Anglo Saxon Lands


Major Angle kingdom founded c.526, but does not have the level of power of Northumbria, Mercia or Wessex.



Briton land of the Southern Pennines. Recently absorbed by the Angles of Northumbria when their King, Edwin, killed the Briton ruler King Ceretic in 616 A.D.
South Rheged Campaign

  • Tadhg's family moved here after abandoning Caer Het in South Rheged. Tadhg's youngest brother (Cadwgawn) still resides here and has kept Tadhg up to date with happenings, but is growing fearful his correspondence might prove fatal.


Land of the East Saxons, founded c.526



Major kingdom founded by the Jutes Horsa and Hengist in 449 - being the first Anglo-Saxon-Jute kingdom to be established on the Summer Isle. The region was given to the Jutes by the Briton Vortigern in payment for promised aid against pirate attacks. Seeing the weak state of the Britons, the ivitation led to invasion, and Vortigern was defeated in 455.



Minor Angle kingdom that was short-lived and has been been absorbed by Northumbria.



Central, major Angle kingdom that has stretched its borders to the Welsh lands and the last of the Briton realms in southern Britain, South Rheged (now the northern border with Northumbria). Just coming into power and looks to be on the verge of civil war with the rise of Prince Penda.

Arroy Forest

Thick forest separating South Rheged from Mercia. It was once home to many fey, but they have fled.
South Rheged Campaign

  • Rolen's tribe, the Split Arrow, were one of the tribes to leave this area.

Royal Family & Rulers of Mercia

King Ceorl - Angle King of Mercia

The uneducated but pious Ceorl gained the throne of Mercia by vote of the witan following the death of Pybba in 606 A.D. Pybba's many offspring were too young and Ceorl was placed in as interim king - but he seems willing to keep the crown, even though Penda (Pybba's eldest son) has claimed he is ready to rule. Ceorl allied himself with King Edwin, helping him take back the Northumbrian throne and consolidated this alliance by marrying his daughter, Cwenburh, to Edwin. Since the two have ruled their respective realms for some time, tensions have grown though. Edwin expected Mercia to remain a client of Northumbria, but Ceorl has declared it independent - that was his expectations for the many favours granted Edwin.

King Pybba - Angle King of Mercia (Deceased)

Son of King Crida (and therefore descendant of Icel and supposedly Bane), Pybba inherited the throne of the newly formed Mercia in 593. A.D. at the age of 23. During his reign Mercia was subject to Northumbria. He was killed in 606 A.D by Britons led by Prince Anarawd whilst raiding into South Rheged. His many sons were too young to rule and his half-nephew Ceorl was chosen as the interim King of Mercia at the first witan of that realm.

Princes Penda & Eowa - Angle, Mercia

The two eldest of Pybba's supposed twelves offspring (and therefore descendants of Icel and purportedly Bane). Penda is now old enough to rule (and seems willing to share the throne with his brother) but their cousin King Ceorl (who was elected leader until Pybba's offspring were old enough), seems unwilling to give them the throne. Penda has developed into a fine young warrior and is already popular with the Angles (and conquered Britons) of Mercia. A civil war or coup seems certain.

King Crida - Angle King of Mercia (Deceased)

The first monarch of a proper Mercia. Claims to be a descendant of Icel, with a lineage purportedly extending back to the god Bane himself. Ruled for 11 years and and was killed by a female half-elf slave (or concubine) in 593 A.D. Succeeded by his son, Pybba.



Major Angle kingdom formed mainly by the unification of Bernicia and Deira in 604 A.D.

Royal Family & Rulers of Northumbria

King Edwin - Angle King of Northumbria

An exiled Angle king of Deira (fleeing to Gwynedd and then East Anglia), Edwin returned in 616 A.D to first kill King Ceretic of Elmet (who was in alliance with Aethelfrith and together poisoned Edwin's son, Prince Hereric). Then Edwin convinced King Raewald of East Anglia to help him take back his crown of Deira (now part of Northumbria). King Ceorl of Mercia also supported Edwin. They defeated King Aethelfrith at the Battle of River Idle and Edwin became King of Northumbria. Now known as 'The Greedy', Edwin ever seeks to expand his realm. He denies Mercia is independent of Northumbria (as he married its princess), even though his father-in-law Ceorl rules there. Many believe he is ready to move on the Britons of South Rheged.

Princes Oswald, Eanfrith & Oswui - Angles, Northumbria

Angle sons of King Aethelfrith and Queen Acha of Northumbria. Fled into exile after their father was beaten at the Battle of River Idle by their uncle (Acha's brother) Edwin (who established himself as King of Northumbria).

King Aethelfrith - Angle King of Northumbria (Deceased)

Was King of the Angle realm of Bernicia, Northern Pennines (after conquering it in 595 A.D, two years into his reign), and Deira which he gained when he married Acha (sister of King Edwin who was sent into exile) in 604 A.D. By 610 he had also taken the Briton realm of Bryneich and the formation of Northumbria was underway. He attacked Edwin in Gwenedd and later had Edwin's son poisoned in Elmet. Edwin then got his revenge, killing Aethelfrith at the Battle of River Idle, sending Aethelfrith's three sons into exile.



Major Saxon kingdom of the south. Founded in 477 A.D. by Aelle.



Major kingdom of the West Saxons founded by Cerdic and Cynric in 495 A.D.


A harkrinn aerie established by Sterngaze in the Mendip Hills, but later abandoned to the encroaching Saxons.
South Rheged Campaign

  • Sterngaze was Stormclaw's grandfather.
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