Common Knowledge

The pale-skinned humans that established this realm were explorers from an empire far to the south of Kodo. Their ships landed in the southeast over 400 years ago, and as the Kodo Empire was struggling, it didn’t take long for the Andarans to establish themselves. The Akado of the Blackscar Valleys welcomed the more martial Andarans and soon trade for the Andarans' steel weapons and armor was underway. Eventually, Akadoans in the north of the region (along the Blackscar Mountain valleys) adopted the Andaran Pantheon too, (this is the standard pantheon in the PHB) turning their backs on The Overpower.
After remaining strong for several centuries, and surviving a war with the Magocracy of Kodo 27 years ago, the Holy Realm was swept aside in a very short war that ended only one year ago. For years, many residents feared that the realm’s lack of knowledge of arcane magic would be its downfall. But invasion did not come from the Magocracy of Kodo, their long time neighbour and part time enemy; the invasion swept in from the east. The Andarans called the invaders The Shoguns. Highly skilled leaders led a force of living construct soldiers. These were backed up with casters that used elemental magic to great effect. The king was cast down and Shogun magistrates now rule Andar in honor of their distant, unnamed emperor in the east.

Regional Features


Dwarven city in Tormar Mountains. (Detailed in and adapted from Dungeon Magazine #142).

Tormar Mountains

(Detailed in and adapted from Dungeon Magazine #142).


Humans (Andarans)

The pale-skinned people that have called this home for 400 years. Andarans tend to be passionate and emotional people, with a strong work ethic. They are however reclusive by nature and have tried to live in isolation of the realms around them, thinking that a 'hands-off' approach would not make them a target. Most Andarans are excellent riders, as the horses they brought to Kodo are exceptional steeds. Model culture: standard D&D/Medieval England.

Humans (Shoguns)

These humans have narrow eyes, pale skin tones and dark hair. They a few in number, but rule as local lords in most important Andaran centres. (The local Andarans resent being ruled by the people they call The Shoguns). These invaders live by a very strict honor code that baffles Andarans. Treatment of the lower classes (namely Andarans) does not factor into this code of honor because such people are not honorable themselves and are below the relevance of the lords. The Shoguns are even more technologically advanced than the Andarans, forging weapons of the finest steel and warrior constructs. Model Culture: the clans of Rokugan would be an ideal fit.


The foot soldiers of the Shogans' army. Warforged are innately loyal to the Shoguns. They were constructed in the east and infused with the souls of samurai and other great warriors.


Some find it odd that the largest concentration of dwarves in the Kodo region is not in the Blackscar Mountains. It is common history that the mountains were the dwarves' ancestral home, but they left them thousands of years ago, dividing into the groups that are left today. The largest populations dwell in the Tarangoni Jungles and the Zantuli Wastes, but the Tormar Mountains have long been the homeland of a branch of the dwarven race. This is a remote kingdom that has remained autonomous throughout the Andaran reign and now struggle to do so against the Shoguns. Many outlying dwarven settlements have been crushed by the constructs. Initially the dwarves marvelled at the constructs, but have become their fiercest enemies. The dwarves believe trapping a warrior's soul is an affront to the gods. Subrace: Mountain.


Elves have always dwelt in small numbers within the many forests of the Kodo region. Within Andar, they mixed very well with the Andarans and regarded them as kin. This led to many half-elf children. The elves took to the horses introduced by the Andarans too. The elves fought on the side of the Andarans in the recent war. Having lost, most have retreated to hidden enclaves in the forests.

Humans (Akadoans)

Some dark-skinned people that have always called this land home live amongst the Andarans. These are mostly people from the north and they have assimilated into Andaran society, including using steel weapons and worshipping the same deities. Model Culture: Standard, with remnants of African-style influences.


The first race to welcome the Andarans were the gnomes of the hills and forests surrounding the Tormar Mountains. They often act as intermediaries between Andar and the dwarves. Subrace: Rock.


Being a relatively open society, it is not unusual to see members of the races from surrounding lands within Andar.

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