Elsir History

History of Eledros

Years are measured in years since the founding of the Nerathi Empire. N.F = Nerathi Founding.


Recent history

(Last 100 years)

728 N.F

(Elsir Vale) - Battle of Hob's Hill
Dwarves of the Hammerfist Holds confront a large warband of goblionoids. Fearing that the horde was a resurrection of the Red Hand horde, reality turned out to be worse. The horde was led by a tall cloaked figure who was protected by ogres that had clearly been warped in some way. Some have suggested they resemble shadow ogres from the Shattered Lands. In any case, there was clearly an aberrant element behind the small army.
(Elsir Vale) - Warping of the Marth Forest
Creatures from the forest are reported to have tentacles and even the trees have eyes and tentacles. Rumours spread that something aberration-related is going on in or under the woods.
(Elsir Vale) - Retaking of The Blood Keep
With the help of House Trask soldiers and a band of The Watchers adventuring group, Lady Dogra reclaimed her family keep from the Lostafinga hobgoblin tribe.
(Elsir Vale) - Starting year for the Scales of War campaign.

727 N.F

(Elsir Vale) - Baron Trask of Elsircross took over the rulership of Red Rock.
Trask negotiated with the mining guild.
(Elsir Vale) - Lady Verassa Kaal, the head of the Kaal Merchant House, died of natural causes.
She had been instrumental in funding and planning the defense of Brindol during the Red Hand invasion. Her niece, Desislava took control of the house.
(Elsir Vale) - The Han-Fael elven tribe of the Witchwood Left the Forest.
The elves could no longer live in the dying forest and sought shelter with the Tiri-Kitor elves of the Blackfens.
(Elsir Vale) - Rocc established the Watchers Guildhall in Brindol.
This was started in the shop and smithy he purchased. This was the beginning of the Watchers - a guild of adventures sworn to protect the people of the Elsir Vale and fight evil wherever it appears.

725 N.F

(Elsir Vale) - The ancient ruler of Marthton, Lord Erethal Rethrew, passed away without a direct heir.
Lord Trask (of Elsircross) took advantage of this opportunity and sent his soldiers to take over the town. (House Trask remains in charge of Marthton).

724 N.F

(Elsir Vale) - Leader of the druid circle, The Keepers of Eth (in the Witchwood) was found dead at her sacred circle.
There were no signs of what had killed her. After this, the druids cut ties with the people of Witchcross.

723 N.F

(Elsir Vale) - The bridge over the Dwarf Road to the northwest of the Elsir Vale was rebuilt.
It was destroyed by the Watchers to hinder the advancement of the Red Hand Horde five years earlier.
(Elsir Vale) - Rocc The Watcher purchased a shop and smithy side by side in Brindol.
Rocc invited his dwarven friend, Kulkin Stonedelve of Red Rock, down to run the smithy.


718 N.F

(Elsir Vale) - The Battle of Brindol.
Summer. The Red Hand Horde under the leadership of Wyrmlord Azhur Khul (mounted on the great red dragon Abithriax) reached the prepared town. Giants tried to weaken the fortifications of Brindol in the first wave, but were quickly sorted by the heroes known as The Watchers and a detachment of Brindol Lions. The Watchers were instrumental in defeating the horde, the invasion of the vale ended here. They had also led negotiations with the dwarves of Hammerfist Holds who had sent an army to assist.
(Elsir Vale) - The Watchers appeared in the sky over the city of Brindol.
They came through a portal following the dragon-mounted Azhur Khul - after battling him in the Fane of Tiamat. The wild elves of Rhest rescued the falling heroes. The elves were in Brindol thanks to another forged alliance by The Watchers.
(Elsir Vale) - The Disappearance of the Witchwood's Heartstone.
The elves of the Han-Fael tribe that call the Witchwood noticed the Heartstone had been taken from the Heart Tree in the centre of the woods. Many elves of quested for it since.

717 N.F

(All) - The Fall of Bahamut.
A comet was sighted for two nights falling towards the southern horizon. This was the body of the god Bahamut falling from the Astral Sea after being defeated by Tiamat.
(Elsir Vale) - Lady Celiira Nestern took charge of Talar.
Celiira returned from travels to take rulership over the town of Talar upon her father's death.

709 N.F

(Elsir Vale) - Death of Grythaxin, the Red Dragon of Cinder Hill in the Witchwood.
This red dragon that terrorised travellers on the Dawn Way was killed by heroes from the Endless Plains.

690 N.F

(Golden Plains) - Large tribes of shifters migrated from the Endless Plains and other parts in the north to the Golden Plains.
On arrival they immediately unsettled the relationships in the area. They opposed the ruling naga and helped liberate several wemic tribes.

630 N.F

(Elsir Vale) - Nezumi (ratlings) leave the Marth Forest.
The local human lords, the Parlfrays, also left the forest at this time. They supposedly had a large keep in the forest. Few nezumi today know why they left the forest, but when they return, they feel very uneasy. Some remember stories of 'Those from Below' and the 'Tentacled Ones'.


Middle History

From the founding of the Kingdom of Nerath until 100 years ago.

560 N.F

(The Sunken Lands) - The Far Realm comes into contact with the world and the lands now known as the Sunken Lands come into being.

559 N.F

(Arkhosia & New Turath) - End of the Great war between Arkhosia & Bael Turath.

