Bael Turath

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To save itself from the tyranny of the dragonborn dynasties, the human empire of Bael Turath forged dark pacts with infernal powers, giving rise to tieflings. Flush with newfound might, Bael Turath openly defied the dragonborn and their dragon overlords, calling down hellfire, curses, and eldritch power to scour their enemies. Although it wiped out entire dragonborn dynasties and slew countless dragons, Bael Turath eventually fell to the sheer might of Arkhosia. Bael Turath’s cities fell into ruin, its few surviving noble houses bound, weeping and cursing, into slavery.
When the continents sank into the Dragon Sea, nearly all of Bael Turath was submerged. A few ruins remain above sea level, tempting explorers. Even though centuries have passed and most of Bael Turath has been lost, the Deeplantern Guild, the tieflings of Serran, and many others are drawn to the sunken empire by rumors of precious relics lost in the depths. Some seek a greater, and far more dangerous, prize within the sunken capital: a temple wherein lie the original pacts that transformed the devil-conspiring humans into tieflings and gave rise to the dark empire of Bael Turath. Unfortunately, dragons have also taken rulership of the small islands seeking the same lore. Mad prophets claim that a new emperor will arise among the tieflings, claim this ancient magic, and build a new empire to rival Bael Turath’s glory and splendor.

Tiefling ruins are noticeable for their bladed and spiked architecture. One of the islands contains the supposed bones of one of Io’s fallen children.

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