Eladrin House Daeleth


"Eternal White/Winter".


Type. Tribe - Eladrin House.
Level. 2
Model Culture. Eladrin (4E D&D)
Location. Stormhaven (primarily in the South-West).
Current Situation. Have only recently arrived on Stormhaven and are currently the only Eladrin House there.
Description. House Daeleth is comprised of only Eladrin, with the exceptions being a human wizard and an elven rogue who have married into the House. Occasionally, outsiders will be given honorary inclusion into the House as a reward for some deed of importance, though there are none at this time.


Realm Stat Modifier
Arcane Attunement +1
Corruption -1
Crime +1
Danger +0
Economy +2
Historical Lore +1
Law -11
Nature Connection +1
Piety +0
Society +2


Color Affinity. Members of House Daeleth favour the colours green and white.
Barterers. House Daeleth depends on barter for the majority of its transactions, be this in the form of goods, magic or services/labour.
Prosperous. While they do not place great store in money as such, House Daeleth are industrious and are owed goods and services from many other groups, families and government officials within Stormhaven and beyond.
Unique Magical Abilities. House Daeleth is known for its wizards & mage-blades, but even more so for having a large number of sorcerers within its ranks.



Citizen Race %. Eladrin 99%, Other 1%.
Total Population. 180.

Government & Rulers

Type of Government - Meritocracy/Pedocracy.
Matron Renna Daeleth. Eladrin CG.

Relations with other realms
Realm Relations
Marckwild government Helpful
Stormhaven govermnent Helpful
House Aergilean (Marckwild) Helpful
House Lafrahd (Marckwild) Friendly
House Ty'avel (Marckwild) Indifferent
Deep Lanterns Guild Indifferent

As House Daeleth is willing to trade with nearly anyone they are generally seen as friendly and have good relations with most others.

Law, Military & Fortifications

Military Might. House Daeleth's fighting force consists mostly of mage-blades, wizards and sorcerers, along with a few rangers. They are led and instructed by Ilrune (CG, Fighter/Mage) and his staff.
House Estate. House Daeleth has a small estate to the west of Highpoint which is well guarded and protected by magic & mage-blades. This is also the home of Matron Renna.

Magic (Arcane & Psionic)

Known for its mage-blades, wizards and sorcerers.
The current Archmage of the house is Faylen.

Religion (Divine Magic)

Dominant Religion Members of House Daeleth primarily worship the standard elven gods along with a few Arch-Fey.

Society, Arts & Entertainment

Citizen Alignment - Neutral Good-Chaotic Good
Citizen Attitude - Happy

Woodwind instruments are particularly popular with House members and many have intricate carvings on them. House Daeleth sorcerers sometimes combine a woodwind instrument into their arcane focus (wand/rod).

Underworld & Crime

There is virtually no crime within the House, though there are members who specialize in the more stealthy and shady pursuits.


Each member of the House is free to barter whatever they
own or their own services with whomever they wish.

Subsistence. Trade, magic
Trade Resources. Animal Products (meat, fur, horn, leather goods) & associated small goods made from these items; Precious Metals (gold) - found in the streams running from the hills to the west coast.


Members of the House not involved in martial or magical pursuits, spend their time working (carving, leather working etc) the animal products supplied by the House's few hunters who wander the south-west of Stormhaven, hunting and gathering to provide the items.


Recent Events (Last year)
Month Event Notes (such as ongoing)
Recent History (Last 20 years)
Year Event Notes (such as ongoing)
1356 DY House arrived in Stormhaven. House Daeleth arrived in Stormhaven only recently (18 years) but have already made their mark, trading readily and building on unused lands to the west of Highpoint. No one from the House seems willing to speak of where they came from or what brought them to Stormhaven. Rumours suggest that they arrived directly from Cendriane, others say they were sailing the seas for decades. In truth they fled the island of Ravan when the dragon overlord of that name arrived. Coinciding With their arrival were vast numbers of fish and wild game. Another reason many see them as being friendly.

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