Drellins Ferry

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Town Council


Town Speaker - Norro Wiston

Has been town speaker for some years. Tall, hard-working businessman. Winston's Manor (#3 on map).
Red Hand Campaign: Addressed the crowd at the 'Old Bridge Inn' and led the PCs to the old Toll House to negotiate a deal. Seems to be a solid leader, but obviously has not had to deal with attacks of this magnitude before. Was very thankful of the PCs' offer of help.


Captain of the Watch - Soranna Anitah

Tall. Strict.
Red Hand Campaign: Also present at the inn and toll house meetings. She seemed more aware of the trouble the town was in. Has attended each meeting with the PCs and led the guards in the fight at the stables.

Kellin Shadowbanks - Halfling, Propietor of the Old Bridge Inn

Wears a broad-belted waistcoat. Seems rather affable and willing to please. Old Bridge Inn (#10 on map)
Red Hand Campaign: Hosted the initial meeting (unwillingly), but was too busy to accompany the group to the Old Toll House. He clearly would do anything for the goblin raids to stop. Whilst his inn is full on merchants, it is too busy and the clients too angry to spend good coin.


Tall man with a halo of tangled white hair. A miserly, stubborn, wealthy land-owner. Has ill-tempered hounds that frighten children (and others) away from his estate.
Red Hand Campaign: PCs know little of this older man, though he clearly is wealthy. He missed the first meeting and joined the PCs and other councillors on their way to the Toll House. He seemed to have little concern for the goblin raids.

Rolfe Hamman

Not actually a town council member, this old, skinny man with coppery skin tones is the town scribe and often sits in on meetings to take notes (Red Hand Campaign: as he did when the PCs met at the Tollhouse).

Locations & Groups

Cheesemakers - Hasanak

Hasanak is an odd dwarf, that seems rather leery, but sells great goatmilk cheese shot through with all kinds of mold and fungi.

Delora's Livery Stable (#12 on map)

Delora is a retired adventurer (tall, broad-shouldered, wears blonde-grey hair pulled back in single braid). She is a plain-speaking, no nonsense sort of woman.
Red Hand Campaign: Some PCs met her when they helped stable the ponies there with Beasley. The goblinoid raid ruined much of her fencing and half of her stock were killed or escaped.

Drellin's Ferry (#14 on map)

The actual ferry is run by Drathgar, the great-nephew of Drellin himself.
Red Hand Campaign: He was amiable to the PCs and has struck up conversation on a number of occasions during the 6 minute crossing of the Elsir.

Gausler's Brewhouse (#16 on map)

Occupies the old stone barracks from Rhestilorian days. It still has lion imagery around the top and over the doors. Gausler is a half-orc that was brought to Drellins Ferry as a boy and raised by the locals.

The Green (#2 on map)

Town centre. A broad grassy field where children play and farmers from outlying homesteads sell their produce.

Jarett's Sundries (#11 on map)

A general store that specialises in adventuring and traveling goods. Run by the rude and rugged female, Jarett.

Jendar's Warehouse (#17 on map)

Large establishment on western bank of river.
Red Hand Campaign: Recently it has been at bursting point, as caravans are not prepared to travel north along the road. With the raids on the town and the road still closed however, merchants have moved back across the river to the safety of the town or taken off back east into the Vale.

Morlin's Smithy (#5 on map)

Run by the outspoken dwarf smith whose skills are renouned. He is even capable of forging magical weapons.
Red Hand Campaign: PCs have had favourable dealings with the dwarf and his workers, trading weapons, etc.

The Old Ones (#19 on map)

A sacred grove with standing stones in the woods on the west blank. It is tended by the well-meaning, young half-elf druid Avarthel.
Red Hand Campaign: He supplied Kwahu with herbal components and welcomed the old man to the grove anytime.

Shrine of Pelor (#6 on map)

Actually a small church on the side of the road on the northeastern edge of town. Run by Brother Derny - a stout, old man who can be pompous and preachy (especially when he drinks).
Red Hand Campaign: Is completely in awe of Elyas, who he has helped with rituals, etc.

Sterrel's Provisioning (#18 on map)

Caters mostly to merchant caravans and adventurers. Includes mounts and riding gear.

Zenar's Spring

The large spring on the edge of the trees north of town has been dammed and fills a small lake there. The water is exported and serves as the town’s fresh supply. The water is a cloudy teal colour, but tastes fine.

Other NPCs

Kakeeli Lichtus

A practicioner of arcane magic (and possibly a hag). She lives in a hovel by the southeastern copse of trees.

Sergeant Hersk

Finely waxed moustache.
Red Hand Campaign: (Deceased): Member of the guard that the PCs dealt with on their way into town. He died in the goblin raid on Drellin's Ferry.

Sertieren the Wise (Halfling artificer; Manor #7 on map)

Lives in mansion (supposedly haunted) overlooking the river. Middle-aged, wears spectacles and has a mop of shrivelled grey-white hair. Though a recluse, he seems highly regarded around the community.
Red Hand Campaign: Smiley visited him and made a good impression when trading magic items.

Thasalak Onecast

This dwarf's name has come up as the butt of several jokes or jibes, especially from the children of the town. He seems to be a wild and eccentric fellow that spends most of his time fishing on the riverbank - apparently half-naked.

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