsmithElsmith
18 Aug 2019 14:21Jump!
ATHAS - Dark Sun
Forums for this setting.
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For Q's and ideas regarding the setting of Dark Sun
628by ConnorsConnors
13 May 2019 03:51Jump!
For discussion of rules & tools specific to Dark Sun.
414by ConnorsConnors
17 Jun 2019 01:10Jump!
Broken Shackles Campaign
Campaign proposed for Ballarat group.
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Questions & discussion specific to Broken Shackles campaign.
22by ConnorsConnors
15 Jun 2019 06:50Jump!
Desert elf wizard
114by ChaddyChaddy
15 Jun 2019 07:00Jump!
Half-elf water cleric
19by ConnorsConnors
20 Jun 2019 02:57Jump!
Half-giant barbarian
13by Taliesin23Taliesin23
12 Jun 2019 03:03Jump!
Scorched Freedom Campaign
Specific forum for our campaign set on Athas.
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Q's etc about this group.
29by ConnorsConnors
16 Nov 2018 02:40Jump!
NPC shared by group.
Played by Nicko.
Played by Blair
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To chat about the actual Vale and inhabitants.
417by ConnorsConnors
23 Jun 2019 02:47Jump!
To discuss rules and adaptations specific to Elsir.
Scales of War Campaign
For the campaign played in Wyche, set in the Elsir Vale.
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For questions about this campaign (not the setting for Elsir vale).
1077by ConnorsConnors
17 Sep 2019 13:43Jump!
Human Paladin played by Angus
11by ConnorsConnors
05 Aug 2019 06:19Jump!
Half-Elf Ranger played by Paddy
38by ConnorsConnors
05 Aug 2019 04:14Jump!
Wood Elf Warlock played by Debra
512by ConnorsConnors
08 Aug 2019 05:15Jump!
Halfling druid played by Eric
713by ConnorsConnors
15 Aug 2019 01:03Jump!
Hill Dwarf Fighter played by Barry
410by ConnorsConnors
08 Aug 2019 05:29Jump!
Minotaur Cleric played by Jason
725by ConnorsConnors
07 Aug 2019 06:44Jump!
Ratling Rogue played by Lincoln
430by ConnorsConnors
17 Aug 2019 09:27Jump!
Ratling Wizard played by Lachlan
435by ElsmithElsmith
25 Aug 2019 09:24Jump!
Longtooth Shifter Fighter played by Amy
411by ConnorsConnors
09 Aug 2019 02:15Jump!
For the setting by //Monty Cook Games// by Bruce R. Cordell.
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Q's and discussion based upon the actual setting.
Q's and discussion about game mechanics, stats, etc specific to this setting.
IOMANDRA & the Dragon Sea
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Discussion about the people of places of the islands.
743by ConnorsConnors
03 Apr 2019 04:39Jump!
Specific, rules related questions, such as racial features etc.
214by ConnorsConnors
09 Nov 2017 01:55Jump!
Waves of Destiny Campaign
For everything specific to this campaign set on Iomandra.
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Q's etc for this campaign specifically.
25346by ConnorsConnors
21 Apr 2019 12:25Jump!
Dragonborn Cleric - played by Shane
520by VampreyVamprey
20 Apr 2019 03:53Jump!
Eladrin Fighter Wizard - played by Nicko
742by ConnorsConnors
12 Apr 2019 04:47Jump!
Eladrin Sorcerer - played by Shane
311by ConnorsConnors
02 Jul 2018 07:42Jump!
Human Fortune Fighter - played by Shane
214by VampreyVamprey
21 Apr 2019 14:03Jump!
Half-elf Bard - played by Blair
531by ConnorsConnors
20 Apr 2019 09:24Jump!
Halfling Rogue - played by Angus
12by ConnorsConnors
21 Oct 2017 12:07Jump!
Half-elf Paladin - played by Chaddy
327by ConnorsConnors
13 Apr 2019 11:45Jump!
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Questions, ideas etc about the actual setting.
Specific rules for Kodo inc races etc.
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To discuss the dark age setting and inhabitants.
For any specific house rules for this setting.

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