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Born out of the demise of the shadowy Order of Ancient Mysteries, the Deeplantern Guild was founded ten years ago by a band of human and halfling entrepreneurs who realized the vast spoils that wait to be discovered at the bottom of the Dragon Sea. The Deeplanterns plan extensive forays into the lost ruins of sunken empires. They also keep a sizable percentage of what they find, which enables them to fund future expeditions without the need to rely on benefactors. The Deeplantern Guild can also be hired to find anything that’s been lost at sea, including sunken ships and precious cargo.
The guild has representatives in every city and raft-town, and they’re always looking for new members. Members are required to deal honestly and maintain an adventurous spirit. Members of the guild also enjoy several perks, including sea-travel discounts and free access to water breathing magic.
Class & Concept Options

  • Guild Pathfinder - as 4E D&D Pathfinder ranger paragon path (4E D&D Player's Handbook).

Renown & Ranks

Independent Seeker (Renown 3+, Rank 1)
As an independent seeker, you have a considerable latitude in your choice of missions you undertake for the guild. When you achieve this rank you can request any of the following benefits when you visit a Deep Lantern's guildhall, prior to an expedition:

  1. Free ship travel to a nearby island/site.
  2. A coin or other item with a continual flame spell cast upon it.
  3. Potion of Climbing
  4. Potion of Water Breathing

Guild Master (Renown 3+, Rank 1, must be the beneficiary of a rogue's stronghold dedicated to the Deep Lanterns).
As well as the followers and features granted for having a stronghold, you gain the ability to bestow Deep Lantern charms as a ritual on yourself or other members of Rank 2 (see Deep Seeker below). You must be in your stronghold to perform this ritual. You can bestow a number of charms each day equal to your rank in the guild plus the level of your stronghold.

Deep Seeker (Renown 10+, Rank 2)
If you visit a guildhall, you gain a Deep Lantern charm at the start of each mission you undertake on the guild's behalf. There must be a Guild Master (see special role) present to bestow this charm.
See 5E D&D Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica chapter 5 for how Guild Charms work in general.

When you activate this charm, you can cast freedom of movement, spider climb or water breathing. All of these spells have a target of self only. Once any of the three spells is cast, the charm vanishes.

Members & Contacts

Phandalin Chapter
Established in the woodcarver's building of Phandalin, Tamara'lor 1374 DR by a band of adventurers that banished a band of ruffians from the town.

LEVEL 1 STRONGHOLD - ESTABLISHMENT (page 35) & ROGUE'S DEN (page 59 of Strongholds & Followers by MCDM Productions)
Guildmaster. Todd (halfling rogue/sorcerer/fighter).
Operations Manager. Ariana Nightcloak (human guild adept).
Members. Lugh (half-elf bard); Darus (dragonborn water cleric); Katar Daeleth (eladrin eldritch knight); Kavae'lee Daeleth (eladrin wild sorcerer archer).
Extras. Tarhun (alehouse drake living in rafters); Greenblood (lizardfolk rescued from lynch mob and given protection here); Dendrar family (widow Merna, daughter Isla, son Lars - who is continuing woodcarving. The family have agreed to share their business with the Deeplantern Guild - otherwise they would have had to shut the doors).

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