522 N.F

(Elsir Vale) - Fall of Rhestilor.
The city was abandoned after being burned by a goblinoid horde from the Wyrmsmoke Mountains. (Civil strife, monstrous incursions and a few magical blights had already weakened the realm).

400 N.F

(Golden Plains) - Crusading dragonborn seeking the primordial Mual-Ta arrive in the Golden Plains.
The dragonborn encountered the naga, whom they agreed to help return to power by helping to subjugate tribes of wemics and brayhan. The dragonborn stayed to work with the serpent folk of their veneration.

371 N.F

(New Turath) - Several Houses of humans from Bael Turath enter into a grand ritual with devils, transforming them into the first members of the tiefling race.

216 N.F

(Elsir Vale) - Kingdom of Rhestilor (a part of the Empire of Nerath) is established around the city of Rhest.
Secured all the roads to Dennovar and most of the Elsir Vale. Tiny hamlets throughout the region, especially along the Dawn Way grew around this time.

c 100 N.F

(Thornwaste) - Plight of the Kossoch Forest.
Long the traditional home of elves in the region, the hills, scrub and forest of Kossoch is taken over by an evil presence. Trees and thorns are given sentient life with evil disposition. Thorn blights, as most were called by the elves, began killing all other life and destroying their own habitat. Destructive magical weather also scoured the land. Over the next few decades the elves defeat the thorn blights, but not before their lovely forests and hills became the dusty badlands of the Thornwaste that is still there today. (Not many know, but learned elves know the destruction was caused by the loss of the Kossoch's Heartstone. Such an event leads to the loss of vegetation and life in any region).

0 N.F

(Shentulka & Elsir Vale) - The Founding of the Nerath Kingdom.
Nerath was mostly in the lands of Shentulka, to the north of current day Elsir Vale.


Ancient History

Prior to the founding of the Kingdom of Nerath.

c -500 N.F

(Elsir Vale & The West) - Fall of the Dwarven Empire.

c -800 N.F

(Arkhosia) - The fall of the drow empire of Viirdansalek.
This realm under the northern part of Arkhosia was destroyed by strange creatures described as being from 'The Realm of Nightmares'. The drow named them the Quori. The drow only existed in isolated communities after this defeat.

c -1,200 N.F

(Gyrian City-States, New Turath & Arkhosia) - Small cities on the eastern coast develop sailing ships.

c -2,000 N.F

(Endless Plains, Gyrian City-States & Shentulka) - Kobold numbers increased markedly.
No one knows why, but populations of these scaled folk bloomed at this time.

c -2,600 N.F

(Elsir Vale) - Hurgrimm's Face carved into Dorrahig Hold's entrance
Fourth generation dwarves honored the hold's father by carving his giant head around the water fall at the hold's entrance. They also built a dam.

c -3,000 N.F

(Elsir Vale) - The first Shentulka people moved into the region of Elsir Vale.
Elsir Vale was part of the Dwarven Empire at the time and the dwarves welcomed the Shentulka, who settled in the woods and plains of the vale.

c -3,300 N.F

(Elsir Vale & Golden Plains) - Dwarves improved relations with the intelligent serpents (nagas) that lived in the badlands and hills between Elsir Vale and the coast.
The dwarves trade gems for the knowledge of arcane magic.

c -3,600 N.F

(Elsir Vale) - Dwarf Hold of Dorrahig established
Hurgrimm Ironfist, a cleric of Moradon from nearby hold of Tharbarhak, established a new hold to the east. He claimed something drew him to the range of red hills here. it was later claimed it was the Heartstone of the Wyvernwatch Mountains that drew him here, as it was soon discovered after tunneling the hold.

c -3,900 N.F

(Elsir Vale) - The Dwarven Empire was at its peak.
Great mountain holds and extensive roads were built and trade had been established with most surrounding civilised races. In fact, the dwarves were recruited to help other races build their realms.

c -4,000 N.F

(Elsir Vale & Shentulka) - Arrival of the Nerathi.
The first 'pale-skinned' humans made their presence felt in the region, rising to power in the north, slaying and displacing the native Shentulka people. These new humans became known as the Nerathi (Nerathans in modern terminology) and their lands, Nerath.

c -4,500 N.F

(Elsir Vale) - Dwarves from 'The West' move east and establish the beginning of the Dwarven Empire in the Wyrmsmoke Mountains.
Their realm later spread to the Giantshield Mountains and created roads to more distant regions that other races began to populate, especially along the eastern coast.

c -4,900 N.F

(Elsir Vale) - Trolls establish themselves as a major presence in the Underdark.

c -5,000 N.F

(Arkhosia) - First known civilizations of the dragonborn in Arkhosia.
Origins unknown, though most suspect they came from the Underdark.

c -5,200 N.F

(Endless Plains, The West & Elsir Vale) - The dwarves settle the Stonehome Mountains.
The city of Overlook is built on the eastern slopes (overlooking the Endless Plains) and Bordrin's Watch was built in the mountains to watch the Sunken Lands.

c -5,900 N.F

(The West) - The end of the dwarven 'Age of Chains'.
The dwarves of the West threw off the shackles of slavery and scattered their giant and orc slavers.

c -6100 N.F

(Arkhosia) - Wars in the Deep.
The drow in the far northeast battle great dragons and their creations for hundreds of years. The wars peter out with both sides taking heavy losses. (Rumours suggest that dragonborn were created/bred for this war).

c -7,000 N.F

(Endless Plains) - Gnolls first migrated into the region from the south west tropics.

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